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    Apologies for the delay NMMer. Others listed as Potential Takeover targets were: Sandfire SFR - $7.75 - Copper-gold in the De Grussa project WA. OZL owns 19% stake Buru Energy BRU - $.73 Controls oil provences - oil shale reserves Maverick Drilling & Exploration - MAD - $.27 52 million barrels of proven and probable oil trading @ less than $2 per barrel Cue Energy - CUE - $.28 Drilling in the Carnarvon Basin - potential for WPL to own it all for Pluto AWE $1.25 Perth Basin shale gas. Long shot. Integra Mining IGR $.48 Low cost gold producer with good exploration appeal Iron Ore Holdings - IOH - $1.35 Consolidating iron ore reserves in the Pilbara Havilah Resources - HAV - $.66 > 1,000,000 oz of gold and >500,000 of cu. Above is not full article but pretty close
  2. chookboy


    Hi Daggle, If you have time check out the CTN statement released today via ASX website. It gives a list of top 20 companies they have invested in. Net assets @ 30/6/11 $1.498 per share. Current share price $1.185 So trading at a reasonable discount. This seems to be the case with many LIC type companies. Proposed dividends for this financial year are about 6% (they also have a dividend reinvestment). Like many exposed to the resources they are a bit down over the past few months. I met another CTN investor in June when I went on a tour of the RIO mine at Tom Price in WA. He loved CTN and had been holding it for a few years. I have held for a few years as well and don't intend to sell. I think it will be a long term hold. I am comfortable with the stock but I would never put all my holdings in any one stock unless I was just starting out. If I did have to start from scratch I'd give this one a go. Things that I like: 1) Invested in a good spread of companies (to do this privately would require a large portfolio) 2) Companies are not all resource based and also include stocks such as SGH , MMS, AUB which are more white collar type investments. 3) Has outperformed index on a continual basis. Please note that this is not a guarantee that it or any other company will continue to do the same in the future (I learnt that the hard way with PBD who at one time was one of the best performing stocks on the ASX. 4) Pays a good dividend. 5) Dividend reinvestment. 6) Chance that the share price may rerate upwards in line with net asset values. 7) Chance that the Net Asset Value may appreciate if the global economy can improve. (As a whole the ASX is seriously undervalued when you look at current PE ratios against historic PE ratios). I also think that sometimes the smaller companies can increase in value quicker and higher eg. 5 or 10% jumps in a day than large stocks such as BHP or CBA. Cheers, CB
  3. chookboy


    Thanks Veeone am currently in W.A. I hope the Premier Barnett can still get the Oakajee Port on the go. He is supposed to be a big supporter but am not sure with what I heard him quoted as saying yesterday. Fingers crossed.
  4. chookboy


    The underwriter must have a pretty good clause that allows them to get out of actually having to underwrite (funny that is one of the risks that I thought underwriters agreed to take on). Let's hope they can go ahead with the Share Placements to allow for further drilling required. Will stay in for now.
  5. chookboy


    Received a letter and stock valuation dated 2/2/11 from RBS Morgans today (suppose you may have received it by now or will get in the next day or two). They rate IGR as a buy with a target price of $.83 Expected net profit for this financial year of $9.53m rising to $29.2m following year and $37.8 the year after that.
  6. chookboy


    Got a brief write up as a purchase in the Sunday Herald Sun as a buy with low expected costs per oz so will need to check this one out a bit more. Amy
  7. chookboy


    No I didn't take up on Musgrave either. Most other shares, including IGR were down so no ready cash. Looks like some prospects as I have a lot of respect for the IGO team & the technology they use as well as IGR. I know that one of the tipsheets was recommending people to buy in the float, reads like there was good demand for it. IGR production of approx. 7,000 oz per month clearing approx. $900 after cash costs = about $6.3 million per month or $72 m per year. Debt should disappear quickly, funding available for drilling & upgrade to plant. If gold heads north and AUD eventually goes south as some are predicting then should lead to a jump in many resource stocks. Fingers crossed
  8. chookboy


    ASX announcement today Capital raising of $3.8m - issue of shares @ 12cents each (1 for every 4 existing held) + a free option exercisable @ 20cents each by 31/12/2013
  9. chookboy


    Thanks for the link MME. Makes interesting reading. Good to see that De Lacey Superfund is 2nd biggest shareholder. I am assuming that that is the superfund of Ralph De Lacey; so that gives confidence if the managing director puts his own funds there. Relatively short time to production. Most of the infrastructure appears to be close. Seems cheap compared to other tin producers. Does anyone know if they received any damage from the rains or cyclone Yasi? I think Greenfields is in W.A. Seems a long distance to send for processing. Anybody with any further knowledge why travel so far? Is there not somewhere in Qld for processing/
  10. chookboy


    Any thoughts on the current price? Am wondering if I should top up at a lower price but have not had time to check recent announcements?
  11. chookboy


    SBL had a recent write up by Insider Trading which has put it on the radar for quite a few in the past week (including me).
  12. Anyone still following this one? I have seen that some brokers have the stock valued at $1.40, at the moment trading in the $1.10 to $1.16 range.
  13. chookboy


    Hi Arty, In todays Herald-Sun Newspaper Daryl Morley thedaytrader.com.au listed IGR as an inclusion in his portfolio. Buy @ 72 cents with a stop loss at 67cents. First target is 82 cents and the second target is $1.40 Perhaps some who follow his methods may be buying in? He seems to be looking to include in his portfolio stocks that have recently broken all time highs. His portfolio has gone from $50,000 to $300,000 in 5 years.
  14. chookboy


    Thanks Arty. Has the split up occurred yet? To me OST looks underpriced compared to BSL.
  15. Thanks for the link Wolverine. Have not yet had time to check does anyone know if the Cracow mine in Qld (30% owned by CAH remainder NCM) is near the flood regions?
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