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  1. In reply to: Marsupial on Monday 19/05/08 03:42pm Nothing wrong with a bit of a marketing exercise - many, including myself, have been very disappointed with ME's efforts to keep the public in the loop. Perhaps he's turned over a new leaf?
  2. "Fooled by Randomness" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb because it'll change the way you look at markets and life in general.
  3. Any idea who will be filling the (ahem) cavernous space left by Grigor? Mars, you want a gig? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
  4. I wonder where AED is going to find funding for their remedial work?
  5. In reply to: King Baz on Tuesday 19/02/08 04:28pm If what you say is true KB (and I'd be surprised if there wasn't a little truth in it). The question is how to trade it - if you're long or if you don't have a position. Surely if you're long and what you're saying is true, the worse thing you could do is sell into it? And the other thing - why would Hunt be in kahoots with Evolution?
  6. I said this over at another site, but it's worth repeating here I think. One way or another the AED issue will be resolved on or before Feb 29 - the ASX deadline for lodging half year accounts. If they don't resolve it before then, based on what's publically available to date, there's a good chance the auditors could qualify on their belief that AED may be insolvent.
  7. In reply to: Mark M on Wednesday 06/02/08 06:22pm Yogi also posts under the name "Trader Paul" at ASF.
  8. FAR increasing their stake in something??? I guess there's a first time for everything. On the face of it, it could generate quite handy cash flow for FAR.
  9. The chance of success varies depending on how well the geology is known, whether its onshore or offshore, the nature of the geology and the type of drill (plus lots of other factors). Victor Rudenno's Mining Valuation Handbook (an excellent book if you don't have it) has a table showing the probability of success for different types of wells around Australia. From memory, he gives the probability of success for any single well to be 8-60%.
  10. The other impact to consider that a lot of these bonds are ultimately held by Superannuation funds and insurance companies and the like that as part of their Investment Mandate (and in the case of Insurers thier MCR) have limits as to the quality of bonds they hold.
  11. FARites should get ahold of Thursday's Sky News Business Report (I think they podcast it). In it they interviewed Petsec's MD Terry Fern who talks quite a bit about Beibu and explains the path to an investment decision for the project. They've just about gotten reserves approval from the Chinese authorities and they expect to lodge a development plan in about a month. From there it'll be a month or so an investment decision. Also, note that there was a new Hartley's report put out following FAR's Senegal release. As usual, it's available on the research section of their website. (http://www.far.com.au/files/research/Hartleys%20research_25%20Jan_Senegal.pdf) Here's a small highlight: QUOTE FAR’s main targeted play in offshore Senegal was originally Santonian age fans. Three of these structures have subsequently been identified by the recent 3D seismic with potential closures in the order of 30km2. Each of these fans is prognosed to contain up to 750mmbbls of oil in-place. In addition to this, adifferent play, known as a buried hill, has been indicated by the seismic. The prospect in this play dwarfs the potential in the fans originally targeted with an estimated structural closure of 178km2. This is a step change in expectations for the potential of the acreage from over a billion barrels of oil in-place to over a billion barrels of oil recoverable. Nice big corner booth for FAR at NAPE. Right by a lounge ... could ME be doing something right for a change?
  12. There's no way we'll get a speeding ticket after releasing that kind of price sensitive announcement - especially considering FAR has spent much of the past year at 14-15c. Speeding tickets are only for situations where the ASX does not believe the company is following the continuous disclosure obligations of the listing rules.
  13. In reply to: badahur on Thursday 24/01/08 11:40am The spec end of the market will take some time to come back irrespective of the performance of the wider market. All the business can do in the mean time is to continue their plan. NAPE should be interesting and could generate a lot of near-term drilling. Don't forget that while many of FAR's prospects will be up for offer, I'm sure they'll be looking around for things to farm in to themselves.
  14. In reply to: salts on Sunday 20/01/08 07:32am It's very hard to go past Amibroker for features, support, the ability to customise it and price. It does have a slightly sharper learning curve than MS, but at a basic level its interface should feel pretty familiar.
  15. In this game everyone has a vested interest in the outcome - whether you're 'in' and hoping for it to go up or 'out' and hoping to get in cheaper or you lost on it previously (actual or opportunity cost). So please lets not get personal. Grant, Mars and KB have contributed a lot to this thread over the years and all have the right to be frustrated over FAR's performance to date. Lets keep it constructive - everyone holds for their own reasons and we should each respect that.
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