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    Hi RCOers - nothing like a very low ball bid !?!??! Agree with regn and daz - opportunistic at the least - daylight robbery at the worst. With the Weeks income alone its worth .18 IMHO. Looking at my screen I can see Taylor standing in the market with the 42+M bid at .18 and possibly also at .185 - probably will have to raise the bid to something like fair value. R/Ross
  2. Hi PENners - almost a producer - authorization to begin recovery of Uranium - a couple of step away but the market likes it anyway - up 10%+ today. If the SP mirrors the potential increasing POU increasing value will follow. Still reckon could do a 10x+ but could be when they bring in stage three - at the current rate of development I don't think I'll make the party?!?!!??! ;-) R/Ross
  3. Hi Kiril - like your optimism but share price probably won't move significantly until PEN actually starts producing and selling. Nothing like a good account balance to encourage the share price. At this stage PEN is still speculative but all is going well so far. If there is a major movement it will be speculation not appreciation of the fundamentals and therefore will be like the recent ASX up and down and up and down?!?!?! ;-) R/Ross Dis: I have and my early PEN's can now go to Prep?!!??! ;-)
  4. Hi Varmi - hope all is going well for you. Why have gold when you can have ivory?!?!?! ;-) R/Ross
  5. Hi Donna - no new code just the effective date for consolidation. You can still trade PENN on a deferred basis. New Shares issued on 8 Oct and normal trading begins on the 9th. R/Ross (See the notice issued on 26 Aug)
  6. rosskend


    Hi RCOers - looks like High Peak wants to do a cheap take-over?!?!??!?! PT and the boys have generally done a good job and this call for a meeting is opportunistic. What HP going to bring that is not already there????? If they want RCO and the Weeks oil royalty why not bid for the company rather than trying to sneak in through the back door???? Definately a NO from me. R/Ross
  7. rosskend


    Hi Wolver - when OSH went below 6 I decided to get a few and pick up the dividend as well and have made a bit as the day progressed ?!?!? Are you still clipping the coupons on the options? Hope you didn't have any puts with the SP sliding. R/Rosskend
  8. Hi Kiril and other PENners - this one as been one for the patient but I feel the upside is huge - a US uranium producer with all those power plants to supply should be a good one once it starts running. I'm sure the traders will mess around with it but long turn I still maintain 10x at least. Yes Mercury I'm still confident and I did mean 10x although could be even more. Have been a holder for over 5 years and have accumulated over that time including the dip in Feb this year. Talked to Gus at a presentation +5 years ago and nothing has changed my opinion on PEN's prospects. The catalyst could come when they go to the second phase with expanded production. Winged one, no offense taken - like you I've been in the game too long, and know you from "the old days" ;-) Investing can be a marathon rather than a sprint - enjoy the "jog" as you stocks trend up! R/Ross
  9. Well said Kiril - this one has been for the patient. It hasn't been as "exciting" as some, but the pay off will be in 10's not X's or percentages. The "greenies" don't like it, but most electricity is produced by coal producing greenhouse gases, and despite the issues with nuclear, it doesn't produce GG's and is really the only thing that can replace base line electricity now produced by coal. Gas is less polluting but also produced GG's. Nice to see that Gus has kept it on schedule. R/Ross
  10. rosskend


    Looks like a good reason for a re-rating - could put AWE in the mid $2 if its as significant as they say! R/Ross
  11. rosskend


    Check the Stock Analysis article and you may get the answer - it starts with L?!?!?! ;-) http://www.antaresenergy.com/wp-content/up...-Gets-Weird.pdf Hope LS gets a big NO from shareholders. R/Ross
  12. rosskend


    Hi Fraz - the Lone Star bid is a bid without anything for the shareholder but control of the company for Lone Star. If they like AZZ, make a bid for it not this underhanded approach - similar thing happened with Buccaneer and now they are in administration after the "new board" found they couldn't handle the situation like the "old board". They claim expertise but their 5 point plan is a wish list. The co hasn't set the world on fire but their certainly better off than they were when they had a series of "dud" drills and had to get "new blood" or go broke. Cruickshank basically saved the company and has given it producing assets. Hope other holders see off this opportunistic board play. R/Ross
  13. Time to wake up ATPer's - after a long sleep this one is starting to arise - they've turned around the balance sheet and starting to look like doing what it did 7 years ago - its been a long cycle but they have survived while many of the competitors have gone bust. Pearls are a luxury item so the continued improvement in the economy should see them appreciate especially if they start paying dividends again. R/Ross
  14. Hi Nifty and other PENer's - I think we may be finally on our way - got some broker coverage the U price is in the right part of the cycle. Might even do .10 in the short term and if they get over .05 they may get some extra capital through the exercise of the C options. I think we may have been at the same briefing when Gus presented about 4 years ago Nifty. Hopefully it will be well worth the wait! R/Ross
  15. rosskend


    Hi LNCers - The shareholders approved the de-listing but the market has disapproved it?!?!? Though about doing what you suggest behrenspeed but in the end it was just too much hassle. Glad I sold and the SP as tanked since. Good luck to all who stayed - and best wishes for you SGX trading experience (filling out the all the forms etc.) I thought this one could do a 10X from .60 - good resources and great potential, but as pointed out - a lose for small Australian shareholders. R/Ross
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