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    Hi ETC'ers,


    Finally got a response back from Sam regarding the Half Yearly.


    Here it is.




    the C4 statement will be lodged by the end of this week. As previously mentioned the half yearlies are to be lodged mid February and I am advised the auditors will be in this week to get this process underway.






    Guys.........can someone please tell me what a C4 statement is and is it something to look out for?


    GONE are the 15c days where it was 10 days ago me thinks.


    I'm just bloody spewing about 2 things.


    1./ That my 150,000 share order on Friday just failed to get filled on the close at 22c (3rd in line by the close)

    2./ That PNA didn't run after the end of the month cause I picked it as 1 of my top 5 stocks of the year when it was 15c still!!!


    DOH http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


    Yep. Their business plan looks decent but their failure to state ANY $$$ figures in their announcements looks suss.


    Also the buy depth is a little concerning like you state and could fall very fast and hard should something negative arrive.


    DEFINATELY one to watch but I couldn't recommend it as a buy at the moment.


    Hi Rich,


    I've been watching this one as well and it's on my watchlist.


    I wouldn't say it's getting dumped cause the volume has only been 32,000 shares thus far this morning so it's NOT getting dumped hard LOL.


    I have ALWAYS been a little sceptical of this company for 1 reason only. In all there supposed GREAT announcements they have released to the asx (of which there have been many), NOT 1 states anything about projected cashflow, profitability etc etc!


    That to me is a little scary and until they start releasing announcement with figures and $$$ on them, I too will continue to sit and watch on the sidelines.


    All the best.


    I agree Mr Metal.......I have it down as 1 of my 5 stocks of 2005 in the comp and said it was a GREAT BUY at 15c a week or so ago!


    This IS the next OXR in my mind but was just wondering people's thoughts on a speeding ticket and its impact on the SP.


    SURELY a speeding ticket from the asx is coming.


    It has gone from 19c os the open on Friday to 25c now with massive volume........surely a notice will be coming!!!


    What will happen if they say they dont know any reason for the rise - will the SP get smashed.......possibly!!!


    VERY dissapointed I did not get filled at 22c on Friday........I was 3rd in line with 150,000 shares http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif


    Top stock.


    Have this down as 1 of my stocks of 2005.


    I believe this is the next OXR and it has the right ground to become it.


    I'm 3rd in line at the moment at 22c for 150000 shares - I will see how things go Monday morning to decide whether or not I will hold or sell.


    All the best PNA'ers.


    Thanks for that Jam......well I guess we can rule out an announcement this arvo cause Sam is the one who prepares the announcements LOL!!!


    I SO hope they pull their finger out and announce the Half Yearly next week.


    I'm treating ETC as an "investment" and not a "trade" so that is why I dont mind holding onto my stock as I believe the company will come good this year and get a re-rating we are all hoping for.


    Good Luck Everyone


    Hi Jam,


    Let me know what you find out.


    If the sales director isn't there than perhaps speak to Sam - she's very helpful.


    Try and find out if the Half Yearly will be released before the end of the month or after.


    I've sent an email but no reply as yet.


    We need some bloody good news that's for sure.


    Well that sounds quite good.


    Are you going to try and phone them back today again? If you could do that for us it'd be awesome and then tell us what you found out.


    I might try and give them a call as well and see what I can find out.


    We need a damn announcement - that's what we need and NOW!!!


    When I really sit down and analyse the situation all I can come up with is that the selling has to do with impatient investors who are pulling their money out and moving it into other stocks that are moving up - I dont blame them.


    I for one also expected an announcement easily by now from all the info/research I had obtained but obviously I was wrong - accept my apologies on this matter.


    HOWEVER, apart from the impatient investors......deep down inside my heart is telling me that ETC WILL announce good results and they are now trying to become more professional about things and let their figures do the talking instead of releasing hyped up nothing announcements like perhaps they'd been used to in the past.


    I for one hope that my heart is damn right with this one LOL. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


    I like LRX as well Barrios.


    Dont hold at the moment but it is on my watchlist.


    If they can achieve their projected forecasts, it'll certainly look cheap at current market cap/shareprice.


    All the best.


    That's exactly what I'm trying to find out.


    I'm fed up with all the BS.


    I have sent an email stating that SURELY by now they know how the last quarter went just like every other company already does. I asked for clarification WHEN the Half Yearly will be announced, before the end of the month or after? I'm sick of all the CRAP of them not knowing anything......it is all CRAP!


    The more time passes by, the more sceptical I'm starting to get. If I was a director of ETC and infact the financials were good, I tell ya now there would of been at least a couple announcements thus far telling the whole world about how great we are and I'd guarantee the shareprice was at least double the piddly 1.3c it is now!


    Not bloody good enough ETC - pull your fingers out.


    Hi Jam,


    You are right, that is NOT good enough.


    Why dont you try and call them today - ask for Samantha Marks.


    Let us know what you find out please.


    Kurt........if it comes out that infact ETC are having us all on, I too will say Adios to ETC once and for all as well!!!


    I agree Jam.


    Investors are growing uncertain and I DONT blame them.


    The fact that the company has FAILED to announce anything astonishes me - Simple as that!!!


    Either they are NOT telling the truth or they are just damn BAD at PR......I'm starting to get a little impatient myself and also nervous as well that I'm being banged up the bum sideways here by ETC (excuse the expression)!!!


    I've sent ANOTHER email to ETC asking for more info.


    Hi Kurt, YEP that's what it's all about - whether they are telling the truth or not! If they are, then it should mean PAYDAY for us, if they're not (possible scenario) then we will get burnt bigtime and I will NEVER touch ETC again for that factor.


    It's a bit of a risk but I believe the odds at the moment are stacked in our favor for a nice half yearly coming out.


    What confuses is my is the LACK of PR from this company. If the financial's have in fact turned around (which I believe they have) nicely, why the hell aren't they selling this fact with some positive PR Spin out there.


    If this happened to another company (like MUL for example) they'd be in every major paper with articles on how the company has turned around plus at least 1 HYPED up asx announcement to please the market AND the shareprice would be AT LEAST double! Now this is what I'm dissapointed in!!!


    Two things........either they are really CRAP and creating HYPE and at PR OR they're having everyone on and the 2nd quarter/half yearly is gonna be CRAP!!!


    Just my thoughts at the moment.

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