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    Yep - another case of selling the crown jewels. I wonder who else will come out of the woodwork to make a counter bid. I would be deeply unhappy if AOE accepts for under $6.00.
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    Any ideas as to what happened with Arrow today? Almost worth a speeding ticket!
  3. Has anyone tried the free online portfolio managers. I was looking at this one this morning - http://www.smartportfolio.com.au/ It looks to be fairly simple but would appear to do the basics pretty well. One good thing is as it is online it works on my Macbook. I find I just can't make excel do what I want it too (my lack of knowledge I know) and it doesn't have the easy prices and charting. Anyway - I am still really interested in good Portfolio Management Software - esp if it runs on a Mac. Has much changed in the last few years?
  4. In reply to: K-oss on Tuesday 03/06/08 09:29am Why would BPT go from trading halt to suspension - just interested why they couldn't just remain in a trading halt till Friday?
  5. In reply to: Ruckmauler on Thursday 11/10/07 11:28am Also some more REE in-depth information here - http://www.resourceinvestor.com/pebble.asp?relid=36382
  6. In reply to: ShareScene.com on Tuesday 10/07/07 11:50am INTERVIEW WITH ALKANE RESOURCES (ALK) MANAGING DIRECTOR, MR IAN CHALMERS 10 October 2007 (5.00pm, EST) MoneyMajix Good afternoon, Mr Chalmers I WAS INTERESTED TO SEE THE INCREASE IN THE ALKANE SHARE PRICE TODAY. IT WAS UP ALMOST 25% TO 36 CENTS. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAS PROMPTED THIS MOVEMENT? WAS IT RECENT MEDIA IN THE US? I am not sure but Alkane was favourably mentioned at http://www.resourceinvestor.com/ Maybe US investors were buying overnight. In the past, Alkane has had more positive exposure overseas than in Australia. This may be one of the reasons Alkane is so undervalued, in my opinion. WHAT PROGRESS IS BEING MADE WITH ALKANE’S VARIOUS PROJECTS? Firstly, there is the Tomingly Gold Project in central west, NSW. This is an exciting project and a feasibility study for development is being undertaken. We have found a new deposit called Caloma about two to three months ago which is part of the bigger project. This pushes the resource potential to about one million ozs. Previously identified is 600,000 ozs. That is drilled out to resource status and it contains near 75% in Measured and Indicated, and not a figment of my imagination. HOW WOULD YOU VALUE THE TOMINLGY GOLD PROJECT RESOURCE? Conservatively, some analyst value resources at around $100 per oz., so on the 600,000 ozs., gives us a valuation of $60,000,000. It you take it as 1,000,000 ozs., then the value would be $100,000,000. This project is 100% owned by Alkane Resources. CAN YOU DISCUSS THE ZIRCONIA PROJECT AND EXPLAIN A BIT THE USES OF ZIRCONIA? Alkane also owns 100% of a rare metal-rare earth deposit near Dubbo, which we call the Dubbo Zirconia Project, but which contains several metals including zirconium and niobium, as well as rare earths. Some people would think of fake diamonds when they hear about zirconia but zirconia has a huge spectrum of uses. It is used as a drying agent in paint, and replaces lead, so it is environmentally friendly. It is also used in electronics, catalysts, ceramics and many computer components. A demonstration plant will be starting in November which will produce several tonnes of sample products for distribution to potential customers. The article in the US referred to the other part of the project in Dubbo which is Rare Earths. These also have a great spectrum of uses, including special magnets which are an important component of hybrid electric car motors. The deposit is very large and an open cut mine here could last 200 years. The feasibility study is ongoing and we won't be able to make a decision about the project until next year. CAN YOU PROVIDE US WITH SOME DETAILS OF YOUR JOINT VENTURE WITH NEWMONT MINING? Yes. We are very excited about it. The joint venture is in the Orange area, near Newcrest's large Cadia operations. We are exploring and it is early days. However, last year we announced some spectacular gold intersections but there was not much market reaction at the time. We have a lot of work to do there but it does look encouraging. ALKANE HAS A SIZEABLE HOLDING IN BC IRON. Yes. We floated BC Iron and we are still hold shares in the company. The value of that holding is around $17 million dollars at today's share price. ALKANE HAS COPPER INTERESTS, TOO? Yes. We have a small copper deposit near Wellington which we hope to do some more work on later this year or early next year. We want to see if we can expand the resource and progress towards development. DO YOU THINK THE MARKET HAS PLACED A REASONABLE VALUATION ON THE ALKANE RESOURCE SHARE PRICE? At the current share price of 36c the company is valued at around $70 million. We have a value of $17million just for our holding of BC Iron. So that values the resource assets at less than $53 million, which in my opinion barely values the Tomingley Gold Project. WHY WOULD YOU SUGGEST PEOPLE BUY SHARES IN YOUR COMPANY? That's always a tricky question for a company Managing Director, but the current attraction of Alkane is it's multi commodity resource base, focussed within a relatively small area in central NSW, and with a very good chance that at least two projects could proceed towards development in the next two to three years. That would see us back into cash flow and hopefully profits. Mr Chalmers, thank you for your time this afternoon. It sounds like there is a lot going on and more news will be forthcoming to the market in the future.
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    In reply to: WannaGetRish on Friday 17/08/07 06:32pm It's all a little moot now - a week is a long time these days.
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    In reply to: fraz2 on Wednesday 15/08/07 03:08pm I've already Bpay'ed one account - perhaps I was too eager. Still, in a few years from now it will not matter. I'm sure the company is looking after it's shareholders but I think there was too long a gap between the announcement of the SPP and the close-off date - so there are probably a few traders who are now selling as the margin for quick profit has quickly evaporated?
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    In reply to: wolverine on Saturday 11/08/07 04:42pm http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif got ya....
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    In reply to: balance on Thursday 09/08/07 01:39pm oh dear I wasn't expecting this bit:- "I/we agree to be bound by the SPP Rules and AOE’s Constitution (Constitution), and certify that the aggregate of the application price for the shares the subject of this application, and, any other shares in the class applied for by me/us under this SPP (including those the subject of any other application), or any similar arrangement in the 12 months prior to the date of issue, does not exceed A$5,000" I have AOE in both a margin account and a trading account and was thinking of taking up both 5K allocations. Is this normal in SPP's ?
  11. Ruckmauler


    In reply to: golfnut on Wednesday 31/01/07 07:35pm Are things about to change for poor old TEE http://www.fnarena.com/index2.cfm?type=dsp...56D614D6AD1D883
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    In reply to: nipper on Wednesday 11/10/06 12:44pm who knows what could be blowing in the wind - this was posted on another forum: from bloomberg aus. Promina Group Shares Rise on Speculation Suncorp-Metway May Bid By Kevin Foley and Joyce Moullakis Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Shares in Promina Group Ltd., Australia's second-largest auto and home insurer, surged as much as 12 percent to a record on speculation Suncorp-Metway Ltd. may bid for the company. ``The strongest rumor is that Promina is going to go and that Suncorp is the buyer,'' said Karl Siegling, who helps manage the equivalent of $30 million at Cadence Capital in Sydney, including insurance stocks. Brisbane-based Suncorp is the nation's No. 3 auto and home insurer and sixth-biggest bank. Suncorp spokesman Malcolm Barter said the company declined to comment on speculation. Shares in Promina rose 56 cents, or 9.2 percent, to A$6.66 at 12:11 p.m. in Sydney, valuing the company at A$6.8 billion. A spokesperson for Promina didn't immediately return phone calls seeking comment.
  13. I hope someone will be able to help me out here and dampen my impatience regarding the share price – and as we agree, we aren’t going to see any dividends from the OX – so the share price is how we make money from our investment. I just don’t see how the share price is going to move decisively above $1- by decisively I mean $1.10-$1.20 and staying there. We are in a commodity boom – Copper prices are at record highs – Gold is trading around decade highs – We have Copper production starting ahead of schedule - The OX keeps making fantastic announcements of out-of-this-world grades – and on and on and on. My impatience comes from my worries about the US and our economy. We could well be heading in to tougher economic times – and a probable slide in share prices. What more can OH do to give the share price a move along? What announcement could the OX possibly make (above and beyond the already fantastic ones already made) to get the market onboard? I hope I am wrong and get to post a grovelling apology – soon http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  14. No need to panic about this although someone is going to get a right royal kick up the tush for this I'm sure. Unfortunately it has happened when newbies like myself have been drawn to it by all the recent action - i.e. massive volume. Lets hope they sort this out quick sharp before they lose valuable momentum. Ultimately though it is the fantastic fundamentals that will win through.
  15. In reply to: Ruckmauler on Tuesday 15/03/05 02:41pm One more day to go - will list at 12pm on Thursday 17th March.
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