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  1. I dont see what the problem with " 6-10 week trials based on comparison. Which is again mainly looking for side-effects" is when applied to a drug discovered by Living System Models. It would seem to just be a saftey check to save the public from dangerous goods. I must say I'm totally lost as to the relevance of global warming or renewable enery or the internet......
  2. Ah look if some company is willing to build the big plant for $40 mil then that has to be seen as a good sign. would be an even better sign if the company is making money and on the subsidised list. Still a few things have to happen before we can treat that as reality.
  3. Name calling is such a good way to promote open discussion. Nice work Di.
  4. Yes I admit to a weakness of character....I believed the companies representatives were telling the truth.
  5. The potential has changed, the product has been tested in the market place and so far has failed. If Putin wanted Solagran to be something they would be something.
  6. We also have all of the costs of all of those activities....and as of yet those activities are not baring fruit. Financially the company was in a far more stable position when it listed, and it had potential it could spruik. I fear the longer the company has all these irons in the fire without results, the less potential it has to use as a bargaining chip.
  7. It was an impressive clock though.....once they got it working
  8. while who were led to believe? I dont think Boris is being overly aggresive, just stating the facts as he has seen them. I dont think anyone can make an informed investment with Solagran without due consideration being given to the historical difference between what the company predict happening and what actually happens.
  9. I think it is just guesswork, looking for a reason for the hold ups.
  10. Why not get the existing plant certified?
  11. The main question to ask is why build a bigger plant. The current plant is already too big for the demand.
  12. The talk that is. in 2004 the company talked of an upward of $50 million dollar licencing fee anyone remember that?
  13. Did anything happen when Siberian Red was launched again? The page doesnt really say what the launch was.
  14. I blame the company. Its their fault.
  15. Maybe from another perspective it was managed just the way they wanted it to be.
  16. I guess the question is why cant they generate sales. And then can the overcome whatever that is with what resources they have available.
  17. Di, I just dont buy the fact that the Putin thing was ever that big. I think it was a photo Op that the company squeezed for as much as they could. I don't think Mr Putin cares that much.
  18. Well I guess we wont be getting any announcements soon then.
  19. Did you ask them why there was no update on the great Putin alliance, or the imminent FDA approval, Or why pure pine has not been launched?
  20. Do you think the people who loaned the money would still want the loan converted to 15c shares. If they do then they have my vote at the current share price.
  21. Stop your what is to come BS Pilko. You have nothing and know no more than any of the rest of us otherwise you would have spilled your guts. Your just not that mysterious.
  22. So does the new look Siberian Red launch tomorrow or in 10 days time. The coundown clock on the site is still confused.
  23. I think since the Big Vag has realised that he isnt getting any new money from Aussie investors he couldnt give a continental about holders. Pretty lame really.
  24. You wrote It didnt need any misrepresentation....it even had an excaimation mark. I am not denying that enthusiasm by myself and others on this site helped bring in some new money. And guess what, I think the fact that I believed the BS from Denis and then made a fool of myself supporting the company on here is a major part of the reason why I caution against overt enthusiasm for this company.
  25. Wow we have the power. We took Solagran up and now we are taking her down again....bwahahahaha!!! I think directors buying with money borrowed against the shares they held in the company...then subsequently nearly sent the company broke...then gave themselves more shares....and their mates in Russia....then got compensated at above market rate for the shares they lost had more to do with it.
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