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  1. my thoughts on FLT are not fully developed, so the following should be read as ramblings only. . . if you subscribe to Warren Buffett's view that "if you are not prepared to hold a stock for ten years, you shouldn't even think about holding it for ten minutes". . . .then i reckon you would struggle to buy FLT tomorrow, even if it falls another dollar. The internet sales phenomenon is not going to be a storm in a teacup, for there is no reason that i can see why the trend should reverse. i suspect that travel agents are going to be gradually squeezed out of the market for commodity products like airline tickets. However, agents will continue to have a role in selling packaged holidays, particularly to baby boomers who have not caught on to the internet, and still like the security of the high street shopfront. . . . the only question is how quickly this niche will grow or shrink in coming years.
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    i think that you will find that food is a pretty low margin business relative to pharma. if you are looking at precedents for companies that have tried to do food additives and have had some success, look at CLV. . . . there could be others, i just don't know. in short, it is a pretty long hard road.
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    big question now is whether a margin-call driven shakeout happens as it did back in april/may. . . . there doesn't appear to be much buying support at present.
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    Pess You indirectly make a point that I was thinking about over the weekend - PSD is now about the same size as it was when it secured its NASDAQ listing given combination of share issuance and price fall. Therefore, if it is now of a size to attract US insto support, as GR recently stated, then it should have been back then too! I don't know what the future holds for PSD. . . . but i do think that it is time some of the snouts were removed from the trough. cheers cb
  5. i also have not been able to get through to company in the last few weeks. I would suggest that this situation is VERY bad.
  6. i am disappointed that it is only russian sports teams that are getting onto the SLA bandwaggon. but i am actually quite positive about SLA's prospects. . . . if you look at some of the fortunes that have been made in vitamin marketing in this country. . . and that is in a competitive space without the benefits of unique, patent-protected formulations that actually have real health benefits way in excess of those available from traditional supplements.
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    In reply to: tilford on Thursday 24/11/05 09:37am doesn't really matter how many sellers there are, seeing as there are no buyers. . . . I agree that it will take some pretty special news to get the price up. I suspect that the news that gets it there will be Brachysil actually being launched and achieving good market penetration - but that is two years away.
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    i am new to IMI . . . but am interested to understand the financial model. What does it cost IMI to buy a machine? When a machine is placed, is it "sold" to the clinic, or just placed there and IMI picks up fees for usage / rent? How much revenue can IMI generate from a machine in a month? What are the costs associated with earning that revenue?? . . . . .any help on these much appreciated.
  9. i am with you on this one hyper. patch selling without disrupting the market is a great thing - they were always an oil co who happened to get very lucky, by chance, on a small bio investment. this is a great outcome for both parties.
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    Buying CIX today for 35 cents is like buying a $1 coin for 50 cents. Franking Credits + Cash = 71 cents per share on this one. One day that value will be reflected in the market. . . . .
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    Herger Agree that industry pricing pressure is an issue for all general insurers. . . and in CIX's case the question really is whether they can win business if the pricing climate comes down. HOWEVER, there is no excuse for this company trading at less than its cash backing, given the value of the franking credits also embedded in the stock. Oh well . . . . Feb results will be interesting for CIX to see whether they are achieving many wins. I have been doing as much grass roots research as I can around the industry, and they seem to be achieving some success, but I have no idea how it stacks up against their business plan. Personally - I've just put an order up to buy a few more at 35 cents. CB
  12. Well, Ousia's latest set of predictions seems to be coming good on ADA. Share price up nicely today - 16% - although volume not massive.
  13. . . . .nah. . . aegis won't make any difference. it is only a 2 page fact sheet, and the company pays to be included. just my opinion.
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    . . . key question in my mind is where QTK is going to raise funds from now, and on what terms? If cash burn from previous quarter has continued this quarter, they would be running out of cash within the next few weeks. interesting to see how that is going to pan out.
  15. The two unknowns on CST seem to be: 1) The speed at which testing centres will switch to CST once approval is received in a market, and 2) The marketshare that CST will have when it reaches its peak level of penetration. I note that Forrest's spreadsheet has quite slow pickup in sales volumes, and a peak penetration level of only around 50% of the developed world. Why will penetration not be very close to 100%? And is it realistic to expect higher takeup of the product once fully authorised & recommended by governing bodies in a particular country?
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