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    Metastock I like(d)....haven't used it for awhile.You need the software first (not sure what they charge these days...maybe you can tell me in your reply)But then you need daily data for the charting software (Metastock) which can be purchased from vaious companies.I used to use Paritech.
  2. Theoretical ex-rights was 2.54...how did someone arrive at that number? thanks Mercury
  3. mercury


    LOOKING FOR THE BEST ONLINE TRADING FEES. THEY USED TO BE better...but over past couple of years I have seen remarkable changes. Maybe because there isn't so much competition anymore??? comsec wants .12% for trades over 25000$. Now why would a trade of $90,000 cost $108 brokerage (@.12%) when the computer work is the same for 10,000 as 100,000$? who has a better broker out there? thanks Mercury
  4. mercury


    Hello Frodo, I was looking at posts and saw SIE and thought I would see what people were saying...Saw your post and thought I would write something. Years ago I saw a takeover offer for SEI. Almost all the shares were transferred over to a Polish company, and those holding could sell out at the takeover offer, or switch to the Polish Company...which I did. The shenanigans that occurred there were quite astonishing....with wild manipulation to entice Europeans to buy the stock.....Australians who kept their shares, and there weren't many, were no longer informed of announcements , and it was only thru contact with a Polish broker that I found out what was going on... I no longer trust anything that SIE are involved with. If , and I say ""IF"" I were to buy this company's stock it would be purely on a charting basis which told me that something was afoot. But there will never be a lot of shares to buy....there just aren't many holders left I would guess. However, things may have changed...but I can't see how. Control is in Poland. (As I recall the Israeli, who was the major shareholder, and was involved in the Diabetes formula....did not sell his shares when PolishControl occurred, and it was my belief that he was staying in as part of the manipulation....And so I stayed in too. It was the biggest win I have ever had...but I wouldn't trust those directors at all..not at all...Just my thoughts )
  5. mercury


    Have been watching QUR from time to time. Seems to me that there is a chance that some very good news is in the pipeline...or they will have trouble raising the funds at this low price. Wait and see. A lot of tech companies doing OK these days.
  6. Glad to be NOT in this one. Will the banks pull the pin? something has to give...and it seems like it is giving now. Falling into a hole. What chances does the company have of surviving....any bankers out there with a thought?
  8. that 20% will be from PV and affiliates......can't see anyone in their right mind investing now with nickel prices as they are....and grades as found so far.
  9. MGX is holding its own....EB don't know why you would put MGX in the same bag as AGO. Can you illucidate a bit? thanks
  10. so if China were to devalue, as they seem to be doing already, it is for the purpose of selling more of their goods to other countries. This is turn makes manufacturing in Australia and America and other countries less competitive with China. does this mean that our money will move further down , or only that it is harder to compete with the YUAN.? Should Australia be worried?
  11. mercury


    Low volume trading (and only a couple days before Xmas at that).....but the SP has made a move that would NORMALLY be of interest...but the low volume is a concern. Having had two recent CR's it is not likely to have another soon (if ever) but the desire to taek profit and even free carry for some, may be high enough to subdue the SP . There will be a lot of persons who will score big as this company moves forward. the promise of quick production, (and the phantom of James Bay beckoning)...may be enough to propel this stock to higher levels in quicksmart time. Having looked at the SP and its breakout, one would have to think that people are in no hurry to sell........it isn't like there is a iceberg of sellers ..... GXY has a lower price target....yet it has more irons in the fire (at present) than GMM. The possibility that its brine production could move ahead sooner than later is something that will have lithium price watchers considering. Should any news come out about early production or a buyer for future production, and I would expect that the 16 ct target price might be right fairly quickly...and perhaps even beyond. The number of shares out there does not make that easy....yet considering the volume traded recently, and some investors names bandied about, it could be a tug of war between those who have great expectations and those who think GXY has risen too far too fast. The men behind GMM are certainly confident in their company.....and their recent CR was just enough and no more to get their production rolling. They don't want to dilute their holdings any more than necessary...as they have their sights set on the future , rather than just their director and management pay cheques.... Welll. that is my opinion....
  12. mercury


    They did mention another CR...question is....will they manipulate it to run up so as to get a better price....or just raise at 5cts? (or something like that)
  13. mercury


    thanks for that Arty. Anyone out there using a margin loan account ...???...and what are their thoughts about their provider.? At present I use Leveraged equities but never get myself into strife as a result of using the margin loan to excess. As a result the company (leveraged equities) has decided that their income is not enough from me. Instead of a 20000$ loan or more over a year, they seldom get much interest from me. As such, they have decided to get monies from me by charging a $5 fee for each transaction I make unless I take out and keep a minimum balance of 20000$ in margin loans. does anyone out there use a margin loan account that does not have such fees (at present)? I note that Macquarrie charges a200$ fee if a margin loan is paid out within 4 months of starting. I often pay out my loans...ASAP....as I trade quite regularly and the loans frequently are paid back on those stocks which are allowed margin lending. Any input, as I decide what direction to go (or to stay ) would be appreciated. Mercury
  14. mercury


    Triage suggested that persons can be caught out by a collapse of a broker such as BBY. just the stocks bought and sold during the T+3 window are at risk...is that correct?
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