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  1. In reply to: jaded on Monday 20/12/04 07:20pm hi jaded.. hope your well.. i'd probably stay well away from this for the time being.. oil rate is extremely poor..(as per last weeks announcement) plus they've had problems with joint venture. might sit and wait see what happens over the next few months http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif regards
  2. In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Monday 20/12/04 09:56am hi ian & yogi thanks for your thoughts much appreciated.. Ian_W i looks like i might have found this guy from petroleum ventures.. see web address i've found http://www.rrecruit.com.au/staff.htm Resource Recruitment Level 12, Allendale Square 77 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 6000, Australia Ph +61 8 9220 8801 Fax +61 8 9220 8815 Email info@rrecruit.com.au Web http://www.rrecruit.com.au Andrew Childs BSc Principal Andrew graduated in 1980 from the University of Otago, New Zealand with a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Geology and Zoology. Having started his professional career as an Exploration Field Geologist in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, Andrew moved to petroleum geology and geophysics with Perth based Ranger Oil Australia, which was subsequently renamed Petroz NL. After a number of years with Petroz as a Geoscientist, Andrew was able to gain significant commercial experience as the Commercial Assistant to the Managing Director. During the downturn in the oil industry in the late 1980’s, Andrew left the industry temporarily to manage an agricultural company of which he was a major shareholder. He returned to the industry in 1990 as the General Manager of a highly successful geotechnical consulting group. This position enabled Andrew to establish many contacts in the oil exploration and production industry and ultimately led him to a career in Recruitment and Human Resources. Andrew worked with one of Perth’s leading human resource consultancies before founding Resource Recruitment in 1995. His technical and commercial background, especially in the resources sector, enables him to offer a specialised service as a Recruitment and Human Resource Consultant. He is a member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
  3. sandybeachs


    hi kosmo it was a good read.. thanks for finding it... just keep in mind it's still at the early stages of development. plenty of water must still flow under the bridge. a reminder trade this carefully.. very very high risk regards
  4. hi yogi i don't know much about the oil game as you do. looking at the announcement: 16 Dec 2004 09:23:09 Wichian Buri Operational Update didn't seem all that positive. approx 200bpd how do you read the announcement.. cvn & tiger pacific getting back on friendly term...???? also worth noting someone bought 15mill shares recently...i"ll try and contact this guy regards
  5. hi guys.. small amount of shares on issue and a small market cap..(see below) anyone have a look at the recent presentation..???? would appreciate some feed back. just a gut feeling that this might do much better in 2005. looks like they've been getting target zones ready for some drilling in early 2005. some decent hits in nickel projects would probably see the share price much higher. plus they have a little gold project as well.. this is lightly traded at present, so most likely hasn't hit the radar screen. tastarga recently said couple of directors are well respected geo's. i'll keep an eye on it and report any good drilling results.. northern star resources.. 32million tradeable shares (not including escrowed shares). market cap $4.1 million cash in bank $4.1 million major shareholder (jbm) some good drilling results recently, all goes well for further drilling. regards
  6. sandybeachs


    In reply to: Sirbernie on Sunday 19/12/04 01:42pm hi sb... things are looking extremely good at present, recent positive drilling results. the only thing i can see that will hold it back is the number of shares on issue. 939,089,234 ordinary shares 205,765,862 options..(im not sure but there maybe more ie:employee options etc etc). just on the above figures thats over one billion shares.. perhaps late next year they might do a consolidation. it's does need some tidying up.. other than that they have some good turf, treatment plant gold producer in late 2005..???? lets hope so.. regards
  7. sandybeachs


    In reply to: jaded on Sunday 19/12/04 05:41pm hi jaded.. hope your well, and not still having problems with cane toads.. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif things should be very interesting with nido over the next few weeks. you might say i'll be sitting on the edge of my seat.. as i pointed out in my previous posting a small company like nido will appreciate some funds in the new year. we might even be lucky and not have any more capital raising. yipee........ if they can get golac up and running a.s.a.p, plus cash from ""MATINLOC OIL PRODUCTION" will also come in handy (recent ann they report better production results). next year might just be a MONSTER YEAR FOR NIDO taking the next few steps up the ladder.. i'm not holding shares at present, but my finger is on the buy button. next time around i'll be holding for a very very longtime. AS I ALWAYS PEOPLE SHOULD SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.. regards
  8. sandybeachs


    hi guys.. just doing some figures on what cash nido could have on 2005 some figures are based upon options being converted... nido's cash position approx $1.24million in the bank. plus they have some options that expire end of december 5mill @.02cehts=$100,000. plus recent placement 55mill @.04cents=$2.2mill plus they are looking at another 30mill shares (placement pending re:above)@.04cents=$1.2mill plus they have options 144mill expire 6/05 @.02cents=$2.88mill plus 21mill options expire end june05 @.03cents=$630,000 thats up until the end of june05.. total amount approx $8,000,000. THEY'LL BE SET FOR A BIG YEAR 2005 regards
  9. sandybeachs


    hi herger i'd say at this point of time the options have buckleys chance of being in the money. ex price 20cents, probably stop trading mid jan (plus xmas/new year hols). me thinks some might not want the options being in the dosh.. this thing keeps being pushed down for some reason.. regards
  10. sandybeachs


    hi guys this is a very very big stab in the dark or if you like an extreme guess.. possibly the j/v partners haven't obtained the required finance for the development of golac oilfield. but i also believe nido has an alternative plan as well, in which they can implement straight away.. thus getting on with the job of proving up what oil assets they have at golac oilfield.. how will the shareholders react if they announce the above is very difficult. so one might expect a bumpy ride in the short term.. i'm a true believer that david can turn nido into a profitable oil/gas producer.. regards
  11. sandybeachs


    In reply to: yogi-in-oz on Thursday 09/12/04 10:38am hi yogi gas just doesn't have the same glamour as oil.. they just can't seem to get a momentum kicking in. you know more about this game than i do. don't companys get better $$$$'s in the usa for gas prices than they do in aust.. they might need a good roadshow around the insto's.. regards
  12. sandybeachs


    hi trader you've probably read my comments in h/c... as i said i expected ascent capital would pull out after a short period.. hugh is still staying on for the time being, but no doubt he'll resign as well.. don't read anything into them selling, look at the people now running the show. are they capable of making this a success, this is the KEY.. regards
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    hi C.. did you ever get on exco resources..???? seeing they are in the same area as (mrx).. just saw this article as well. i've held exs for a while now because of the potential of becoming a mid sized copper producer.. check this article..(part in red) The acquisition of a 19.9 per cent stake in Matrix Metals by Chris Bonwick's cash-rich Independence Group NL is good news for all of the juniors looking to become north Queensland copper producers. Whether or not Independence follows up with a takeover bid for Matrix does not really matter. More to the point is the valuation implications it has for the other copper juniors looking to become copper producers up north. If Independence thinks Matrix is good buying at current prices, what does it mean for the other Queensland copper hopefuls? That was the question being asked on Friday afternoon after Independence declared its hand. One non-associated stock to benefit immediately was Exco Resources NL. Its shares shot 4 ¢ higher to 27 ¢ on the basis that its market capitalisation of $27 million looked skinny compared with the $62 million that Matrix now commands, given their respective copper resource bases and development chances. Exco's annual meeting is on tomorrow, where there could well be a rev up on both counts. regards
  14. In reply to: jaded on Monday 06/12/04 12:08pm hi jaded.. keep this on your radar. if wasn't for a shocker in the junior mining sector (hdn) would have had a cracker. well worth watching....... i'd expect share price improvement over the next few weeks. although in this current climate anything can happen.. regards
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    hi noosman i haven't read the article as yet. i did they mention anything about talks going on behind closed doors.. just my opinion, fox looks like a likely takeover job.. stayed tuned.. regards
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