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  1. Picking up again,could be due to another announcement perhaps the airbus agreement been signed and my guess is that other airforce interest could be south african, just a long shot have to wait and see.should keep an eye on the jsf program it should not be discounted either but it would be a way down the track.Technology speaks for itself.
  2. In reply to: compint on Thursday 17/02/05 07:22pm splitview on hotcopper was right on about announcements at avalon airshow.there is some news and quite possible an income earning one have to wait and see, my guess is a milt deal.strange hows shares have taken a tumble would like to know buyers maybe he will reveal himself after airshow?
  3. well theres the announcement and quite a good one.Pity not for permanent installation on airbus, but thats another path they have to go through for proving up sensor reliability. Obvious that airbus is now right behind them and that wont go unnoticed by other majors.Looking fwd for more good news.
  4. a new announcement from large manufacturer may improve its position,watch the space.
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