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  1. In reply to: tastarga on Thursday 07/10/04 07:38pm So is the deposit directly below a town or not? SO if it is AIM is screwed right?
  2. so is AIM going to get its mines in South Africa to get the platinum built any time in the next 5-10yrs? without too much dilution? WIll AIM be the next Aquarium platinum, zimplats etc???
  3. crassus


    could KIM get EPS of 26c/share in 2006 like westpac broking is showing? is it realistically possible?
  4. The head of infinity Brokerage services in the USA reckens gold will be US$475 by end of 2004. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif it was from an article on kitco.com from yesterday i think.
  5. crassus


    this will be below 10c soon.
  6. well basically the worst IN THE SHORT TERM has happened, gold is down US$7 to 414.50 and copper held better down to 1.465 from 1.49. Will see OXR drop 1 or 2c today. If it holds 91c it will be a miracle.
  7. OXR closed up nicely today up 1c at 91c in heavy volume, but COMMODITY prices look like they are in for a slight retrace (lets hope it sonly slight) COPPER is down 2.3% from high of 1.49 to be at 1.455 GOLD is below the important support of 420 to be 418 now. LETS hope for OXR's sake both metals hold and not fall ALOT further tonight, if they do OXR might be down a cent or 2 tommorrow. And the resistance at 91-92c might take hold and we will see OXR down to around 85c levels again. Cos last time in JULY 2004 it was around 91c and it couldnt break through, lets hope it can now.
  8. why did i sell this one for 1.42? im such an idiot, sometimes.
  9. on HC people are saying there will be a Takover Over offer this week of 10c.
  10. In reply to: gazebo on Tuesday 12/10/04 11:08am s u sold some at 90c? why, do u think it could drop again to mid 80's?
  11. the U is gone now, so maybe he was the one who bought 2.7million at 90c?
  12. so really any crash in the market and this is back to 20c right? as it wont be in the black for at least 4yrs.
  13. i realise all the hard work etc.. but i thought PXS would at least be making profits by end of 2005, CFO blew that beliew right out of the water, what he eludes to is PXS making money from Aridol and using it to start the other products (OH I SEE SO MAYBE NO MORE PLACEMENTS? DIDNT THINK OF THAT) But when will PXS be profitable as a company, he didnt tell me that , is it gonna be 2007 or 2008 or 2009+ now?
  14. oh well at least its held 90c today on descent volume of 9million. gold is down slightly to 420.90 and copper is back to 1.475
  15. This is a reply i recently got from the CFO, does not seem good in short term, especially the answer about profits. Good afternoon, Our first product Aridol completed its final clinical trial on 31st July this year and we expect the results of this trial to be available in the second half of this month. The next step for Aridol is filing for marketing approval which is scheduled to take place for Australia and Europe before the end of this year. Depending how long the regulatory authorities takes to review and approve Aridol, we expect to have our first sales in the second half of 2005. This will not make us profitable as we have an ongoing new product pipeline that requires funding Regards David David McGarvey Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary Pharmaxis Ltd david.mcgarvey@pharmaxis.com.au www.pharmaxis.com.au T: +61 2 9451 5203 F: +61 2 9451 3622 M:+61 438 880 106
  16. U buyer at 85c any chance of it falling to 85c?
  17. looks like its peaked at around 91c sellers building.
  18. In reply to: insomniac on Monday 11/10/04 11:57am maybe u havent had enough sleep http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif it was down 1.5c b4. ok than like a pebble.
  19. In reply to: amokk20us on Monday 11/10/04 11:30am maybe it was goblin from H/C? http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif
  20. cce dropping like a rock. whats up?
  21. last time oxr hit around 91c in july 2004 it dropped back to 76c, would this happen again this time?
  22. up 3c to 91c and volume already over 3million after only 30min trading, lots of 500,000 buyers at 90c and 91c.
  23. In reply to: tastarga on Sunday 10/10/04 06:57pm thats what im curious about, can anyone explain how these resource upgrades work? they come out every 3mths right? ive always wanted to ask this. Now how small-big can a resource upgrade be? could they say increase SEPON gold by say anywhere from 20,000 to 200,000oz? or could they increase it by more? or is it always a secret to shareholders how big a resource upgrade will be? Also could OXR announce a resource upgrade ever OUT OF THE BLUE? thanks anyone.
  24. I think we can fairly confidently say OXR will close at 89 or 90c on monday as spot GOLD is up to $422 from $417 on friday and COPPER is up to 1.48 from 1.445 on friday. One more thing, if we also get a good announcement on monday, say a resource upgrade or directors interest change (bought), oxr might go up more than 2c, do we all remember the day when OXR went up 8c in one day from i think 85 to 93c,lol. Imaine if it does that on monday http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif Have a great weekend all i know i will. I think my $5000 bet on little johnny at 1.50 is looking good. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/hypocrite.gif
  25. In reply to: BSA on Friday 08/10/04 09:58am BSA its closed at 88c, which u said would definately confirm a double bottom at 76c, so does this mean OXR dont be back to low 80's? could it still fall to mid 80's? or are we on a roll towards $1??
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