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  1. Yeah, I believe they told the people at the AGM
  2. You guessed correctly about one thing Di. Congratulations have a gold star.
  3. Wow that was a good dummy spit Di. Out of three posts you pick one point you can argue, and answer nothing else. Do companies that produce Antacids claim that they should be used for stomach ulcers? Or is it OK for you to mix arguments, just not anyone else? I hope Vagif and the company have a bit more regard for western scientific and medical communities than you, otherwise it is no wonder that they have little in the way of acceptance.
  4. I have seen no evidence that Vagif is of high intelligence, definately not in a business sense. I also think your dismissal of stress as a causitive factor in the development of stomach ulcers and the high stomach acid as an inhibition to successful treatment as a very shallow interpretation. The fact that you would rather blame a bacteria that is present in the majority of people, than the factors which allow it to become out of balance, shows just how intune you are with "Western Medicine".
  5. Who are these people Di, who know about Ropren, but arent willing to go to their doctor and ask for it to be prescribed? So basically we now have the company on one hand wanting Ropren to be OTC and not a pharmecutical, and then Saying they think Bio A should be a pharmecutical because its not respected enough as an OTC. I think they are painting a picture of a company running around like a chook with its head cut off
  6. Would I be correct in saying that the company still has not announced that they have not been included on the list. And that they will no longer attempt to be?
  7. I'm not so sure we have ever been told the production cost.
  8. Sirob, I dont agree. A knee jerk reaction is not what is called for. What is required is an independant assessment of the business and a review of how funds are allocated, and how to generate near term funds. I also think Vagif should consider stepping aside to allow this process to happen without interference.
  9. I think the thing I have realised after the reports from the AGM as well as the presentation, Solagran is priced about correctly now. If they can grow the OTC and Animal nutrition side of the business, they may, with time become a bigger player in this arena. They are not a pharecutical company and this pipe dream just needs to stop, as its a drain on the company that they just cant afford. Its time for them to build the company for what it is, and what they are capable of. And not send the place broke following a chairmans dream. Edit: And yes I realise I'm a bit slow.
  10. wow, i think i almost prefer this after agm conversation
  11. Maybe he wants to sell his shares. That and the conversation around here may at least be entertaining.
  12. As many of us have been guilty of in the past. Myself included.
  13. There is no point in being worried about questioning anymore. The share price is already kaput....a good time for them to do a bit of a cleanse really.
  14. So considering thats Solagrans style, you wont mind that people also point out that they don't mind stretching the truth. I personally would love to hear Vagifs explaination of what has happened to many of the announcements in the past. Diabetes, brain trauma, and other trials. But realistically, its a financial market, so I would imagine they have some responsibility to tell us what happened to those deals which were announced as being done.
  15. All will become clear. There will be a reason for all of these good news announcements
  16. When in November do we hear back about this list.
  17. But you need to learn to think in a more open manner....You may think your getting rich if there is more money in your bank account....but are you really....its the inability of western medicine to take simple sentences on face value that create a paradigm of norrow thinking. Causing non questioning questions, and lack of investigation of the validity of "cause effect". You really need to look more deeply into the whole life system.
  18. Natural order is everything Di...it includes all us stupid people as well, and all the stupid things we do.
  19. Anyway....maybe a few less lazy stupid chickens will die....before their time.
  20. In their defence, Solagran only predict being in a position to supply the market, not that the market will be ready to be supplied.
  21. I'm confused, are you saying Ropren is not worth $100 a bottle? Your comparison between name brands of the same product seems to indicate that the products are basically the same. And if you paying tribute to the efficacy...then it would be logical that the brand promotion that is holding sales back wouldnt it?
  22. The problem lies in how well the products in the market are performing. They need to concentrate on getting those products selling well. And it seems doubtful that they can afford that by themselves.
  23. I dont think boris wants certainty...there i a whole scale inbetween certainty and failure. I think solagran is far from certain....It would be a shock to say the Commonweath bank went broke tomorrow. It would be a lot less of a shock to say Solagran went broke.
  24. Do you think the fact that it is currently higher on a small buy means that it will not fall lower?
  25. They achieved offloading some shares before the price falls even lower.
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