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  1. Not forgotten .................................... Ropren trial Who's game to average down.....
  2. cant make this one....sorry
  3. Thanks....of course SLA is only a supplier to this company
  4. This pricked my interest........it's not just the government pension/super liabilities that are becoming an issue. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-28/n...-tsunami-coming Reinforces Kahuna1 concerns I think?
  5. Unilever international registration ? If you mean registration that would allow Unilever to use SLA products.. I believe yes
  6. My take: Vagif,Alexander,Ian,Darren and SLA's patent specialist all spoke.....well .... Essentially the strategy is to 1. make a profit (2016/7) by providing raw product ( CGNC mostly) to suppliers who will value add. ( I counted 8+ “partnersâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ) ….giving shareholders some confidence 2. remarket SLA finished products in various locations ,using various methods. then 3. focus on pharma level claims for Ropren ( and others Bios) . Darren, publically, was confident of the products but was frustrated by the inconsistent research ( not the results) that made it hard to present a case for the products at registration level Ian will become Chair when the company is cash flow positive Presentation on Patents was very positive and professional There has been massive dilution ,to be fair to SLA they seem to have done a lot with that $19 mill… both tiding it up and adding value,…..the company is viable now…..…but that comes with the biotech industry any way. An IPO is on the way,this will create further dilution.
  7. oops..... deleting a link that had already been already posted.....
  8. Agreed ..plus Vagif has loaned the company 6million without interest,payable when the company has adequate funds to return it
  9. If I'm ready it correctly there has been 650 million shares "offered" for 3 cents raising around $19.5 million over the past 3yrs.???? Values the company at around $30 million with a billion shares on issue at 3 cents. At least they are having another go..sales are up..production increasing..and I've missed Vagif's confident rhetoric!! Ian Nisbet and Darren Schliebs appear to be competent players in the biotech game that haven't found reason to runaway from Sla are being on the inside for awhile now
  10. Antiviral Activity of a Nanoemulsion of Polyprenols from Ginkgo Leaves against Influenza A H3N2 and Hepatitis B Link
  11. Protective effect of polyprenols against acute liver injury http://mjpub.org/uploads/soft/201503/2_19132811.pdf At least China is interested.... P.S. has anyone else checked out BPO lately...its morphed into Medibo...I think MEB might be on to something
  12. SIBEKS isn't SIBEX? Lots of companies including SLA'a Solagift are plaintiffs against SIBEKS. Happy to be corrected but SIBEKS appears to be a logistics/freight company unrelated to SLA
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