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    Hi there, From the USPTO yesterday a granted patent http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?...u&RS=ACN/au United States Patent 9,050,415 Shetty , et al. June 9, 2015 Devices for targeted delivery of therapeutic implants Abstract An implant delivery syringe includes a barrel, a plunger assembly, and a barrel adapter. A barrel adapter mountable to a syringe barrel includes a barrel tip, needle retraction mechanism, needle assembly and stylet slidably disposed within the needle lumen. The needle retraction mechanism includes a biasing member, actuable locking arrangement and locking mechanism. When the actuable locking arrangement is actuated, the biasing member causes the needle to axially translate over the stylet during retraction to cause delivery of an implant to a target location. The stylet may be retracted following delivery. Methods of assembling, manufacturing, and using are also provided. Inventors: Shetty; Gautam N. (Pikesville, MD), Weir; Aaron M. (York Haven, PA), Brandt; Christian P. (York, PA), Castagna; Lou (Middletown, PA), Brenner; Tod H. (Pequea, PA)
  2. Hi PeterH, Haven't been around sharescene for awhile, however, an email alert popped up for EOS so here I am. How are you going???? Also a nice mention here a couple of hours ago from The World Today... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-26/elec...eal-wit/5697544 Good Luck to all holders... I do not hold EOS..
  3. When you see this side....then we will be where we belong.. Cowan, Watson, Kawaja, Clarke, Hussey, Warner, Payne, Pattison, Cummins, Starc & Lyon Pleny of othet good bowlers around like Johnson Cutting Siddle Harris Helfenhaus but batting is thin...
  4. hi wolv, now we have a good comparison... Tony Abbott is as good a performer in politics as Ricky Ponting was in captaining Australia.. Time for both to go, then going forward both teams performance will improve immensely.. This is IMHO... Bring on the cricket stuff the politics...
  5. come on now wolv...fess up... Yes he did screw Katich, no doubt about it it. The public took to him and I think he received a very valuable lesson about the Aussie ethics and learnt from it. He went from a "Hollywood sportsman" who the public detested, without doubt. He now comes over as a genuine Aussie sportsman in peak batting form and leading a average cricket team very successfully... I had my doubts about about him, however, one has to admit he seems to be the man.. Where is Jaytee when I need support???
  6. Indication is Patterson joins Cummins and is out for the rest of the season... Should see Starc in action now, surely????
  7. Hi frodo, I think you need to take into account Patterson will not bowl in this innings therefore Clarke needs time to get the South Africans out. It is very hot in Adelaide today and tomorrow so testing times in particular for fast bowlers. He has allowed time for them to rest and come back strong in short spells. When they are both resting the only front line bowler left is Lyons so there will be many overs bowled by part time bowlers. In these periods not many wickets would be expected. South Africa need a record last wicket score to win the match. Clarke needs time to do it and he has allowed the time for his bowlers to achieve it. If by some sort of miracle South Africa make the runs...I would be the first to say well done.
  8. Great double ton by Clarke, and centuries to Hussey and Warner. Fantastic EOD score with full credit to the above however, special mention to Warner who set the tempo early to initiate the onslaught. Great day for Michael Clarke and for Australian Cricket...bring on tomorrow... Sad to see Starc miss out again IMHO opinion a future star.. Look forward to the day when we see Paterson, Cummins and Starc as the fast bowling team...
  9. theadder


    Metal Storm looks to lock and load new debt restructure http://www.couriermail.com.au/business/met...4-1226511776060
  10. Looking into Callums' figures further..prior to this season for South Australia.. 65 matches 121 innings 35.33 Average 7 centuries & 25 half centuries... Now Adelaide Oval 32 matches 59 Innings Average 33.96 Only 1 ton in 59 innings on Adelaide Oval...the batmens paradise..
  11. As a staunch South Aussie who loves his cricket: Callum Ferguson looks to have all the goods but what a disappointment he has been. Averages in the 30s with half his games played on Adelaide Oval, the best batting wicket in the world. No consistancy in his batting, lovely technique but keeps getting out... Can not see him playing many tests for Australia...hope I'm wrong..
  12. Siddle couldn't bowl me....bring on Cummins, Pattison & Starc Then watch the South Africans jump around....but the old school tie boys will be in the 1st Test...nothing surer..
  13. theadder


    Casey Analyst Forecasts Explosive Biotech Growth http://jutiagroup.com/20121011-casey-analy...biotech-growth/ It’ll start with a trickle, more than a flood. But make no mistake: RNAi, or temporary gene silencing through interference with the messenger RNA that signal cell behavior, looks to be one of the most important genetic treatment methodologies yet conceived. Genetics are at the root of just about every major chronic diseaseâ€â€ÂÂÂÂheart disease, cancer, diabetes. Gene silencing has serious promise with regard to controlling the root causes and predispositions for some of these maladies, instead of waging continuous battles against symptoms, as we do today.
  14. theadder


    RIP Arvet All the best Blue
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