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    That could of been a nice little profit for ya mate - not to worry......next time (hope there is a next time for ya in this).


    All the best.


    Hi BSA,


    Totally true mate but I think it is also NORMAL to wonder about large dump trades of 8.4 & 10mil shares on market dont you think?


    Yes my bullish opinion still stands but I was scared that this person might have known something we didn't and wanted to clarify this position - I think I got my answer today in that email and it seems as though ETC Management have the same view that you just said, which is fine by me now http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


    Thanks once again for your imput BSA. By the way, what stocks are you liking at the moment?


    I agree BUT I'm still NOT happy about this idiot selling today and yesterday!!!


    I wonder just what's in their head to want to sell out on a company that is most likely going to be much higher soon. The ONLY thing I can think of is that they know something we dont, but after that email today from Sam, I doubt that there actually IS anything wrong down there at ETC. All seems to be going really well from the looks of things!!!


    LOL I think neither mate - hopefully we'll all be laughing all the way to the bank soon!!!


    I can't buy anymore mate - picked up another 405,000 today at 1.3c in that massive dump and I've got another 570,000 shares on order at 1.3c again!


    How many you holding and what's your average?


    LOL you crack me up diamond - thanks for the cheering up!!!


    Anyhow.......just received another reply back from Samantha, although it really sounds as though it was probably written by one of the directors to me! Check it out - I like the last paragraph and a couple other - NOW I'm http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif







    With reference to your email communications of today, thank you for taking the time to communicate your concerns to EMT.


    The executive have reviewed this information and are happy to advise you that the company has no concern over the current trading activity.


    EMT is on track to close it's acquisition of GalaVu as previously announced, and Hotel properties acquired from Verizon Select Services as also previously announced are live and already producing revenues for the group.


    Prior to Christmas a non-executive director did sell a number of shares, and at present we are not in a position to offer any further information as to that activity.


    EMT has a number of shareholders that have huge holding in the business, and we can not attempt to unduly influence any decision that may be made by shareholders to trade out of their interests in ETC shares.


    It is recognised there has been a period of time lapse between announcements made in the latter half of 2004 and new announcements for 2005, prior to the business year commencing in ernest following the holiday season.


    Further information from EMT is pending and as indicated in the Chairmans report at the AGM, is anticipated to be of a positive nature.







    Hi twisted,


    How did you go with your RRS - did you take your profits and then perhaps hope to buy back in lower?


    All the best.


    Well we will see but I'm still HIGHLY dissapointed - probably cause on Tuesday it looked so good didn't it http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif


    All I would like is some kind of news from ETC to tell us what the hell is going on down there - any news, just give us something to go by.


    One thing I am happy with though is that obviously more people like ETC and are willing to buy at these rock bottom prices - already we have 9mil back at 1.3c wanting more shares.....this to me is the ONLY possitive I can gather from it.


    OK then I guess time will tell.


    Hopefully they announce something SOON - I'm gonna contact my people and see if they've got an update as well.


    C'mon ETC.......give us something to go by!!! http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


    PS - I emailed my disgust to Samantha over NO correspondence to the market regarding trading update/Galavu Due Diligence which was SUPPOSED to happen 1 month ago etc! Perhaps if you email her telling her the same thing, she'll make sure the fatcats there pull their fingers out perhaps and give us shareholders something to go by!!!


    Also Jam.......Correct me if I'm wrong here -


    BUT if infact it is an option holder exercising their rights at 1c and then dumping them back on market for a quickfire 30%, shouldn' there be an ASX Announcement : Appendix 3B - Exercise of General Options as released on 20/12/04???



    I hear what you're sayin Jam but I aint happy mate - I swear if something DODGY is going on which bears to mind the dumping - I will sell at a loss quicker than ETC can blink and will NEVER touch them again and advice other to do the same - that's only of course if we find out insider dumping has occurred!!!


    I really hope I'm wrong Jam but I guess time will tell with this one.


    Holding BUT not happy at want to see some explanation from ETC on what the hell is actually going on.........NOT good enough ETC!!!


    LOL yeah just wait perhaps diamond.


    Too tell you the truth now although confident and hopefull that my research that we discussed yesterday comes to hand, obviously I have a couple more questions which I'd like answered in my head LOL.


    Well I guess only time will tell but I have emailed ETC to let them know my disgust at the recent trading and HUGE share dumping and have stated that IF something negative comes out of the blue soon which would explain the recent dumpings I am going to call ASIC/ASX straight away to alert them to the recent trading in ETC as NO change in significant holders announcement has been released at all by the company. ALSO I stated that a market update announcement is GROSSLY OVERDUE as according to the ETC the due diligence on the Galavu Acquisition was supposed to be completed 1 month ago but as yet we have NOT heard anything and this is just UNNACEPTABLE from an asx listed company!!!


    Not happy at the moment but still holding patiently!!!


    Hi diamond and other,


    This is the reply I just got...........




    I have alerted the relevent executive members of some of the reactions being drawn from the recent trading activity. As you rightly point out, I have no visibility on this so can not advise you of what is occuring. There are numerous factors that could lead a major shareholder to want to cash out.


    If any thing comes to light that I am able to inform you of, I will.






    Hey everyone,


    Now I admit I'm a little concerned.......The reason being???


    Well someone just dumped 10mil shares this morning again and wiped out 1.3c!


    To me this is the same seller as yesterday who dumped 8.4mil in 1 hit and I wanna know WHO it is WHY he's selling.


    I've sent an email asking for an explanation and clearly saying that I dont wanna hear all the crap about we adhere to strict corporate governance regarding insider trading etc etc.......I want to either see a change in substantial holders announcement or a proper announcement with an update - even if it negative so at least we ALL know what the hell is going on down there at ETC!


    I also stated that IF something DOES come out which IS negative and would support the reasoning behind the HUGE dumps - I and others will contact the relevant authorities IMMEDIATELY to complain and get the recent HUGE selling investigated - this is serious folks and could be insider selling on knowledge me and you dont know!


    I have sent the email and asked for clarification......as soon as I know what is happening I will let yaz know as well.


    All the best.




    PS - I'm still holding by the way.


    BUT having said that Jam it could be said also that it is in the best interest of that 40mil option holder to get the SP moving and no doubt they too would love to see the SP over 2c+. So yes you could be right in assuming they could of been selling into the rise a couple days ago but if this was to happen then they would of had to release an announcement to the market stating that x amount of options had been exercised etc etc.......AND as such nothing has come out!!!


    With regards to the director selling his 11mil shares - well I spoke to Samantha in depth about it and she stated it was for personal reasons and no bad reason and the transaction was OFF-MARKET at 1.6c so there is NO reason to worry about it. I AGREE actually - if it was ON-MARKET, well to be frank there's NO way I'd be holding now and even less a chance I'd be recommending ETC to others.


    Jam - if you dont mind me asking, what were the questions you asked her which she was unable to answer?


    Kurt - There are some stocks on the market which are NEWS DRIVEN like this one. Therefore what happens with these stocks is that when news are about to be released or are released they go for a nice run......hence the rise in Late Oct/Early Nov from current levels to around 2.5c! However, as with everything, once all the news has gone it starts to get boring and many people begin to sell/take profits etc etc......as happened with ETC! It is a cyclical cycle and if 1 knows how to pick it you can usually make good money from the swings.


    Recently I've done it with MOB regarding it's div announcements. Made top $$$ with that one and think the same can be done here with ETC. Hope that answered your question.




    Good.....that's who I was going to suggest to send it too!


    She should get back to you this afternoon - let us know what she says please.




    Totally agree Jam......I'll be doing the same BUT I've got a funny feeling everything will end up being ok with this one!!!


    I can give you an email address to contact at ETC who will answer your questions if you like.


    I agree J.


    The sooner the better for us holders but I've got a feeling it'll be near the end of the month - most likely on the 30th.


    Ohh I must also add folks which I've stated before......the ONLY thing I DO NOT like with ETC is the 695mil shares on issue.


    The reason WHY - holds the SP back whenever it goes on a run like we've seen over the last couple days.



    J - I think they are a fair and conservative estimate as well.


    Now let's look at it from this point of view as well and the reason WHY I have also bought in reasonably big.........Let's assume my predicitions of the results for the Half Yearly are right or around that ballpark -


    Market Cap - $10mil (based on current SP of 1.5c)

    Revenue - $8mil

    Cashflow Positive - $2.5mil

    Cash in Bank - $3mil.


    Looking at the above, if infact they do come out with those results and I'm confident they will, surely you'd have to say based on fundamentals alone ETC is VERY CHEAP and due for e re-rating!!! Again, this is based on the above figures coming through - NO guarantee of this folks but I'd say a great chance based on chairmans address, latest acquisitions, my research etc etc.


    Ozgaz - Been following ETC for YONKS and watched the rise from these levels to 2.5c in late Oct/Early Nov but couldn't do anything cause I will still overseas on my 6 month world trip.


    Regarding the Half Yearly, well according to the company they have until mid Feb to releasr the launch BUT I doubt it highly it'll take them that long to release - I'd say probably somewhere near the end of the month, possibly the last week.


    C'mon ETC http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


    Well to be honest I'm not quite sure if their sales revenue increased but from what the chairman said on the 26/11/04 it is clear that everything was on track for about the same results as the 1st quarter......hence being cashflow positive/profitable etc!


    For me the key is the announcement on the 10/11/04 which states they received $561k from the WorldxChange liquidation which will go STRAIGHT to bottom line profit.


    Therefore, when we add similar results from the 1st quarter PLUS the $561k added to bottom line, I'm hoping for a $1.5mil positive cashflow quarter which then takes the Half Yearly to somewhere in the region of $2.5mil.


    That is what I'm banking on J and what my research tells me SHOULD occur - now it's a matter of time mate!!!

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