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  1. Most of it is about how they were manipulating the share price to their own ends. As sad as it all is, at least I got a chuckle at how cleaning lady made them scared
  2. Im so glad I donated my money to Russian science instead of donating it to world vision or someone like that.
  3. How are they paying their employees?
  4. Ive got some shares I will sell you if you really want to sink more cash in.
  5. So the company is allowed to stop reporting because they get their feelings upset when someone responds on an internet forum?
  6. How do you short a suspended stock?
  7. Given up....The Russian has ripped us off....
  8. Can we call this a loss for tax purposes yet?
  9. The suspension is protecting us from the absolute freefall that would occur if we ever come out of suspension....At least we still have an illusion of having something
  10. Any news back Maiden. There must be some kind of timeframe before they have to wind this thing up. Half a cent would be better than nothing.
  11. I dont think there are any mitigating factors left. There is, only what there is. How the company is percieved is within the realm of management to alter, it would seem they dont care how they are percieved, or indeed care if they are even a listed company anymore.
  12. Well I guess they have shut up shop and just forgotten to let the shareholders know.
  13. Anyone been past the office to see if they still exist?
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