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  1. Thanks anne. Nice analysis. I liked the stem cell angle, it really seems to be on the verge of serious growth atm. That wasn't the case 6 years ago when that article was written. Maybe that is why they has their breakout year last year? Will it be a flash in the pan though? I want to know whether they can back up that nice little profit last year and become a sustainble profitable business. The last qtrly was not that inspiring so I will wait another month for the next qtrly before I would buy some more. Ethics are fine with as I find the stockmarket as a whole pretty unethical --- Saw a story last week relevant to your MSB and this thread topic.... An English man with a badly broken leg faced amputation below the knee due to the severity of the breaks... As a last resort a stem cell paste was inserted in the break and the the bone was wired together... The bone fused nicely and he is expected to make a full recovery withing 18 months. Exciting stuff isn't it. Thanks again, biotechs are my bogey... if I had to make my living of the back of them I would have had to go and get a real job a long time ago.
  2. It doesn't really meet your sexy concept criteria in that its more a biotech bank, but biotechs that are profitable are a novelty on our exchange. CSL has done very well out of blood plasmas after all... It all comes down to whether they can back up last year's result I guess. But my experience with biotechs has been pretty poor to be honest, so not holding my breath. The last qtrly was a mixed bag, tax obligations hurt... so a lot riding on their next qtrly. The price action will no doubt tell us first anyway, looks like drifting back like I said. But their is no denying stem cells are going to be a "sexy" component of the biotech sector next few years. Just of topic... remember the hype around ABI some years ago? It was nanotechnology, very sexy at the time... well research released a few months ago revealed that nano-particles placed outside the cellular membrane were able to intefere with the RNA/DNA replication process.... ouch !! This was not expected and a major setback for the technology... implication is that possible side effect of using nano particles is prolific cancer formation. This is from memory so maybe bit foggy on the exact details but I think I that is the gist of it. Shows how challenging and risky the sector is I guess. Probably explains why most Peppermint Grove directors prefer punching holes into the ground.
  3. Seeing you took a few MSB, have a look at CBB anne. I hold a few (and only a few) at a price not to much below current price. I am not sure how I feel about their 10% entry into China Stem Cells, it was a big bite for what they are and I would have liked to see some sort of profitability forecast first, which they seem to be on the cusp of... and subsequent earnings growth expections. Perhaps they are wheeling and dealing towards critical mass ?!? Keen to buy a few more but need to see a little more from these guys first. If anyone is going to buy any stock, they are thin and patience on the bid probably a better strategy then chasing the ask imo, especially as she seems to be drifting down which may be indicative of a news vacuum for now? Interested in your thoughts anne if you have the time, you have a better feel for these kind of plays then me.
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    its funny how in times of sadness certain songs just jump into ones mind and stick there.
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  6. welcome back z. Yep, goldies good trading atm... apart from RED.. AAM, KRM and HIG (dash of Cu) I added to today... trading a bit in the middle too... enjoy...
  7. i) That I will never definitively know why energy exists and how it came about to do so, or for that matter, why there is no reason anything exists at all. ii) Bad drunks.
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    Gold was the first sector I traded when I started ~ 10yrs ago. I even remember the first gold stock I ever bought. DIO. Always have a soft spot for the goldies, hope they can show the other commodities what parabolic is all about. Its has been a golden week so far anyway.
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    You must be pleased now that the market is moving in your direction. Enjoy.
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    They got me too arty. I love it. Nice crisp right caught me right on the nose. CFU has always had a habit of pulling me back in line. :-)
  11. Over the last 10 years I have been confronted with this thread title a fair bit. I don't give much of an answer, what can you say anyway? I leave the labelling to others and just roll up the sleeves and get on with it. Gambling=Risk=Life ? I don't know, something like that. Share Trading is an excellent exercise in critical thinking and human psychology, if you like that kind of thing it really is a lot of fun. The best part is you can make good money doing it if you are prepared to work hard and take plenty of hits to head and body... Just don't use credit, that's about it. If you bust out when you are young you either walk away early lesson learnt or come back bit more shrewd next time. Both ways you have more time on your side then most of us here. Believe me, we would all trade plenty of our honkey nuts for more time to live. Watch and learn....
  12. Is letting your 16yo daughter sail around the world gambling ?!?
  13. Thanks wolv, it is probably the biggest fish I have caught. Everything you said is true, I was very aware of the people behind SFR and their knowledge of "the game". what set my radar off was the way they punched down those vertical holes all around that one angled hole, bit odd for a greenfield exploration grid. The clues were in the update on the 30th April... It was hard to buy though, it was very illiquid then, when I bought my first parcel the spread was ~40%... but she came off big time. I remember we made some good money on that dog FCN few years back, might be worth keeping an eye on her again... early days though.
  14. bought these at ~16c as per my HC posts at the time (neutron=kurious). all out now though. nice run.
  15. A tale of two fisherman... Sam caressed his beaten up dingy into the pristine blue water, just a hop-step-jump from his cabin at the edge of the bay. His stomach full and warm with croissants and coffee. Not long now before he would be at his favourite fishing spot on the large lake. A sheltered bay, surrounded by proud tall Jarrah trees and lush undergrowth that crept right up to the waters edge. His favourite lure, prepared the night before, would soon be doing its thing, while Sam would wait patiently for that elusive big bream to wander by.... Pete couldn't see much, probably why he smashed his toe on the sharp rocks as he forced his new inflatable dingy against the wind into the choppy waters of the lakes edge. It would be light soon though, at least he would be able to grab a quick snack out of his esky to ease the hunger pains. His primary concern was not to damage the flash new sonar gear on the rocky bottom before he found some depth. As usual Pete had little idea where he was going to end up that morning, no doubt the big bream were holed up in some god forsaken corner of the lake. He had a fair idea which lures were going to be popular this morning, but you can never be sure... best to have them all ready. Which fishermen r u ?
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    I like the easy questions, they make me look like I know something about markets... Answer => You sell because your experience tells you that despite the rosy fundamentals and analysts BUY reco's... you just know that there is a corpse in the closet and it is starting to stink real bad. Of course when the beans are spilled it will be much too late to sell, you will have done your dough. Gee, I remember some of the clowns on this forum (and others) 12 - 15 months ago who thought they knew better then the market... Gold means little in a world on the cusp of civil unrest due to the threat of a collapsing financial system. It then becomes about muscle, guns, military might etc... Sure you have the gold... but I have the bigger gun and now your gold is mine... you couldn't accept that one could you flower... didn't fit into your fundamnetal analysis. Thank god it didn't come to that, full credit to our leaders for printing our way out of that scenario imo... Now we can all have our little bitch, warm and safe in our little homes.... Learn to trust the market over your own intellect and you will do well. Sure, read a Buffet book, read a Livermore book... then forget about them both and approach the market more realistically... imho....
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    How do you interp the ETFS GOLD (GOLD.ASX) weekly chart atm? Cheers.
  18. The market doesn't give a toss about what you and I find reasonable. Your stock entries/exits should not have much weighting from your tax obligations imo. If you are paying tax on your stocks it means you are making a profit. Well done.
  19. Present miss Jane. Used "the big dip" of 2008/09 to discover the blues and rekindle my love for the guitar... RIP Les...
  20. arty has said it all. Unfortunantly many fire at the same time... that is the way of the market... I have things set up in such a way that a watchlist that is blank at the start of the day fills during trading as the alerts fire... but it is still crazy sometimes... It doesn't worry me if I don't trade them all... financially not feasible anyway. But that doesn't mean I can't be alerted to all the movers and shakers, and the ones that fly that I passed on... no problems. It was seeing the flyers at night on the charts and not having the opportunity to play during the day that used to drive me nuts.... In as sense i have ~ 500 ASX listed stocks in my universe... I treat them all like they are mine, which ones I happen to hold at any given point in time is inconsequential really, they are all my babies... Remember all stocks have their own little dynamic personalities, an alert is more individualised... while a sweeping scan (though more complex in development) does not allow for a particular stocks quirky traits and mannerisms...
  21. Well I am nearly half your binary age and fond of pascal too. If you want to know how sad I am my fav language has always been assembly... something intimately hardcore about it.... FMS mexican stand off... will she, won't she.... Have a good weekend arty and keep up the good work.
  22. I had worked that out with you. I believe the next generation of market platforms will have in built, customizable scanners... doing just what you have coded yourself.... DDE ? That is what I used... VB language... real time scanners.... just spit out the stock that meets the criteria in the empty watchlist (Excell Cells?)... That is what I did anyway.... I couldn't manage 261 on webiress... to cumbersome... need a more advanced alerts system... a compromise between DDE interface and Web Iress alerts... I use pulse... I guess what I wanted to show is that an Alert System is not a small subset of a chart based trading system but a seperate system when it comes to intra-day trading... This will become more prevalent as trading platofrms evolve to a level of functionality as I have discussed above. imho.
  23. Hi arty, No. My alerts are linked to an ASX data feed. The code behind the alerts is oblivious to charts, just scans the feed for my criteria. I had a quick look.... I have 261 alerts atm.... that is the easy bit... the trick is knowing which alerts to fold on and which ones to trade one.... that is where the skill is.... For example.... I note one particular trader at HC who has an uncanny knack of posting a chart on a trade just minutes after I have entered. This is not co-incidence of course but a result of similar alert systems obviously.... yet I have yet to see much acknowledge on this crucial, crucial part of trading... Makes me smile sometimes, traders can be a sneaky bunch....
  24. Yeah it does triage, nice article. The environment that you create around your trading world is critical when it comes to slipping into an emotional range that works for you as a trader imo. As far as planning trades etc... yeah it is important for sure... but it is equally important to be dynamic and allow your greatest asset to give you your edge... I imagine these days most pro's have an alert system that is as critical to timing their charts as the charts themselves. Lots of time is allocated on forums to charts and related analysis... but the alert system rarely gets mentioned ?!? Yet it too is key... imo.
  25. Mood swings.... you touch on something arty that is perhaps more potent then all the other factors already mentioned.... Most people have the capacity to learn the tools necessary to trade successfully yet few can execute over a period of time and by default market cycles... Understanding the range and stimuli of fluctations in your own brain chemistry is perhaps the key.... all the talk of mindset, trading in the zone, gut feeling acknowledge this imo... So if you know your brain chemistry is not where you would like for a good day in the markets... walk away !! Gotta go...
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