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  1. Hi, Big K and others. An adviser for part of my funds wants me into a more defensive portfolio with currently 9%cash, 20% fixed interest, 8% property and the rest in actively managed global equities (I am currently in diverse equities and cash) My question is what do you guys think about bond performance over the next 12 months or so? Is bond income likely to be reasonable (say 5-6%) or is it liable to get adversely caught up in the current weird situation? Would be interested to hear some opinions please as my knowledge of fixed income returns is close to zero.
  2. looks like paralysis by analysis no mention of a production date - previously given as 4th quarter 2014 but must surely be steadily sliding backwards.
  3. Big K, Thank-you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Having withdrawn funds where is a safe place to put it? Bank bail-ins are a hot topic so they look like a poor way to go. Property could well go down if markets tank. What do you suggest for capital preservation? Kind Regards. JD
  4. so far thy have had good management, excellent exploration results, good margins and the future looks rosy with expanding resources and income. With that sort of result they command a premium price but they are well of their top at the moment. Also holding SLR which is bouncing off the bottom of their trend channel. Please DYOR as well.
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    DIL one of the best on the NZX last year. Still on a good trend and picked by Craigs for 2013.
  6. At these prices it would make a good take-over target for the Aussie assets alone.
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    There are a lot of good things about Saracen (I hold) but I think the downside people see is that margins are being squeezed by development costs and grade. Both of these factors will persist for a while yet. However if the price of gold should take-off as many hope then the margins will be restored and the share price pick-up again. They appear to have good plans and good tenements IMO. I recommend you have a look at their presentations accessible on their web-site or other websites.
  8. There may be some gaming going on by Indonesian parties. Permits have been very slow to arrive.
  9. Nice little upward volume bump on your chart too.
  10. The collars are definitely off the Northern end. Also results still to come from 'the copper-rich western lode'. Sounds good.
  11. EEG going off as fracking permits may be politically close to issue in the state where EEG has shale property.
  12. Plan A is sound and shared with AWE and JV firm Bharat Petroleum in India. Fraccing will be well down from the water table or any other problem area. I believe this has exhausted the appeal process and so must a lot of others because over 64,000,000 were traded a few days ago. They also have promising prospects in the south of England. 10c options are due in a few months so if they can get these over the line it may avoid a CR later. I think their share of the work-over may be payed by Bharat but not too sure about that. They are now working to get a rig date.
  13. This acid sniping reflects poorly on the writers and is tedious to others. Cheer up guys, a little more tolerance would be nice.
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    Alf Fields at the Gold Symposium had a target bottom of $1560 ish from memory before next wave up. Looks like it has hit . Hope it holds.
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    good announcement today on drill results -possible iocg situation looking promising
  16. Maybe it has something to do with a similar action happening in the states This from jsmineset website The following is information from Dr. Jim Decosta: Here is the URL: http://www.finra.org/Industry/Regulation/RuleFilings/2010/P121892?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FINRARuleFilings+(FINRA+Rule+Filings) Quote: There’s 3 new laws gaining attention in the NSS market reform arena: FINRA 4320 goes into effect on 2/28/11. It mandates 13 day buy-ins for open delivery failures FINALLY applying to shares of non-reporting corporations. FINRA 2010-043, also starting on 2/28/11 reinstates the “short sale exempt†(SSE) marking requirements for trade reporting and the OATS system. Those MMs accessing the bona fide MM exemption from executing pre-borrows or “locates†before admittedly naked short sales must now FORMALLY acknowledge the accessing of that universally-abused exemption. Being that these trades are theoretically being made to “inject liquidity†then the excuse to hide the related trade data from the public’s eyes goes out the window. You can’t have it both ways and claim the bona fide MM exemption and later claim that the related trade data needs to be kept secret because it might reveal a “proprietary trading strategyâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ. Truly bona fide MMs that are able to legally access that universally-abused exemption cover their naked short position on the next downtick after their short sale when buy side liquidity is in need of being ejected as share prices fall. The 3rd new rule which is in effect now states that the offers and bids that MMs post must be of approximately the same size. No longer can the offers be of 1 million shares and the offsetting bid good for the minimum 5,000 shares. The verbiage in 4320 is especially well done as it FINALLY puts the clearing firms that aid and abet this crime wave on the spot. With the FFETF, which is made up of 25 different agencies, now on the scene the transparency has increased markedly. You can imagine how critical the lack of transparency is to a crime involving selling nonexistent securities and then refusing to ever deliver that which you sold AFTER being allowed access to the funds of the investor being defrauded. Here are the links to the rules SR-FINRA-2010-028 and SR-FINRA-2010-043:
  17. NAV has a drilled resource (open in some directions) in the Cummins Range. They will be floating a spinoff in the new year.
  18. It would be a good thing to read the announcements on NWEs website and also the recent independent report published which gives estimated valuations. Your risk tolerance would need to be high to invest in NWE as the consequences of a duster in February or later in the year need to be assessed relative to your situation. I have a smallish place for it in a wider portfolio as they have good leases, a near-time drill programme and better management than previously.
  19. That's a desperate search for a problem isn't it?
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    Heading north with volume.
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    THX has a realistic value that has upside with all the drilling going on. Anyone know why RNI is valued so highly apart from nearology?
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    I would be very careful about putting anything into ATN. They have no money and previous drill results were pretty average over in the west.
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    Kairiki's partner at Tindalo (Nido NDO) is going well too.
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