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    In reply to: Rockyboy on Friday 13/06/08 10:39pm Probably not great news on MON coming....In suspension now. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...5005200,00.html
  2. samson


    In reply to: elleburra on Thursday 27/03/08 04:47pm Based on what you say Rod it would be a very disappointing outcome if AK couldn't undertake a similar deal or better. GBM has been around for a lot less and was very poorly supported pre and and immediately post float. cheers
  3. samson


    In reply to: sootmeister on Tuesday 25/03/08 09:27am No capital raising required in the short-term as there won't be any production for a couple of years. Cheers
  4. samson


    In reply to: vida on Sunday 02/03/08 11:13am QUOTE No matter who sold them on their behalf they had control over it If there is a margin call against a person and they can't raise the funds  they have *no* control. They'll be dumped on-market. QUOTE why aren't they buying back trading suspended. ASIC and ruthless just don't go together. ASIC and selective, they go together. Cheers
  5. In reply to: sjlittle on Tuesday 05/02/08 11:00am Excuses excuses in the release today. With two senior managers, including the ceo, parting ways in the last couple of months, I would have thought the obvious reason for the poor performance was mis-management. But too worried about the litigation to spell these things out, so spin it, that's the modern world. What we need is quality management to get us back on track. Has it bottomed? I'd like to think so. But the high debt will probably doom boom to the low 100s until the perceived credit crisis clears. Cheers
  6. samson


    In reply to: BSA on Wednesday 23/01/08 03:30pm BSA, there is no need for you to be corrected in any of your observations today. Unfortunately, often the nature of these forums moves away from information sharing to personal agendas, there is a fine line. Cheers
  7. In reply to: shamia on Tuesday 18/12/07 05:58pm what if it doesn't get to 180c? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif There's more to companies than short-term share price fluctuations as annaliese has pointed out. cheers
  8. samson


    In reply to: BSA on Friday 14/12/07 12:13pm A lack of buyers around too bsa, doesn't appear to be much depth down well into the 20s. Of course, another day may change this and there is relatively high (approaching 500k) volume for the day. I'll contribute to the high volume as a buyer if it goes below 30. I already have high exposure to gdr and am bemused by the continued sp performance, but I'm short-term dumb and long-term smart I'm banking. Cheers
  9. samson


    In reply to: alteclansing on Tuesday 09/10/07 09:10pm Looks like a hirelm post; it smells like a hirelm post........ What's this, alter-ego number 10? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif
  10. samson


    In reply to: BSA on Tuesday 28/08/07 12:36pm Just hit 56c on large volume. Screamed thru that big seller of over a million by memory at 51c. Good luck to holders, which I'm not now. Yep guaranteed to always sell at the wrong time, so hold on to your seats for an exciting announcement / run. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif Cheers
  11. samson


    In reply to: chookboy on Tuesday 07/08/07 09:01pm Over to you nziuser (or hirelm or any of your other dozen personalities), you obviously think you're well informed with this company. Tell us about the npv..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif
  12. samson


    QUOTE (royboy32 @ Saturday 09/06/07 12:14pm) Just hope it's at least half as successful as the other little unit you also seem to be on your own with. I still hold half AAX from 155c which I bought on open day (begrudgingly). Rights to options should come up in the next fortnight for MAB, one for one, 1c, 20c strike. Cheers
  13. samson


    In reply to: nifty49 on Tuesday 07/08/07 01:30pm Holding GDR is certainly a good method of increasing one's patience. Everytime it makes a run, the sellers pour in and push it back to where it started and usually the next day below where it began before a great announcement! Nevertheless, everything seems to be moving into place nicely, only the market's confidence is missing. Will be interesting how AK goes about raising dosh when he needs it. He always seems to have tricks up his sleeve..... Cheers
  14. samson


    In reply to: honeycomb on Tuesday 07/08/07 04:13pm Geez honeycomb, ROY at $10 at would push me into an early retirement and $1.5m I'd find ways of spending! I can dream of one day finding that 100 bagger...... Cheers
  15. samson


    In reply to: kennedyn on Monday 06/08/07 06:00pm Why would you pull out now? Should have pulled out 3-4 weeks ago before the nickel priced dived if you were going to pull out...... Reasons to hold? THX is capitalised lower than Toro. Two companies with a host of Uranium tenements. But THX has nickel income soon, no problems where the current ni price is for the open pit. This will fund the U exploration and further exploration of PGE and zinc projects. There's some smart operators behind THX, just take a look at ROY's latest acquisition. Cheers
  16. samson


    In reply to: crooky on Thursday 21/06/07 11:15am Ex-entitlement date for the options 2 Aug (thursday). Maybe FIS management will do what ERL did and release a cracker of an announcement a couple of days after ex day to reward loyalty. Cheers
  17. samson


    In reply to: oilleak on Tuesday 19/06/07 12:31pm Here's your little sweetener Mr Oilleak http://www.wabusinessnews.com.au/en-story....akmore-for-7-2m An intelligent purchase at face value of a company CMV management know well and which should assist integration of CMV's longterm strategy. Cheers
  18. samson


    In reply to: veeone on Thursday 19/07/07 05:09pm I'd be surprised if OXR would look at RNG for a takeover  how would that look? OXR CEO takes a 10% stake in RNG and then in the short-term his company offers a takeover for RNG at a premium! It's all about perception, and that scenario doesn't perceive well no matter the intentions at particular points in time. Cheers
  19. samson


    In reply to: normc on Wednesday 18/07/07 01:02pm And on TA, a clear breakout. Cheers
  20. In reply to: prawn_86 on Tuesday 22/05/07 02:05pm Anybody got their bonus options yet? I notice DTMO is being quoted today, no sells in place yet. Cheers
  21. samson


    QUOTE (mme @ Monday 09/07/07 07:42pm) THX have about 885k ROY at the last annual report which was Sep 30 I think. Perhaps you picked up the relationship because the Secretary Frank Demarte signed off the speeding ticket this evening as 'Thundellara Exploration'. Both companies have basically the same board. Cheers PS ROYOA made a big difference to my bottom line today! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif
  22. samson


    In reply to: Jay on Wednesday 04/07/07 01:16pm I reckon smy rally was more to do with Ni price going up last night ie being a Ni producer as opposed to THX future producer. SMY was 433c immediately prior and after the announcement and finished on a high of 443c. I'd guess more on bullish feelings towards Ni price going forward. Having said that mcr was down today, so what do I know http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif Cheers
  23. samson


    In reply to: Jay on Thursday 14/06/07 11:41am Rick also resigned as chair of ROY a coupla months ago  still a ned. It's not ideal his resignation, but THX still in the family. Cheers
  24. samson


    In reply to: deadone on Monday 12/02/07 11:39am One large dump of MCOOA today wiped out most of the buyers from 8.5c down to 8c. At the time only left the one buy of 5c. I would have thought a bit early (with Dec 08 exp) to be losing faith, unless the seller knows more or bought mid-teens and is looking for a tax write-off. Cheers
  25. In reply to: jefftel on Sunday 03/06/07 03:24pm Yeah gents, these things are never 'black and white'. The record day is Friday 8 June - so that's the day you have to be on the share register. The company have said the shares will be quoted ex-entitlement on Monday 4 June. If one could buy tomorrow or Tuesday and be on the register Friday at 7pm Sydney time in theory you should be entitled, but LML management are playing it cautious for liability reasons I gather, as do most companies. Cheers
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