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  1. Who are Bank of New York holding stock on behalf of? A whole +40% of the register
  2. It looks like a big fail for you on ANP.
  3. Up huge in London on massive volume.
  4. Why do you think its retraced so much?
  5. Major holder has told me to buy up. But then what else would he say. Any views on this one. I cant find any independent broker analysis
  6. Scale back looks highly unlikely. I doubt they've raised 1 million thus far. However, expecting a substantial bump. Technicals and fundamentals aligning. Uber excited the drill assays 800m from the main pit. Wedge anyone? https://twitter.com/OneBigTrade/status/1410468534568640512
  7. I've been trading doing the opposite of what the candles are telling me. I sold near the close. Big day for me. Yesterday QPM closed on the low of the day on big volume. Looked like a sell. I bought the close . Nice bounce today.
  8. Have a geezer at the bids. Multiple $150k plus bids at the money and in the money.
  9. Bought a heap more on open. $1 a formality now. Wont be surprised if we see $1.50 next few sessions, Its cheap at $80 million market cap. Huge bids stepping up now. Could be BHP or OZL.
  10. There was cause for my optimism. Will subscribe for full entitlement but doubt will get it.
  11. Surprisingly its a cap raise. They already have 7 million cash. My guess is that its to someone significant. All is not lost.
  12. Definitely the last post Some help. https://twitter.com/Eagleresa/status/1397449696558215169
  13. One final post. This is shaping like BGL in 2017. Only better. DYOR.
  14. I'm highly encouraged by todays announcement, the market not so. The general market has got it wrong though. And its no surprise with all the newbie muppets trading it like its a casino. And dont get me started on the shitcoin traders. 300m of strike. 40cm below surface and more visible gold. Multiple targets, high grade hits. This will be trading much higher in the future. And it should be sooner rather than later.
  15. Exciting looking chart. Massive pennant. 25 drill hole assays due this week all with visible copper/alteration. I can see it making a new high with the right results.
  16. Not that announcement however. All sizzle, no pop. Fizzer
  17. Broker data looking good. Biggest net sellers 2 days prior to announcement were Commsec and CMC. Im sure it would look the same yesterday.
  18. I thought IMU was your baby. I got a spreadsheet of stocks with your name against IMU. Is there anything you hold?
  19. That's a shame. Nice run after a big 2.5c placement. Can't be much left in it you would think.
  20. Relentless buying .Looks brilliant. Wouldnt touch it up here though. Still here plastic?
  21. And I think you know better. It's down bc too many people had the same idea (sell the news). I sold the open after watching the tape and bought back in a little too high. Too many retail traders caught here now, so likely to head lower. I've got my stink bid in.
  22. It's obvious to me it's a vein.. Lots of people spruiking rubbish regarding the nugget effect.
  23. That didn't work out as planned
  24. I just bought more at 17.5c
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