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  1. Many thanks for that link pepee. 13 tons sounds like a very impressive quantity of incredibly valuable material. I just wish Vagif would share some of the incredibly interesting information with us. Then again it is probably far more valuable that his precious resources are used to advance the companies activities. R/Di
  2. G'day Blacksheep, You are a diligent fellow ... I've basically given up posting. Too much nonsense and time wasting, but I appreciate your efforts. GOR continues to fulfill its promise. I'm hoping it will turn out to be another NST. R/Di
  3. diana


    As you say pannobhaso, with funding now available and a clear path to commercialization, it looks like BLT is finally reaching a smidgen of it's potential. It's been a long road … the beginning of a successful future perhaps. R/Di
  4. Thank you for posting info here. I have CLQ on my watch list, but not holding for now. Hope this company can pull off a successful outcome on the mining front. Serious cash required. I note over the years the significant increases in costs. It was rare to see DFS figures in the billions in days gone bye, but now it's common enough … hard for the average bear to wrap their heads around those numbers. I'm an "average bear" by the way … R/Di
  5. Much appreciated Visionary. Good stuff. R/Di
  6. diana


    I sold PVA at somewhere around $5 a long time ago, but note that PVA is often listed on my trading platform as being one of the most undervalued stocks on the ASX. So maybe this is a buying opportunity. R/Di
  7. diana


    Thank you for your posts blacksheep. Good stuff. R/Di
  8. Hi Livas1, Maiden and all, Still here. Thank you for the Prenolica website info Livas1. Just been having a browse and a brief review of the personnel involved with Prenolica is indeed impressive. It's hard to imagine that these folks, with all the professional brainpower and extensive intellectual horse power, would have any association with anything that was insignificant. I am encouraged to "keep the unwavering faith" for an eventual meaningful outcome. Just hope I live long enough. So I suppose the best thing to do is "keep taking the tablets". R/Di
  9. Gee whizz ... and to think I used to own that too. Never mind, it's been a long time between drinks! Now own MMJ and AC8. So we shall see what happens. R/Di
  10. So no one wants to comment, including the person(s) who requested the listing. Very strange! Perhaps folks are ethically constrained. There has certainly been some action over the last few days. R/Di
  11. Well done Visionary. Many thanks annedi. R/Di
  12. WOW! That is a great find pepee. Thanks for sharing. R/Di
  13. diana


    For once in my life, I got a decent run! R/Di
  14. Thank you Ray. Much appreciated. R/Di Thanks button doesn't work for me either.
  15. diana


    Hard to believe that LINC is on the brink! So much promise early on and Peter Bond was looking invincible ... it's almost like having a favourite uncle overwhelmed by the "demon drink". Such promise in everything he was doing has turned into a nightmare. I left LNC, with some reluctance, when the move to Singapore was first mooted. Mostly because I prefer to focus on one market, since I am just a dabbler. Very sad. R/Di
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