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  1. Europe’s flood-warning system is also to blame In addition to climate change, experts have also pointed to communication failures in the European Flood Awareness System. The German weather service issued warnings for the event on Monday, three days before it actually happened. The hydrological services in Germany also issued a warning. Given the number of warnings in place, experts have said that the problem is not as much forecasting as communicating the severe impacts of flooding events to the greater population. “The issue is not that there wasn’t a warning in place. There was. We’ve got really good forecasting models now. So, both these events, and also the floods that we saw in New York and London earlier in the week, there were flood warnings in place for those. We knew that heavy rainfall was coming,” Linda Speight, a flood forecasting specialist at the University of Reading in England, told me. “Over 100 people should not have died in a flood in Germany. That shouldn’t happen in Western Europe in 2021,” she said. Speight, who works at the nexus of hydrology and meteorology to understand how the weather will cause flooding, thinks the high loss of life could be because people did not understand the seriousness of the warnings. “If you issue a weather warning which says there’s going to be 200 millimeters of rain tomorrow, that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean a lot to me — and that’s my area of specialism, so I doubt it means very much to the general public,” Speight said. “We need to change how we communicate warnings. For example, instead of saying, ‘There will be 200 millimeters of rain,’ we need to say, ‘There will be rapidly rising water levels, damage to properties, a risk to life.’” And as extreme weather events like these become more and more common, learning how to communicate the danger effectively will be even more critical. “Across the world, we need to get better prepared for these kinds of events,” Speight said. “Everybody can learn lessons from the flood in Germany and see how they can apply them to improve to be more prepared in their own countries.” But while early-warning systems can help reduce the loss of life, the ultimate answer is for humans to stop emitting carbon dioxide and other planet-warming greenhouse gases. “The climate is warming, and it will keep on warming as long as we emit CO2. Last time I checked, we’re still emitting huge amounts of CO2,” Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, a visiting professor at Oxford University who studies the impact of climate change on extreme weather events, said.
  2. E.B. Spot on, but do not worry Sco-mo is giving anybody even the rich 500 dollars to keep the voters happy for the stuff-up on the gold standard, and the Victorians are not happy...... Tom.
  3. Hang in there Mick all ways enjoy your share updates buys a new sells info and comments maybe just keep it shorter and sweeter so the website can handle ?. Cheers Tom.
  4. RBA unable to raise rates until the promised 3 years time frame got to keep the economy and housing market hot..........only way out of coved resession? Tom.
  5. E.B. Thanks for your updates, your understanding of the markets is much appreciated for what the possible future direction holds. Cheers Tom.
  6. Retirees can afford to pay for aged care. Workers can’t ] It would be odd if grandparents left tax-free inheritances to their adult children while their grandchildren pick up the extra aged care tax bill while struggling to pay for homes and to raise families. Before contemplating tax rises of tens of billions of dollars to deliver better aged care, Australians must talk honestly about the fact that many retirees have the wealth to pay more for care in their twilight years. The $3 trillion (and rapidly rising) in superannuation savings and trillions of dollars more in home equity must be deployed under a shift towards a user-pay aged care system, while improving the public safety net for the truly less-well off. It would be odd if grandparents in their 80-90s bequeathed generous tax-free inheritances to adult children in their 50-60s, while grandchildren in their 20-30s picked up the extra aged care tax bill while struggling to pay for homes and to raise families. Most retirees die with most of their wealth intact, do not run down their superannuation or tap equity in their home, and leave large bequests to children who happen to win through the lucky life lottery, the government’s retirement income review shows. Whacking another hypothecated tax on working-age people who are already battling to pay for mortgages and raise children, without reforming the unsustainable tax and aged care systems, would be lazy policy and fail to fix the underlying problems. Higher income taxes would place an even larger burden on younger and future generations who are already lumbered with a projected $1.7 trillion federal government debt following the COVID-19 recession. Super for over 60s is tax free Moreover, there are existing gross intergenerational inequities in the tax and welfare system. People aged over 60 pay zero tax for the rest of their lives on superannuation thanks to extremely generous concessions introduced by John Howard and Peter Costello (chairman of Nine, owner of The Australian Financial Review). In contrast, working-age people are often stung by the tax office for between a quarter and almost half of their income. This is not sustainable, particularly as life expectancy rises and the cost of medical care grows. There will be fewer working-age people supporting more retirees, Treasury’s 2015 Intergenerational Report shows. In 1975, there were 7.3 people aged between 15 and 64 for every Australian aged 65 and over. In 2015, that working-age-to-retirement ratio had fallen to about 4.5, and by 2055 it is projected to further fall to 2.7. Moreover, there is a sizeable share of retirees who live in multimillion-dollar homes and who enjoy healthy superannuation balances. The role for government is to help retirees tap into their superannuation and home equity. Many retirees are asset rich but cash poor An obvious reform is to broaden the government’s Pension Loan Scheme to allow home-owner retirees to release some of their equity to pay for the aged care Daily Access Payment (DAP) or Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). Contrary to scare campaigns, this would not involve prematurely booting the elderly out of their homes or leaving zero inheritance for their children. Good idea guys?
  7. tombeet


    I think Trump wants to go out so it looks like he is trying to help out all those poor people that voted for him with the $2000 dollar checks? Does he care about all the other Presidential stuff No.
  8. tombeet


    Trump you are a absolute master Do not waste your time voting the system is rigged Covid is just like the flu nobody dies. God bless America the land of the free. Tom.
  9. Mags The price of fuel in W.A. has been cycling like this every week for years its slowly getting to be a larger swing to probably increase profits margins. What can be done about it nothing it seems? I do agree with your bigger picture though. Tom.
  10. American market is not happy and wants a second stimulus plan to happen now, its probably going to keep falling until it gets one? Tom.
  11. It will be a great shame if Australia follows the American path with race riots and people not wearing masks in protests.We are controlling the covid-19 problem so much better than America lets be like N.Z and show the world how to live with the virus under control and with humanity for our fellow people. Tom.
  12. What a shame entertainment is more important than peoples lives? Tom.
  13. I think you are forgetting one thing Mick the people are backing the closed borders, that's why Sco-mo is unable to do anything about it the people have spoken. Tom.
  14. When a election is linked to the stock market performance you are always going to get a uneven playing field. cheers Tom.
  15. Is the system in America is rigged? Strange how when Roundup becomes a Bayer product court cases find a problem with the chemical? Monsanto has been hiding the facts for years. Tom.
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