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  1. brettan


    Up 7% today
  2. NAB have a 12mth target of $27.84. Seem cheap to me seeing I haven't read a bad thing about this companies management.
  3. Tawqeet is a good thing! also MR6 number 2
  4. Has anyone else had trouble connecting with National online trading on the internet today. My computer won't open any of the NAB wesites.
  5. SP up 15% on announcement that CAQ will enter the asian market
  6. All's well now 7% rise today after report released. Get on 12 month target of $6.74 from Aegis
  7. brettan


    In reply to: Bloodwynch on Wednesday 20/09/06 07:42am Westpac has just released a prepaid mastercard
  8. brettan


    In reply to: stoss69 on Thursday 17/08/06 08:21pm ssshhhhhhhhh. I'm still accumulating!
  9. I could not believe I was the only one to take CML a jump of 12% today makes me a very happy extremer.
  10. brettan


    They got a speeding fine today, but read the response........
  11. brettan


    I would say there is an announcement coming. There are no secrets in this game........
  12. AEGIS has changed price target to $3-00 and still rated it as a strong buy.
  13. Typical for this company watch it peak in volume in price every 2-3 months then drop back to new lows. Best idea with this one is to buy at about 70c and sell at $1.00. 30% gain in 3 months is good money but of course there could be the time when it doesn't rise and you are left holding.................
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