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  1. Newsletter out https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20200923/pdf/...xc2sfd6gh38.pdf
  2. The next 12 months should be fun. Quarterly reports showing 50-100% YOY revenue growth, combined with continued news of new indication possibilities. It's all up from here. Good times! I just increased my 20% holding reduction to a price target of $40. You may have no shares before.
  3. Australia’s Clinuvel expands R&D presence as it builds out pipeline for DNA repair https://www.bioworld.com/articles/497724-au...-for-dna-repair
  4. First Patient Dosed With Scenesse - DNA Repair Program https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20200915/pdf/...mxm8dvcnm8w.pdf
  5. We all don't really think the 30 approved US dermatology centers are just to treat EPP patients, right? I would imagine Clinuvel has a grand vision to treat various indications with Scenesse. Should be an interesting next 24 months - and hopefully quite profitable!
  6. Clinuvel added 2 more treatment centers in the US today. 19 total now. https://scenesse.com/public/epp-centers/
  7. Where did all the other posters go? I would think this would be big news?
  8. Clinuvel should see revenues grow at 50%+ over the next 2 years just from EPP. DNA speculation should add a nice share price premium as well. Happy times going forward.
  9. So you're telling me in 2-3 years Scenesse may be treating the world for cancer prevention and DNA repair? Would that be $10 billion or $100 billion in revenues? Okay, I'll wait a little longer for my 1000 bagger!
  10. CLINUVEL progresses innovative DNA Repair Program https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20200910/pdf/...ht7nhpcg0wz.pdf It's all starting!
  11. Here Brasca. Expecting the september newsletter next week. Oct release of 3rd qrt should show first signs of YOY 50-100% growth.
  12. Do you want to see 50-100% growth over the next 2 years? It's here!
  13. Clinuvel Webinar - 2020 Financial Results https://www.clinuvel.com/clinuvel-webinar-p...nancial-results Wolgen refers to the current share price as a "steep discount" to fair value. I agree PW, I agree! Note: Italy centers were off line for 3 months. Other centers for affected as well. Referring to sales being lower than normal because of the pandemic.
  14. Scenesse Increases Sunlight Tolerance in Adults With EPP, Real-world Data Show https://porphyrianews.com/2020/08/28/scenes...orld-data-show/
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