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  1. Langer has been a disaster. Sadly he is not the only one. Under his leadership our cricketers have become politically correct and forgotten how to play cricket. More important to take a knee and embrace BLM than play cricket. Bunch of girly men. I am looking forward to a lot of resignations from the cricket board down and a completer clean out of the team. I can not remember being so angry and ashamed of an Australian cricket team.
  2. What a bunch of overpaid wankers. I hope they did not think they were representing Australia. I am beyond disgusted. Broncos are losing, our cricketers have turned into a bunch of sissy girls. I have no alternative but to get to know my kids and talk to my wife.
  3. “Well, Hitler did a lot of good things.” Well he did!!! So did Trump. Biden on the other hand is a train wreck in progress.
  4. Is there any site you recommend for trading Bitcoins - which is not a scam?
  5. Interesting that the TGA was able to give approval to the Pfizer Covid vaccine after only some superficial testing but was never able to approve Ropren which was tested and tested successfully for years. I intend to keep my worthless SLA shares. The money is not important. What is important is that Vagif successfully treated my wife's cancer with Ropren and she has been in remission ever since. Forever grateful.
  6. Rod, I was unaware. Thanks for the advice.
  7. LOL - I still have 1.5 Mill laying about going nowhere.
  8. You realize off course, that while Trump was no Einstein, Biden is going to be much worse and much more dangerous.
  9. Agree with you about the chips. But it is not only the chips, but the quality of graduates produced by the Universities. Sadly over the years I have witnessed a dumbing down of our graduates. Our education system is flawed and needs to be fixed. The quality of students coming out of our high schools is laughable. Bunch of first years starting uni in the next few weeks. Will be interesting to see how this bunch of Covid graduates stacks up with last years mob.
  10. I have always thought of Paine as a stand in captain. People said he is the captain we had to have after Smith but I think now he is past his use by date. We should have won the last test, but for mediocre captaincy and poor use of our bowlers.
  11. Got to tell you - I am starting to worry. The Indians are playing like test cricket should be played. Good on them!! Engrossing match.
  12. The selectors are not picking the best players. They seem to have fallen into the old British mentality, that unless you went to Oxford, Cambridge, Eton or Harrow you had no chance of making the team. We have a lot of good players just waiting in the wings but for some reason or other are not being picked. Seems Langer et al are not picking the best players but the players they like. "Team" men not good players. Guys who fit into the team, not the players who will make the other players uncomfortable or show them up. Camaraderie is more valued than skill. It also seems to me that once you get picked in the team it is almost impossible to be dropped. IMHO, from the captain down there are half a dozen guys in the team who should be given a long or permanent holiday. I like the look of Cameron Green. Is it too early to call him a future Australian captain?
  13. IMHO Burns will not play test cricket again. Unless off course, he is one of Langer's buddies.
  14. That would have been my grandson who demands we pay him $50 to take the rubbish bin out for the garbage truck. Lazy sod - spends most of his time playing games on the computer.
  15. bg99, You forgot to say the models do not include the massive release of methane gas in the Siberian Tundra. Methane is much more dangerous than C02. Which according to your logic means the models are under-forecasting by a further significant margin. MY point is the models are just plain wrong - whatever they include. They can't predict tomorrows weather accurately and we are supposed to accept their predictions for 10, 20,30 or more years into the future. Also I can not fathom the reasoning of people like you, who believe in the model, but also accept the simplistic assumption that a Government carbon tax will miraculously fix the problem. LOL. You realize that once that tax becomes law it will never be removed. There will always be a climate change. Climate change will be another certainty like death and taxes. Must be a generation thing. My wife and I are close to 80. We call it weather and have seen it all. Cyclones, massive flooding, beach erosion, heat, drought, bush fires and anything else you want to name. It is just weather but some young reporter or expert who has not lived for more than a few decades calls every Climate Change. Got to agree with Mork and Mags and anybody else who is a climate change skeptic. Get a few more decades of life experience before you become an expert on climate and rubbish other peoples opinions.
  16. LOL - or he is just a superb batsman. Wonder how hard it will be for him to fight his way into the test team past the old guard.
  17. Pendragon


    After the football final last night Sports Bet gave a breakdown on the voting on the American election. 90% of the money was going on a Trump win 6% on a Biden win Don't ask me where the other 4% went. Seems like the voters - or at least the Australian punters - don't believe the anti Trump stories the media is pushing.
  18. Has anybody ever seen an advertisement for a job as a wharfie? Like a peerage, you have to be born with the right parents. A blowtorch needs to be turned on to the activities of the Maritime Unions.
  19. I have stopped buying stuff from AliExpress (China), because since the beginning of this year the stuff you order just does not arrive or takes months to arrive. Don't know what to blame. Covid 19 or our deteriorating relationship with China.
  20. Mullokintyre, It is happening already - and has been for some time. Students accepted to go to university are dumber and courses are easier. How can 50% be a pass mark for anatomy?? Starts at High school. We used to be in the top 10 but have dropped below 30 and dropping. OECD
  21. Mull, I think that loophole has been closed. I do agree with you - there have been some crazy decisions and inconsistencies.
  22. I am European. My wife is Scottish My daughter married a Yorkshire man My granddaughter is recognised as an Indigenous Australian. Indigenous Heritage is a con,. It is based on whatever lie you can get away with. It is about time all this Native Title rort was killed off. 99 percent of the people who have jumped on the gravy train have about as much aboriginality as my granddaughter.
  23. I must admit I have lost a lot of confidence in the share market. I think the big banks and other big players with their computer algorithms have killed the market for the small investor. I have dipped my toes into trading Bitcoin. So far I am making a profit. Not big, but a profit. As I gain confidence I may play for bigger stakes. Not an important issue, but good for me - it is a 24/7 market. Anybody else trading Bitcoin? Am a complete novice and would like some learned advice!!!!
  24. EB, At last count I think I have been in the 7 figure count at least 4 times in the last 30 years. Lost my shirt with Opes Prime when like you I was looking at 8 figures. Still reckon it was not my fault. Did everything right, but ANZ took me to the cleaners. With luck I will be back to 7 figures by this time next year. If everything goes to plan. Has not been easy and like you, licking my wounds. I don't think I will be able to do it again if the shit hits the fan. Over 70 now and just don't have the energy to put into investing. My focus right now is not so much rebuilding but keeping and getting a reasonable return to live on. Also looking for a place to hole up for the next 20 years. Getting out of the city and onto the beach. Looking at Hervey Bay or the like. What I mean EB - its never too late. Never give up
  25. Sad. How did America get into this predicament? A choice between a "delusional" President and a demented candidate. I must be delusional myself, but I can't see any decent outcome for America but to stick with Trump. Biden would be an absolute disaster. A monkey with a ouija board would be a better president than Biden. Not a student of American politics, but surely somewhere there must be a politician on either side of the fence who has some brains and vision.
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