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  1. In reply to: nicholls5 on Wednesday 18/06/08 12:37pm kenrosewall
  2. In reply to: nicholls5 on Friday 13/06/08 07:38pm Sure am holding nicholls5, much to my detriment. I have been busy posting on another site (HC) as there is more discussion on this stock generally. No point selling now as the Cawse project alone is worth more than the current sp. At least participating in the rights issue will give me a chance to dilute my average price.
  3. In reply to: Commander C on Monday 14/04/08 09:17pm You would think if ever their were to be a takeover/merger, it would need to come prior to the next round of drilling. You would think if PEM/CBH are not buying, or at least seriously thinking about it, at these levels, then it would be seen as a negative.
  4. In reply to: roosters on Wednesday 30/04/08 08:14pm New acquisition? I think a lot are waiting on the outcome of 2 things: - What do ANZ plan to do with the remainder of their shares?, and - What does the 2008 drilling schedule entail? Do we need to raise more cash to complete this? Hopefully we will gets some answers to this and more in the not too distant future.
  5. In reply to: Commander C on Saturday 12/04/08 12:31am Surely Barr wouldn't be able to sell for reasons relating to the company that we are unaware of, so it must be selling for a personal reason. I'm wondering when they are going to, and how they are going to, raise funding for the 2008 drilling campaign. I have this little inkling that something bigger is at work behind the scenes (don't know anything, but just my opinion). The next couple of months will certainly be intriguing.
  6. In reply to: rooster on Tuesday 08/04/08 02:17pm I just sold the shirt of my back. Hopefully I can buy it back in a months time
  7. QUOTE (Commander C @ Monday 07/04/08 06:55pm) Unfortunately the downturn in the overall marke has left most short of cash and confidence to buy up in TNG now. Wait until the dust settles and that's when those companies with something in the ground will prevail. I am however a bit dissapointed that they haven't as yet mentioned anything further on the Enigma spin-off as this was meant to come through in the March qtr. I am sure they will continue to blame it on the ATO being slck finalising the ruling or something to that effect. The sooner we can get ANZ Nominees off our Top 20 list the better.
  8. In reply to: roosters on Friday 04/04/08 11:00pm roosters It basically means we have been shafted. - ANZ are now selling the shares that Opes Prime used as security to short the market - It is unclear whether or not ANZ own the title to these shares, and therefore they may have been a little hasty in dumping them on the market. Hopefully they have to buy them back in the future when its revealed they weren't there's to sell. - Meanwhile all those holding TNG shares lose stacks of money due to the incompetence of Opes Prime directors, and the haste of ANZ. - If you don't need the money, and can hold for the medium-term (or buy more while at bargain prices), then you shouldn't be too concerned as the fundamentals have unchanged (well, in fact they have improved)
  9. QUOTE (nicholls5 @ Tuesday 01/04/08 09:26pm) Are you writing their announcement headings for them now Nicholls5? At least its not the fundamentals that are in question. Will be fun to see if they have to buy them back again.
  10. In reply to: nicholls5 on Tuesday 01/04/08 09:26pm Looks like ANZ have instructed their brokers Goldman Sachs JB Were to offload all their shareholdings which Opes Prime also have holdings in. Unfortunately TNG is on that list and ANZ Nominees hold 12.91%. I would advise that we all sit tight and weather the storm, look to buy at anything below 20 cents as they seem to have made this their floor for selling. It is times like this that we need to remember why we invested in TNG in the first place, as the fundamentals are continuing to improve. Plus we should look forward to the Enigma spin-off as well.
  11. In reply to: Commander C on Monday 31/03/08 05:23pm I think they have enough to keep them busy for the next couple of drilling seasons CC. Hopefully by the time they are talking Winchrop and Ochre the area is economically viable already, and > 50Mt. I noticed on HC that someone mentioned Sorby Hills (CBH) would be spun-off to Kimberley Mining, but I have not seen this anywhere and will need to do some research. I think we will see some more synergy between Sorby Hills and Manbarrum before soon, more than just CBH holding 8% or whatever it is. I'm waiting in anticipation for the Cawse spin-off as I think this will really get the sp moving.
  12. In reply to: rooster on Thursday 27/03/08 10:44am And now we go into a trading halt. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  13. Should get plenty of news over the next 3 trading days based on what has been indicated. The chart is starting to turn in anticipation. Good buying opportunity potentially.
  14. I'm hoping we will have the 100Mt resource firmed up by the end of next year (2009), however I expect estimates can be made at the end of this year's drilling to get close to that figure. Sandy Creek 15-20Mt, Djibitgun 10-15Mt, Browns 10-15Mt, Landandi 10-15Mt, those four should see us past 50Mt by year's end. Add to that the 'dozens' of other pods mentioned as a possibility by Neil Biddle and we should be laughing. The most important thing to remember when trying to remain patient with TNG is the lack of volume that has dragged the sp down, and the fact that the register is very tightly held with the Top 20 holding 60%.
  15. In reply to: Commander C on Thursday 14/02/08 07:36pm >50Mt is a mere formality in my view. I reckon we will see near 100Mt+ by end of next year's drilling
  16. I tell you what, this is ridiculously cheap right now. Back well below what it was at the start of 2007 yet we have come so far. A couple of announcements expected within the next month so the sp is at its lowest point now I'd suggest.
  17. In reply to: Goosebump on Friday 28/12/07 04:25pm Should have an action packed march quarter: - Sandy Creek Resource Upgrade (Looking for 15Mt+) - Djibitgun inferred JORC resource estimate - Norilsk resource guidance on Cawse - Enigma spin-off Hopefully by the end of the month the MVT district will start to take shape.
  18. Hope you all got on board- we're going after phosphate
  19. Hi pargolf and commander c, Still not sure why the sp is squandering, I would have thought yesterday's announcement would have got us back in the mid-40's (well, it did for a moment I guess). I can only imagine that the current zinc price and perceived low-grades (which are normal for an MVT) are the reason. I still have total faith and believe by the end of 2008 we will be looking back at this price as super cheap. As far as a tonnage required to make mining feasible, your guess is as good as mine. I think we might see a takeover play at some stage, possibly by CBH. Rooster
  20. Great announcement today. Djibitgun confirms the MVT theory and hopefully it will be every bit the size of Sandy Creek. To think there are dozens more of these pods. 100Mt+ resource is possible at Manbarrum. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  21. Thanks Access. I noticed that the sp fell below IPO price on the back of delays with the rig, and at the time of the sub-prime falls. I saw Ted Ellyard is on board and they have some exciting prospects. Might add a few if I can get them at 26.
  22. Anyone else think this is worth buying?
  23. In reply to: Brantley on Monday 03/12/07 04:49pm I sold out of half my holding yesterday Brantley at 2.9 cents (bought at 1.7). I thought it was just being manipulated by day-traders or perhaps bought in by one big buyer, and expect it to go back down slightly prior to any news. I am still intending to buy back in for the long-term, whether I pay more or less for them is the question.
  24. rooster


    In reply to: nifty49 on Thursday 29/11/07 03:20pm Looks a bit weird on the chart with the massive volume having no (or little) influence on the sp. Agree with the DT sentiment.
  25. rooster


    looks like the ol' buy on rumour (commonly known as inside info) sell on fact. As settled down now, and I'd imagine it will close the day mid- 50's
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