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    They can have a controlling interest at 51% but don't they need 90% to de-list? For as long as HPR and Noontide don't sell that won't happen and if they hold out then Fitzroy only have the 3% creep to continue buying after the offer is past it's expiry date. If HPR and Noontide continue to see the value that some other shareholders see above the 20c down the track why would they sell? I'm still hanging on.
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    So who do we vote for or not vote for in this Spill Motion. From the way I read it Bruce Pretzel is the only Director up for re-election. Is he worth bothering with again. A shame some of the other Directors were not up for re-election as I would have been happy to vote them out. So if any of these other nominations receive more than 50% of the vote then they also will be on an even bigger board. More handouts for Directors sitting and doing nothing. Maybe I would have liked to see one Fitzroy and one Noontime elected now to keep each other honest and then when next election comes around they each provide a replacement for existing board members. If RCO can stay independent I consider there is some positives down the track. Just very annoyed with Directors for caving in as if it is all too hard for them.
  3. In August 2014 Pepee mentioned about a new Company formed by a combination of Solagift, Artlajf and IFAR. Here is some information on the new identity and what they hope to be doing: http://www.inotomsk.ru/en/materials/news/e...g-preparations/ http://www.investintomsk.com/informacionny...tavok_v_indiyu/ http://translate.google.com.au/translate?h...amp;prev=search
  4. This address adds a bit more confusion about SIBEKS. http://42525.ru.all.biz/en/ Maybe they were a retailer of Solagift products? We wait and see and hope for the best.
  5. There is still signs of life in the old dog. SLA are back doing Presentations, this one in July 2014 to a Russian - Chinese Forum. After reading up on the Tomsk SEZ site and going through this presentation I get the view that the new building may not yet have started construction. But the presentation details what they hope to produce from the plant. http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=...jaipCG46BAbFeNg Happy reading. (It was slow to download).
  6. Hi Mosaic I tend to like the deal. Better than some of the other proposals people were throwing around. I thought HZN had worked too hard on expanding their PNG holdings to sell any more after the Osaka deal. Since that deal they have done an excellent job in increasing their holding in PPL259, which I am hoping will be the pleasant surprise for this year when they start drilling. If the first well is positive then there is a good chance that they could use the Stanley plant for processing. The Exxon Mobil news today that production of LNG from the first PNG LNG train has now commenced will be a good leg-up for the gas industry in PNG. Found an interesting bit of news in the CUE quarterly today. In today's HZN Presentation they have included the whole of PEP51313 off New Zealand. CUE advise that the joint venture partners have elected to not drill a well in the Te Whatu area and as a consequence have relinquished the western portion of the license.
  7. So my reading of that presentation is that they are making a range of additives for other products eg health drinks, chicken feed, soaps etc. but amazingly they still do not have the Russian Ministry of Health certification to sell medicinal products eg Ropren. Am I reading it correctly?
  8. Quite surprised today to received in the mail a copy of the video in DVD format from HZN. It is the same as the You Tube video.
  9. No mention of this information regarding Stanley in the Half Yearly Announcement or the accompanying Presentation. I thought that a decision had already been made that 10% of Stanley was located in PPL 259 (that has HZN as a joint venture partner). If we are still awaiting an approval for Stanley to proceed then I cannot see a Tier 1 prospective partner buying in until it is sorted out. http://www.pngindustrynews.net/storyview.a...tionsource=s194
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    The release of this 'bullish' recommendation now wouldn't have anything to do with 70 odd million 20c options due for payment on 31st December 2012. Especially with the share price being only 18c up to yesterday. The article is a rehash of an investment group article from a month or two ago. The writer indicated he had quite a few options that he purchased at .014 cents each and was hoping to get .10 cents each for them before they expired on 31st December. DJ Carmichael are lead Underwriter of a group that are underwriting up to $10 million of the shortfall. I am impressed with the prospects for JKA but I don't think the whole story was revealed.
  11. Hi Turiya, Any more than one tube at a time would be a waste for me. The last tube I received only had about four months to go before it was due to expire, I just kept using it past the expiry date. So I am assuming that Sigma threw out (or got a refund for) a quantity of Bioeffective Gel that had past the expiry date and didn't order any more. Regretfully, the product works well for the purpose I use it but not to the extent that I will pay $30 for it. If the product is only going to be available through Pine Needles, then, from a shareholder perspective, that is a marketing disappointment. As a side note I found it of interest to read your previous posts. Do you have a working interest or close contact with Pine Needle Products? If so, can you indicate what their sales are like?
  12. And now you can't get Bioeffective Gel through any retail shops. Solagram had an arrangement through Sigma to supply the Gel through Amcal Chemists. I have used a local Amcal store to put in a special request for me previously (not an item they kept in-store). I didn't get charged for the freight. When I tried to order yesterday they rang through and were told it is a discontinued line from Sigma. Without sounding too cheap I don't feel like paying $9 freight on a small tube from the Pine Needle mob when I can get a case of wine from Adelaide or Melbourne to Brisbane for $5. Does anyone get their Bioeffective Gel through anywhere cheaper than Pine Needles?
  13. It appears that Solagran have applied for an Australian Trade Mark for Bioeffective A in June 2012. http://www.ipmonitor.com.au/trademarks/case/1496846
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    Don't quote me on it, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that DYE had made a call on Tulloch's to repay an amount of about $300,000 that was owing. Maybe this is why they had to sell shares.
  15. Hi MM, Mosaic has given you a good idea of the bright future for HZN. I got the impression from one of your posts that you were confused by the variance in the current share price and what the Brokers are predicting the price will be. My view is that the current share price is being held back by ongoing production problems at Maari. They don't seem able to overcome the pump problems etc that are curtailing production. As at last month they were down to producing 11,000 barrels of oil a day (1,100 barrels for HZN) from a production facility with a capacity for 26,000 barrels a day. A lot of fund managers don't like the uncertainty of a company with only one field in production. So when Beibu starts production that risk will be reduced. The China facility will be able to produce up to 20,000 barrels a day from which HZN will have a 27% share. With the China development on budget and on time so far the share price may start improving if the exploration wells are successful. Otherwise it will kick in when China production starts ramping up.
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