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  1. Merry Christmas! What's happening? Very hard to make out the details ... or am I getting too old? Seems that they restructured, refinanced, bought out MEI, and did a deal on Triaxial, presumably as Triaxial think Kelly and co can do something with CS-6 where they can't. Is that about it? I guess if CS-6 is any good it'll spike through S1, S2 and then who knows. Still remember the AGM when NV07a was Kelly's hole in one guaranteed sure fire shot. Regards
  2. SPHRY up a little in the US ... once they get wind of this stock I expect things to change a little ... watch out for US biotech newsletter or investment site reviews. Regards
  3. Chart Mid March 09 to Mid July 11 saw a big up cycle in three legs. The down leg to Thursday/Friday retraced exactly 50% to 92c. Things are starting to look pretty good for a positive setup on the stochastics ... need another 2-4 good days to prove it. If you look to count Elliot Waves its possible that was wave 1 to 4 with big five up to follow over 10 months or so. Next Fibonacci levels are 74c down and 1.09 up ... guess the overall market is the big unknown right now. If this chart pattern consolidates and proves correct and repeats itself - few if's there - the ultimate target late 2012 is around $3.32. In the short term there are gaps up at 1.14, 1.33 and 1.45. Looks like all the downward gaps are now filled ... we've just touched the bottom Bollinger Band and the top is now around $1.30 with the 150 SMA near there too ... so if the next few days works out OK ... that gap at $1.33 on the Bollinger Bands looks a good enough target to me. It'll need SPL news and a whole lot of printers ink in Europe. Regards
  4. nope - included in the asx300 is all - will consolidate lower now.
  5. G'day Dave Thanks for the update - I can't imagine the difficulties you will be faced with let alone the people having lost loved ones. Nice to know people are thinking of you all over the world though. You know where you can find me if your family need a break up here - got plenty of room. Felt like loading the loader on the ferry and coming down like those farmers on the news tonight ... seems sureal that Chch is trashed and so much devastation - such a lovely city. Guess this is what happened to Napier a while back and they took a stance to rebuild and look at it now. Neighbours wife had an idea today - re-introduce the stocks for looters! Now that's a great thought eh? All the best.
  6. Hi Strik We're not near the earthquake but GoFish is right in the middle of it - hoping to hear from him in due course - but highly likely they're without power at least. Nice thought - Regards
  7. Hey Strik .. yeah was thinking of you and IAMSAM as the .1%. I went blind long on VGN/SHL and took my medicine on the trial news fiasco. Been trading heaps since and almost back to square one, but not quite. Basically been trading junior Oz oilers and a few others, Uraniums, Alternate Energies etc. Suspect energy stocks are a nice sector to trade as Peak Oil really sets in. Will look up the New York Bank ADR's list and see if there are any I'm interested in that are listed on the US markets and will post on Yahoo if so. Regards (By the way SPHRY (another biotech) is doing well and probably worth a little effort).
  8. Fastbuck Let's say this is a jack-up to keep the sp above $1 for ten trading days. I expect it's easy for a broker when there's no real news or fundamental based interest in the stock. They don't have to spend millions to do it. They simply turn the computers on which bid it up a bit, then short against their long holding in another account. The renewed volume brings in some "new suckers" who innadvertently help the long side while all along the short position is increasing for the broker. At the end of the day - it's likely that when the music stops, the long side position cost less to establish than the short side opportunity. When everyone heads for their seats ... the newbies hold the baby and the brokers make money - who knows - they may even be working to commission or to quit some long positions. Not suggesting this is the case in this situation, but don't discount it - we all know that the US is 99.9% corrupt - NVGN Five days over $1, five to go. Regards
  9. As required under NASDAQ’s Listing Rules, the Company’s common stock was required to maintain a closing bid price of $1.00 or more per share for at least ten consecutive trading days. Three and counting. Regards
  10. No leak ... panic selling ... turns in.
  11. 7 to 800k dumped in the last few minutes today. What has leaked to create this?
  12. 3m share crossing - IMO - tax fiddle between holding companies.
  13. andy20020


    BOT active yesterday Regards
  14. Marshall Edwards has also identified a next-generation compound named NV-344 that appears to be significantly more active than NV-128 in pre-clinical studies. The Company plans to conduct the necessary non-clinical studies to initiate clinical trials of NV-344 in 2011. Wish I could take a long position on the life expectancy of lab mice!
  15. Peter Scutts on the board ... turning the Sydney lab into a backpackers hostel perhaps? http://www.rockhousehotel.com/escape.php I jest. Signs of corporate dealings. So how does JTA retain his shareholder value while selling the science to MSHL? Regards
  16. Three new directors including Austin. Two others are finance related. So there's a holding company in place for MSHL with two nobodies running it and a whole bunch of IP. And now Austin is taking a hands on interest in Novogen together with his man Rueckert and now a couple newbees. Austin is now in charge ... expect Johnston to "step down" at the AGM? Good to see Austin is staying the course ... will watch for buying opportunities mid next quarter. Regards
  17. Worth considering http://www.medpagetoday.com/clinical-context/HIVAIDS/22277 and These findings are significant for Starpharma, given that the active ingredient in PRO2000 gel is in many respects similar to that of VivaGel®. http://www.azonano.com/news.asp?newsID=9865
  18. Expectation of S2 BV VG trial news perhaps? Whatever - the chart I'm seeing is starting to look like it'll ring a bell or two next couple of days if the general market is OK in the US - so let's see what happens - volume signal today will trip off a few radars. Regards
  19. G'day MK - Either way the charts looking bullish - gap at about 64 to backfill, be nice to think the recent top at 78 is looked at then a handle made. Or she just smokes through to $1. Looking great. Regards
  20. Therefore any positive outcome for the S2 BV Vivagel study "may" ??? give more impetus for the company to approach the NIH to progress large scale trials? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  21. And 250k options are now exercised at 28.81c while the price is under control. Real money from management! Now the share price starts to lift a little. And ... Why would it matter, really.. honestly.. employee share rights or not.. seriously, management is going to not progress the company with announcements of progress bc they haven't issued incentives? Is that really how companies are run? But management are human and why should they work for the capital benefit of their shareholders alone? Eh? Management would probably know which major owner is fiddling with their holdings, and when they're finished fiddling. So we're likely to have results in Oct. Buy the rumour, sell the news? Regards (Watch for ADR's registered shortly?)
  22. Hmmmm ... the big seller ... transferrer ??? is not around today - first time for ages - perhaps things can resume to some form of sp normality now? Regards
  23. Feb 10 2009 "currently in Phase 2a human trials" March 19 2009 "full trial results .... within approximately 2 months" Now we get sub-group trials. Aug 16 Starpharma Commences Phase 2 Bacterial Vaginosis Study of VivaGel®
  24. Employee Performance rights issued - the news can now flow and the sp rise.
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