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    Article in the Australian. I figure this deal is worth c. 70c per share post 30% tax, but not sure what tax rate they would actually pay. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/o...o-1226670436370
  2. bailej03


    Where's the $144m debt from?? looks like US$58.5m to me from the last March Quarterly Picked up a few now... unless something fishy is going on here, I don't see why a transaction shouldn't complete, its a pretty straight forward asset. Provided the globals markets don't melt down hopefully this will kick up a bit more tmr and in the following weeks to completion as the broader market wakes up
  3. Hi all, Looking for some good /reasonable quality spec stocks with long dated (at least 1 year) listed options The used to be a listed of all companies with listed options posted on the Investsmart website but I can't find it on there anymore Hoping to find some with reasonable prospects over positive news over the next year, and likely to be sold down in the current market. cheers
  4. bailej03


    Anybody following this takeover? 90% acceptance and Chinese outbound investment approval are the only two things standing in the way of this going ahead that I can see... Yet the price keeps falling, at $1.14, you can make a pretty nice arb leveraging up the difference with CFD's I was in before and luckily got out before it started falling... not sure why it is falling? Possible that the Chinese might block it, or push for a lower price?? would seem very strange, but given they seem to be the only buyers out there, maybe they are having second thoughts about paying up??
  5. Well looks like you where right Brierley, the deal fell through... What now, think they will manage to sink a hole in 2010?? A capital riasing more likely in the mean time??? with only $900k in the tin in September, surely the Xmas party must have burnt a hole in that...
  6. Holding up nicely - I am set now Fingers crossed we are drilling already/soon...
  7. Anybody following? Picked up a few of these 'Cheap' on an EV/resource metric for the contained copper, but grade obviously crap atm and not going to go anywhere Love the Barrick farm in though and think those IP targets look interesting - fingers crossed they get some solid intersections in the new year and it should be game on from there!
  8. bailej03


    Always undervalued by the market...this is getting closer to fair value... don't think it should be trading sub is cash backing... Add in some optionality for ESG takeover, the copper project should be looking more profitable in the current copper environment... and the Indo assets look positive Wouldn't be surprised to see them finally get a JV partner... the things China is investing in atm... granted generally not copper assets in Aus, but some of the cash they are spashing around on pretty marginal looking projects, HGO should be able to lock something in
  9. bailej03


    Finally, signs of a pulse... any chance of pushing to 30c today and might get some attention??
  10. Good close, finally back in the money lol, it has been a long time... So Shell have until the 26th August right to make a decision Can somebody tell me how long afterwards if it is a yes that they have until they must drill a well? Might be time to dump if this runs on a positive announcement but Shell don't decide to drill for 6 months...
  11. bailej03


    Pretty amazed, I think this is worth ~30c+ now Market is paying nothing for their other assets Even fully diluted (by options and convertible note holders) and taking into account paying 30% tax on the whole sale price, this is worth 20-22c imho Plus they have an option on any upside if ESG is taken out At 23.5c its crazy
  12. Hartley's latest, quite bullish, let's hope they are right this time!!FAR_External_20090501.pdf
  13. bailej03


    Any one following?
  14. bailej03


    Know of any other plays like CDU out there, drilling out a quality resource which will stand up in all operating environments (low prices) and currently not really on the radar??
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