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  1. one to watch over the coming months imo.
  2. May have something that the government wants. more contracts a distinct possibility.
  3. rozz


    http://www.aspecthuntley.com.au/docserver/...GVsYXllZC5qc3A= A star is born.
  4. looks as if its become a buy again.
  5. Expecting some results any day now. Have been in this for years, finally being noticed.
  6. rozz


    Early days yes which makes it very attractive if you have some patience. Should do very well over the coming years.
  7. looks to be the real deal. Some lucky cassini shareholders doing very well.
  8. Got them again at 8 cents.
  9. Thanks, you sound very confident. Took a smallish position at 8 cents. Think big you reckon. Almost doubled my holding as there was clearly a buyer snapping up everything under 10 cents. Maybe tomorow on a slight pullback.
  10. Are we expecting more drill results anytime soon?
  11. https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20210324/pdf/...yf1491czsjv.pdf great to see some progress.
  12. looking a lot better now. gave the impression it wanted to fall but the opposite looks likely.
  13. rozz


    Well done on your 20 percent. Think this will head much higher.
  14. A year on and the company has made a lot of progress considering. New store in Shanghai all set to open very shortly. This company may very well turn out to be the real deal. Needs to be watched as a possible re-rate very much on the cards.
  15. If you want to buy a coin thats heading higher you may want to have a close look at EWT. Kilt is another one which is about to list which should do very well.
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