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    eating good food, drinking shiraz, sex, property market and of course the share market

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  1. one fat lady


    probably a good time to sell early next week then and buy back in again after cap raising
  2. one fat lady


    finally some interest from the buy side, its certainly a bumpy ride for stock holders
  3. In reply to: ShareNovis on Monday 19/11/07 11:28am yea I bought in today for anticipation for a run tomorrow
  4. one fat lady


    In reply to: mattimick on Monday 19/11/07 03:26pm alot of recent share holders got in when they were 5-6c last week including me so 12c is 100% profit so I feel this is why it is the level of resistance, it hit 14c last week as well so good news will easily break the 12c level. it won't be long now.
  5. In reply to: stockman2678 on Monday 19/11/07 02:04pm looks good for a short term profit after todays announcement.
  6. one fat lady


    In reply to: cooko55 on Monday 19/11/07 07:57am everyone waiting for good results from current human trials, as they are in second stage any wiff of good news will increase sp.
  7. one fat lady


    Hi Plastic I don't quite understand your post! I don't work for citigroup, I'm just one big fat lady
  8. price down to 15c, is this a good buy at current price?
  9. one fat lady


    I've ben following this stock and everyones thread for awhile and bought in at .064c, felt this was a great price, any comments appreciated
  10. you can offset your options loss on any investment profit made! real estate or shares and it can be followed through for up to 5 years. I hope this answers your question
  11. one fat lady


    what happened to the announcement toggs?
  12. one fat lady


    yea, sold on thursday
  13. one fat lady


    sold my lot for 5c when the buyer showed his face as things were getting real weird, just goes to show that things didn't get any better with this announcement. I'll look at it again when the merger has finished.
  14. one fat lady


    I agree JSM this is a punt but the timeframe for the meger is getting closer now so the positives are getting closer, they will have all the goods to become real big but its a med-long term investment so patience is needed. most of the pro's and cons are already posted on this thread. I still hold swtoa
  15. one fat lady


    I feel that the vote on the merger will be positive. but its out of my hands
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