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  1. New topic - AMZN - AMAZON.COM
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    Created by request: Garda Property Group (ASX:GDF)
  3. Created by request: Dacian Gold Ltd (DCN)
  4. Created by request: Impression Healthcare Ltd - IHL Regards, ShareCafe Admin
  5. Created by request: INTEGRATED PAYMENT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED - IP1 Regards, ShareCafe Admin
  6. Added by request: Shaver Shop Group Limited (SSG) Regards, ShareCafe Admin
  7. Added by request: Coles Group Limited (COL) Regards, ShareCafe Admin
  8. Important Changes - Building A Better, Broader Sharemarket Community The ShareScene and ShareCafe websites are merging. Both sites have long and proud histories of helping investors make better-informed investment decisions. For over a decade ShareScene has provided an open platform for investors to connect and share information while ShareCafe has delivered news and insights on Australian shares for over 15 years. That tradition is set to continue, combined, in one easy-to-use daily resource. What does this mean for ShareScene? The ShareScene.com forum is now available as part of ShareCafe. You can use your existing ShareScene login and password to the access the forum at boards.sharecafe.com.au today. Alternatively, visit ShareCafe and click on the “Community” tab. If you are unsure of your login details please contact us. The existing sharescene.com forum will continue to operate in conjunction with the boards.sharecafe.com.au forum for the next month - the content and functionality are identical – however in 2019 ShareScene will be no longer be available and you will be redirected to ShareCafe. Important points to note - You do not need a new username or password. Your existing ShareScene username and password will continue to work on the ShareCafe forum - All topics and all posts from ShareScene have been carried across to the ShareCafe forum. New posts on ShareScene will appear on ShareCafe and vice-versa - The functionality and posting layout of the ShareCafe forum is the same as the ShareScene By bringing both sites under the one umbrella we hope that existing ShareCafe members contribute to the forum and build a more vibrant, lively discussion. We also hope that enables us to create more tools and resources for all members. Thank you for your interest and continued support.
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    Added by request: Xped Limited (XPE) Regards, ShareScene Admin
  10. Added by request Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited. Regards, ShareScene Admin
  11. Added by request: iSignthis Ltd - ISX Regards, ShareScene Admin
  12. Added by request: Swift Networks Group Limited - SW1 Regards, ShareScene Admin
  13. Added by request: SelfWealth Limited - SWF Regards, ShareScene Admin
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