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    SB Citigroup rates MIG as a potential takeover target. They highlight that by taking away the fees etc paid to mother- MBL, 60c would be added to their value. This pushes Citigroup's valuation to 529c. http://www.aireview.com/index.php?act=view&catid=7&id=3451 Cheers
  2. Two days ago the sell price on LYL was 262c, now its 300c! And only two sellers. I thought with shares coming outta escrow in Dec, we may have seen a pulback. Silly question to ask why doesn't anyone want to sell? Cheers
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    Some sharp increase in vol. the past few days. No ann. I'm somewhat hoping that in a few weeks I will regret not topping up more in the 30s. Patience is a virtue apparently Cheers
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    Ann. today stated BCL aims to undertake a 1 for 10 consolidation which management believes will assist in their listing in the UK by reducing sp volatility. Although I'm not a big fan of companies fiddling with the share register with splits and consolidations, there is a little logic involved and the market liked it, closing at 0.325. Special AGM in Feb (16 I think). The consolidation will leave only 19m shares on the ASX, tightening the register and reducing supply, and, once this company shows consistent profits, there should be a great deal of capital apprecation in BCL. I doubt we'll see BCL at this discount once confidence is restored. Cheers
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    John Crabb joining CMV as a ned is a good fit I would have thought. However, it's still early days for this company. Fundamentals look ok, industry has good sentiment, but I can't help but think why two companies would merge and go through all the 'hoop jumping', compliance and corporate governance responsibilities of being a publicly listed company to raise just $9m (20% of equity). With the original owners owning 80% of the business, perhaps they see listing as a way of reducing their holdings at a premium. With 66m shares (51%) coming out of escrow after the release of FY06 details, I'm cautious about entering this one with unbridled enthusiasm. The annual reports of the original businesses also encourage a cautious approach. Best of luck to holders, but I'd rather see what happens post FY06. Cheers
  6. A $50k buyer at 0.15 is promising. I'm hoping this festive period is the last chance to get on board at 0.15 or below. Cheers
  7. User, I can only assume that because the capital buy-back has been passed at the AGM (contrary to what the first ann stated) the capital is off-market until the 29th. I gather the buy-back is in lieu of a div. I can't see them returning more cash to owners than the $6m in the buy-back. Not so bad so long as they can apply the retained earnings to further earnings growth. But as you say, the LICs are into it (including Wilson and Peter Morgan who I both rate, relatively speaking), they have a good product with R & D backing, and is a good cash-flow business with lots or recurring revenue, and cash-flow is king! Hopefully 2006 will see the sp head north. Cheers
  8. The company is a quiet one as are the investors, not much to follow. Full year results not far away, with a dividend to hold the sp up, can't see it moving north much unless something special happens. Cheers
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    QUOTE b) new GI business is really struggling to gain traction. . . increasing the prospects for a takeover for balance sheet reasons as major shareholders are now more likely to be receptive. Been reading your spruiking for a while now Clare, and you know the comp well. But I can't see how $1.5m in premiums written for the first 6 months can be a positive. Yes, your point re takeovers is valid, but that's a positive spin on what I see as negative news. The downside risk here is that if CIX is not taken over, no amount of franking credits or loss write-offs can help a failing business model. Make no mistake, the insurance industry is a competitive one and difficult to get a foothold in. Having said this, I've heard good things about Kirk after doing some digging around with people in the know. I hold, but will be looking for better news in the next six months. cheers.
  10. QUOTE (SAM172 @ Thursday 12/05/05 06:31am) What do people think of Sage entering the accounting software market. I wouldn't have thought this could be all that positive for RKN.
  11. In reply to: anne on Monday 31/01/05 11:29pm For my first post I gotta second the post from Anne, Peter Lynch covers some excellent broad investment concepts. Outstanding read. Cheers
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