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    In reply to: Waterfront on Monday 23/10/06 08:16am


    Sudden surge in buyers +price up 2c. Volume traded more than doubled in last 1.5 hrs.


    Hope this indicates a 'leak' of an announcement or qtrly....waiting for it to change status to 'pre-open'



    In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Monday 24/04/06 08:49am

    With qtrly report imminent, and UKD [THX hold 28%] hitting 26c [12 month high] it's not surprising to see buyer strength increasing.


    Was able to add to my holdings yesterday at the "close" at 42.5c. Traded as high as 46.5 from memory.


    Seems "buy at the close - not the open" is the way to go, as a few bunnies decide to get out because no announcement that day.

    7 day SMA has crossed to be above 14 day SMA so looks encouraging to go above the previous spike of 48c.



    The out-of-Court settlement with Sally Malay [sMY] over the extension to the copernicus massive ore body now sees THX well positioned to benefit from the outstanding drilling results SMY announced earlier this month.


    SMY's Qtly report, due out any day, will include their estimate and details of extensions to the already significant ore body they are currently mining. Expect it to include the planned drilling for the next qtr, including the JV area with THX.


    THX buyer depth is increasing again and, while it will probably take until the June Qtr exploration results from THX and SMY come out to really ignite THX, expect a strengthening in the SP as it rides on the back of the nickel price and SMY's announcements, and it's exposure to uranium, north of the Kimberley Diamond Mine.

    DYOR - but with just under 80 mill shares on issue, SMY hitting new highs this morning, ongoing Director buying, THX appears to be a good stock to pick up and sit on for 3-6 months.


    In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Sunday 02/04/06 01:41pm


    Based on their announcement of 21/3 I had expected an announcement by now.

    However, speaking to them yesterday, the 10-14 day timeframe was only an estimate and it's still being worked on by the "legal eagles". That means the time of announcing the settlement is anyone's guess. Worth waiting for though IMHO.


    Add THX's exposure to Gold  and Uranium and it's not surpising to see the SP start heading north with the impending announcement of the agreement with SMY on the Copernicus prospect.
    Expect this announcement by Wed 5th April.


    In reply to: samson on Friday 31/03/06 02:17pm


    When I spoke to Phil Crabb on 6th Feb, he indicated that they were confident of winning the case being brought against them by Sally Mally [sMY] over the rights to the Copernicus nickel/Copper prospect.


    The strong Director buying in Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar added confidence to this belief and I topped up.


    The latest announcement about an out-of-Court agreement likely to be struck "with positive outcomes for both THX and SMY" now confirms this.

    I would expect that the agreement would see SMY spending their $$ on the planned drilling once the area dries out, to earn a % of Copernicus.


    Add THX's exposure to Gold and Uranium and it's not surpising to see the SP start heading north with the impending announcement of the agreement with SMY on the Copernicus prospect.

    Expect this announcement by Wed 5th April.


    Previous announcements make good reading and with less than 100 mill shares on issue, this run should go past the previous high of 33c.


    as always - DYOR.




    India - USA Nuclear agreement - expect Aus to follow and supply India Uranium -

    So the interest in Uranium stocks will probably be on this morning.

    Uranium is secondary to gold, Nickel and Copper at THX, but expect some further interest.

    Rick Crabbe continues to buy............


    Spinifex Uranium Project

    Thundelarra Exploration Ltd has applied for exploration licence 80/3572 (119 square kilometres) covering the Spinifex uranium prospect, located approximately 50 kilometres north of the Argyle Diamond Mine, East Kimberley region, Western Australia (see attached project location map).

    The Spinifex prospect was discovered in 1971 during a regional airborne spectrometric survey. Follow up ground checking of the radiometric anomaly revealed the presence of very rich secondary uranium mineralisation in fractures and breccia zones within the Middle Proterozoic Hensman Sandstone. Seven shallow trenches between 0.5 and 1 metre deep and 1 to 3 metres long were blasted into the sandstone in areas of high radioactivity. The trenches cover approximately 120 metres strike of the exposed sandstone.

    Systematic channel and grab sampling of the trenches returned some very high grade results. Trench 1 contained the richest mineralisation, with selected specimens collected close to the surface assaying 8.44% U3O8 and 13.5% U3O8. Channel samples collected over 1-2 metre lengths ranged between 0.093% U3O8 and 0.24% U3O8.

    Trench 2, located 2.5 metres from Trench 1, also showed high uranium values in selected specimens, ranging from 1.84% U3O8 to 7.5% U3O8. A channel sample from the floor of the trench assayed a significant 1.62% U3O8.

    Trenches 3, 4 and 5 returned a best value of 800 ppm over 0.6 metres.

    A selected specimen sample from Trench 6, located on the southern scarp and 60 metres from Trench 1, assayed 0.203% U3O8 with little visible mineralisation noted at surface.

    A channel sample from Trench 7, located on the eastern scarp assayed 0.247% U3O8 while a selected specimen with little visible mineralisation returned an assay of 0.254% U3O8.

    The anomalous area lies within the lower beds of the Hensman Sandstone, the lower member of the sediments of the Carr Boyd Group (Middle Proterozoic) and very close and to the east of the pronounced Revolver Creek fault. The Hensman unit disconformably overlies the siltstones of the Lower Proterozoic Revolver Creek Formation. The exploration target for the area is the sandstone type and the unconformity related uranium mineralisation of the Alligator River style.

    No drilling or any other follow up exploration was conducted over the prospect due in part to the remote location and difficult access problems.

    It is important to note that the Spinifex prospect was explored prior to the discovery and development of the nearby Argyle diamond mine. Today the prospect is very accessible, with the sealed Great Northern Highway and well formed mine access roads located within 10 kilometres of the tenement boundary.

    The Spinifex prospect has the potential to host significant uranium mineralisation associated with the fractured and permeable Hensman Sandstone or with the underlying unconformity between the Middle and Lower Proterozoic sediments. Thundelarra will commence a systematic exploration program over the prospect early in 2006.


    In reply to: yogi-in-oz on Monday 26/12/05 04:59pm


    have to agree yogi-oz. Buying depth increasing [5:2] and MD, Phil Crabb has made me a substational amount of $$$ over nearly 20 years. He's a "deal maker" and has had a high profile in WA exploration and mining Companies for a long time. A wealthy man.

    Certainly worth taking a postion - I did yesterday!

    Go the Crabb

  1. In reply to: cuznkate on Wednesday 01/02/06 09:15am


    The following ABC article may dampen things a bit. Could be additional expenditure incurred in cleaning up the mess and getting the roads back to a standard to get the Plant in.


    But on the bright side, a possible opportunity to top up holdings if any SP weakness does occur.


    The owners of the Rabbit Flat Roadhouse about 500 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs say flooding this week is the worst they have seen since the wet of 2001.

    The roadhouse is on the unsealed Tanami Road, which normally links the Northern Territory with Western Australia.

    Jackie Farrand says 164 millimetres of rain has fallen at the roadhouse in the past 24 hours and 300 millimetres for the month of January.

    "We wished for it for the last two-and-a-half years so that was not too bad but terrible winds and at 9pm last night we had the winds from the nor-west at 49 knots and at midnight, half an hour after midnight, it was still blowing at 44 knots," she said.



    As allways, the Market has the final say.


    Buy volume shot up yesterday and is still going up.

    Got in this morning.


    A possible T/O in the air ??

    Or the sale of Comms closer than you think??


    Something is obviously going on that the average trader/investor isn't aware of - yet.


    Have read your recent posts but was buying purely on T/A.

  2. In reply to: cuznkate on Tuesday 10/01/06 08:48am


    Oh no!!! Cuznkate; whata ya done! Price came back today................lol x 2


    Hang in there with Tim TAM.

    Expect resource upgrade when they report on 2nd qtr activity in the next week or two.


    Keep those legs crossed until then ok............


    In reply to: Fraz on Saturday 07/01/06 08:28am


    Hi Fraz.

    Exposure I was referring to is their 15% holding in NuStar Mining [asx code NMC] who are in the process of merging with Canadian based gold miner Intrepid Minerals [Toronto exch: IAU].


    Intrepid have a producing mine in Canada and excellent exposure in South America with a large gold/silver discovery due to start production early 2007.


    The merger should be bedded down by the end of March under the new name of Intrepid Mines.

    Have a read of the Nustar merger announcement under SED or NMC.

    Then see what the anticipated gold production wil be.


    IMHO this is the reason for the increased turnover in SED.


    SED may only have 15% of NMC, but they are the largest shareholder and so this will add significantly to their total gold production income, on top of their Aus production.


    I am very bullish about gold over the next 2-3 years as the $USD succumbs to the high internal and external deficits the US is running.


    Have a read of some of the commentaries at kitco.com about the Chinese and Japanese reducing their exposure to the $USD and shifting their massive surpluses to other countries and into gold. Russia is also increasing it's gold reserves.

    DYOR and especially look at the BIG picture by sourcing a number of sites on the macro economic factors in play.

    I'd expect to see SED well over 35c by the end of March provided the gold price is over $USD 525/oz and the Nustar merger goes to plan.



    Having read through their announcements over the past 6 months, SED seems well positioned both in Oz and O'seas to benefit from a steadily appreciating gold price. Good t/o again today.

    Price fairly static but the solid buying since mid Dec indicates one or more parties are taking a strategic position. Few Oz Companies have such worldwide exposure outside the BHP/Rio Tinto sized Companies.

    Another uncomplicated Producer and Explorer.


    Also happily holding TAM who are an upcoming Producer [2Q 2006] with ongoing Exploration over a large area in WA and NT.


    Have also trialed "The Inside Trader" [6 weeks using 3 different email addresses] and have to say they have provided some excellent BUYS with a winning stike rate over 90%.

  3. In reply to: cuznkate on Friday 16/12/05 10:22pm

    Announcement just out confirms go-ahead of development of mine. First production in 2nd Qtr 2006 with annual production of 50,000 oz per annum. Plant cost is only $7.5 mill with $1.5 mill for contingencies. Cost of production put at AUD$350/oz.

    An uncomplicated emerging producer, able to finance the majority of development from own funds with minimal debt required.

    It's up to the gold price to finish it's pull-back and head north again to really ignite this little gem.


    Happy Xmas

  4. In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Thursday 15/12/05 02:56am


    Geting close to this support level.

    "Now that gold appears to have snapped its winning streak further liquidation is possible, with lots of room on the downside before we reach the first significant chart point at USD$494, Standard Bank said."


    In reply to: caitlyn on Tuesday 13/12/05 11:01am

    I'm with you caitlyn.

    Got out monday @ av8.88c. Political situation and announcement re non signing of sale agreement makes this little bunny too risky for me now. Been a good trading stock though.

  5. In reply to: sabretoothed on Wednesday 14/12/05 05:30am


    Another view on where correction could find support.


    My long term view is still USD$700+ by end of 2006.


    From Kitco site 13/12. Written by Reuters

    "Now that gold appears to have snapped its winning streak further liquidation is possible,

    with lots of room on the downside before we reach the first significant chart point at USD$494, Standard Bank said."

  6. In reply to: jaded on Friday 02/12/05 08:00am


    On page 12 or 13 or 14 of ann, Hindmarsh say that SAU will be announcing more on

    drill hole 4 today !!!!!!


    Check it out - have HMR let the cat out of the bag ?


    Wetting my lips.........


  7. In reply to: jaded on Friday 02/12/05 08:00am


    On page 12 or 13 or 14 of ann, Hindmarsh say that SAU will be announcing more on

    drill hole 4 today !!!!!!


    Check it out - have HMR let the cat out of the bag ?


    Wetting my lips.........



    Cuz, assume you've caught up on the DYL story by now. When the deal was done, DYL were trading at about 9c. The rise to 17c+ was all good news for TAM as they hold 30 mill DYL shares as part of uranium deal [15 mill in escrow for 12 months].


    DYL back on the bourse and establishing a new base now around 7.5c. It's up to DYL to get on with the exploration now and prove up some decent uranium targets.


    Looking good - an announcement from TAM re BFS would cap the day off nicely.


    TAM has to be close to the best non-producing gold stock out there atm with plant cost of only $7.5 mill [which they have the cash in the Bank for] and production by June 2006. High grade shoots are first target. BFS expected by end of Dec.




    Nice to see TAM hitting new 12 month highs. [last trade 19.5]


    Next target is 27c.


    What could be a hiccup, or make a 'bolter' out of TAM, is how the market rates DYL [ who have paid for the Uranium rights to TAM's ground ] when they come out of suspension.


    Still suspended, at their request, due to big anomalies in Uranium assay results they got from their holes compared to previous leaseholders' grades.


    TAM holds 33 mill DYL shares as part of the sale of the Uranium rights.

    DYL were 12-13c prior to suspension; had been as high as 17c last 3-4 weeks. [from memory]


    Either way, TAM's daily volumes are very solid, in the 2 -4 mill range the last 5 days.


  10. In reply to: cuznkate on Friday 25/11/05 10:32am


    I had access to EWA [elliot wave analysis] on thursday and it appears from that to be starting the 5th and strongest leg. First target 27c but could well go hgher. Stop loss at 17.5c.

    Go gold....................go TAM.............go buy a Tim Tam.

    as allways - DYOR


    So, JP Morgan have been the big buyers.................interesting.


    Speaking of other good'uns, SAU is punching holes too. Only 27mill shares out there, so any success accentuated. Ligfhtly traded at the moment.

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