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  1. Full Notice To Proceed delayed to July 2021 to allow a third site to come on board, doubling their expected output with their initial projects. 120MW of power production expected by Quarter 4, 2022. Kalina Power combined cycle power plants engineering completed and ready to start being built and deployed, initially at 3 Alberta Canada sites but ready to expand to the world! https://cdn-api.markitdigital.com/apiman-ga...4df02a206a39ff4 They will have 50% of initial costs reimbursed following FNTP with the remainder reimbursed once the projects are complete.
  2. As a previous shareholder in BUY I came to the conclusion that the board is filled with lifestyle directors who do the bare minimum to keep revenue high enough to maintain their wages and nothing more.
  3. What news is expected from SOR in the near term? Quarterly activities and cashflow report due end of January 2021 Half yearly report Self Charging Battery: January 2021: Development of prototype 3.7V battery pack containing multiple connected self charging batteries March Quarter 2021: Testing battery ink for compatibility with industrial scale printing techniques Printable Brain Inspired Computing Hardware: March Quarter 2021: Early stage work on stability, potentiation, depression, latency and power requirements Nanocube Memory Ink: May 2021: To have developed a 1 Megabit ultra-low power, flexible, transparent memory device There is scope for updates on various other activities the company is involved in such as final testing of the A$V for use at the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison, the weed detector, planning for drilling of the Leviathan anomaly, or even left field news on an agreement with another use of the A$V, acquisition of Australian innovation, etc. Collaboration with Honeywell: April 2021: Exclusivity period for development of A$V with Honeywell for the justice sector due to expire, potential for a formal agreement with Honeywell to supply multiple A$Vs for prisons that they operate. Drones: May 2021: Collaboration with Planck Aero re drones due to expire, possible extension or announcement of integration of drones with Stealth Technologies' A$V.
  4. SOR is soaring with lots of potential. But then they've had lots of potential since listing in 2011 and to date have only taken one project through to completion, the Behemoth project which was a failure. They started out with a series of rare earth exploration/prospecting permits and after a few years ditched all except for West Wanganui, which in 2016 was converted from a prospecting permit to an exploration permit, now known as Golden Blocks and focused 100% on gold. Their first technology foray came in 2015 when they acquired the rights to the nanocube memory ink project from UNSW. Since 2011 to now a range of other projects have come and gone but the projects they have on board now look very exciting. They have a number of subsidiaries each with their own area of focus. Current subsidiaries and their projects: Strategic Materials: - Golden Blocks exploration permit in New Zealand Maria Resources: - Behemoth exploration permit seeking potential meteor impact related minerals - Leviathan exploration permit with a previously undetected gravity anomaly - 6 other exploration permits in the Officer Basin, Western Australia, one granted and 5 recently applied for Australian Advanced Materials (AAM): - Nanocube memory ink (ReRAM) a printed, flexible and transparent memory ink - Self-charging printed battery - Neuromorphic nanocube ink, an extension of the nanocube memory ink technology focusing on the potential for the tech to perform computations and well as store data in the one device Stealth Technologies: - The Autonomous Security Vehicle (A$V) project in collaboration with Honeywell currently undergoing final testing at Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison in Western Australia - 3D weed mapping project for use on combine harvesters in agricultural settings awaiting test results Of the above the Golden Blocks project has uncovered fantastic grades at the Aorangi mine however further exploration, ie underground drilling program, has been hindered by lengthy access/environmental approval delays. The memory ink finally produced a working demonstrator application with a presentation at the end of January 2020 however further promotion of that tech was hampered by the travel restrictions due to COVID-19. One advantage of that delay is that AAM has continued to work on the tech looking at additional uses thus advancing the neuromorphic aspect which is a great achievement. The A$V looks to be a great opportunity although the final testing, to my mind, seems to be taking longer than I would have expected. I can only assume that the testing is waiting to include performance during summer heat/rains hence the testing still continuing. The self-charging battery ink looks VERY exciting and would work very well in conjunction with the nanocube tech along with other applications if it's promise is fulfilled. SOR is very good at not just sourcing and promoting projects but also at seeking out various government grants to minimise cash burn/share dilution. In the past the company has tended to be very hot and cold with their updates leading some to accuse them of only releasing news when funding is needed. Whilst I have found that news does increase when funding is being sought I have found that there are other times of heightened news flow unrelated to capital raisings thus I don't subscribe entirely to that view. The last six months has seen the culmination of a number of their projects resulting in regular updates with more updates expect this month and onwards. All in all with the projects in place and the expected news flow to come this is a very exciting time to be invested in SOR. Disclaimer: I have held SOR since a few months after listing and have traded it from time to time resulting in my holdings being entirely free carried.
  5. SOR soaring on updates about it's tech work with self-charging graphene oxide batteries and a nanocube ink neuromorphic computing tech.
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  7. FNTP (Full Notice To Proceed) expected by the end of the March 2021 quarter on their first two projects with significant revenues then due.
  8. SOR working on a self-charging battery and a neuromorphic printable ink combing both computing power and memory in the one component. Plenty of news to come this month on both fronts and possibly others.
  9. Peak Asset Management definitely appear to have increased the interest in RGI. Helps that RGI has signed two binding agreements with Canniberia in Portugal for cannabis and with Verity Greens in Canada for perishable foods in recent times.
  10. Whilst the share price has recently been languishing at all time lows of $0.04 the company did a placement via Peak Asset Management. Since the placement two days ago the share price has almost doubled!
  11. Latest webinar is a great listen. Company expects to be cashflow positive in 2021 with the plans they have in place in Alberta, Canada with an initial 5 waste heat to power projects being progressively rolled out over the next few years.
  12. RGI signed a purchase and sale agreement to supply 144 growing units to Canniberia in Portugal. Currently in a trading halt as the ASX wants clarity on the timing/process of Canniberia's cannabis production licence application.
  13. Great news this week with SOR's Autonomous $ecurity Vehicle passing user acceptance testing and SOR continuing discussions with Honeywell for a broader partnership agreement.
  14. Pieces are finally starting to fall into place for RGI after a slow grind. Plenty of non-binding agreements awaiting that final signature to get things really moving. A funding arrangement has been made which with the current cash burn keeps RGI's head above water for the next six to nine months. Funding approved by shareholders at an EGM last Friday following an agreement to enter into an arrangement regarding perishable foods (aka think vertical farming but with a rotating drum instead of flat beds). A licence approval in Canada to complete the deal with CanniFarms for a 51/49 joint venture partnership to grow cannabis in Ontario, Canada could come any week now. There is talk of a deal possibly being imminent in Europe with a Portuguese medicinal cannabis company flagging the use of RGI's growing technology.
  15. Great volume on this stock today, highest for over 12 months with the share price up the last two days.
  16. CanniFarms Cultivation Licence Imminent Reviewing the quarterly tonight and noticed that it states that: "...the principals of MCCF have maintained a continuous dialogue with Health Canada and have advised that its licence review is progressing" I might be reading a bit too much into this use of words however the use of the word "review" matches the final stage of the licence application process indicating that the application is complete and no further evidence is required, just awaiting final review and security clearance, a process that HC aims to try and complete within 30 business days. With the funding agreement announcement RGI will be holding an EGM to vote on the issue of tranche two of the Convertible Notes which are due to be issued 7/10/2020. Given that they need to give 28 days of notice of the meeting means they must issue the Notice of Meeting no later than 8/9/2020. I expect, for the purposes of drafting the Notice of Meeting that RGI would be expecting the CanniFarms licence to be granted within the next two weeks. From the Health Canada website: 7.2.1 Application screening During screening, the application, attached documents and, if required, the submitted site evidence package are assessed for completeness, legibility and ability to be further assessed. For Processing, Cultivation, and Sale for Medical Purposes Licence applications there is a nonbinding 30 business day service standard for completion of screening of the application by Health Canada. Please note that application screening cannot take place until Health Canada receives the site evidence package (not applicable for sale for medical purposes without possession licences). The 30 day service standard will commence following payment of the applicable cost recovery fee for application screening and upon receipt of the complete application submission. 7.2.2 Review and security clearance Once an application has passed the screening stage, and security clearance applications are being processed, the application will undergo a detailed review of both documents submitted through the CTLS and, if required, visual evidence submitted as a part of the site evidence package to verify that the requirements are met. Health Canada will work with the RCMP on security clearance applications.
  17. Well, SOR has a deal already in place to develop this Autonomous $ecurity Vehicle for Honeywell for $100k in progress payments (half year reported suggests that at that point about $40k had been received). The deal is meant to see SOR retain any materials and IP developed as part of the collaboration. It is not clear though whether that then means Honeywell will lease the vehicle or how that will work, I presume we will find out after the final validation and acceptance testing is completed. SOR is negotiating further arrangements with Honeywell, I note that the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison is just one of at least six prisons/correctional facilities that Honeywell is involved in Australia/New Zealand and they are a large multinational company. SOR is also free to market the A$V into other market sectors, ie energy, mining, government facilities, utilities, etc and has already been pushing this line so could end up with additional deals outside of the one with Honeywell. Sounds like that will be pushed more from August 2020.
  18. Great progress with SOR subsidiary Stealth Technologies presenting their Autonomous Security Vehicle late last week. Just awaiting final validation and acceptance testing before Honeywell puts it into use at the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison which they manage on behalf of the Western Australian government. https://www.stealthtechnologies.com.au/ Check the video on the website of the A$V in action.
  19. Slow to release relevant news because their joint venture partner is doing stuff without their knowledge. Some investigation shows that this company has not had a CEO or MD since mid 2019 and in fact appear to have zero executives or staff?!?!? Looks like they are pretty much in care taker mode sitting back letting DST Co Ltd, their JV partner, do all the work for them.
  20. And today the company finally announces the deal with Margaret Lake Diamonds! Bit slow of them.
  21. So MGX Minerals have made use of their listed subsidiary Margaret Lake Diamonds to be the vehicle for their joint venture agreement with KORID Energy to build a factory to manufacture V-KOR vanadium redox flow batteries. So the previously discovered announcements from MGX in September 2019 relate directly to this transaction. MGX believe the MLD related actions, share consolidation and capital raising should be able to be completed by mid April 2020 and expect to break ground on building phase one of the battery factory by mid year 2021. They expect demand will result in factory expansion but at this stage it is unknown if and when demand would require that. MGX may make use of future vanadium production from Daejon to supply the electrolyte for their batteries. With a view to possibly supplement that with future vanadium production from other locations like Nevada and Canada (I forget where in Canada they mentioned). DST seem to believe that the factory at the centre of Protean’s Perth trial of the V-KOR VRFB are still utilising the battery two years later. From my enquiries to date Protean Energy currently appears to be a largely inactive silent investor with 50% ownership in KORID and Korea Vanadium (100% owner of the the Daejon project) with KOSDAQ listed DST Co Ltd holding the other 50% and exerting control. I have sent emails and rung Protean and spoke to Matthew Foy. In relation to what Mr Foy said as well as the publicly available information I have read from MLD/MGX and DST I have also sent emails to MLD and DST to clarify some details. My first email to MLD was indirectly answered in their market announcement on 10/2/2020 which gave a breakdown of the recipients of the 20m MLD shares. My latest emails were only sent yesterday with no response as yet. As per the MLD transaction Protean will have an indirect interest in 50% of the 7.5m shares to be issued to KORID. Existing shareholders of MLD do not seem too keen of the transaction with their shares closing this week at $0.025 vs a preconsolidation transaction value of about $0.046 per share. Meaning that it may be difficult for MGX to get the consolidation and capital raising through (these are preconditions of the transaction).
  22. There was an update from Margaret Lake Diamonds overnight giving the breakdown of the aggregate 20m shares being issued: KORID, as to 7,500,000 Consideration Shares; DST Co., Ltd. ("DST") (KOSDAQ: 033430), as to 7,500,000 Consideration Shares; and LKAT Co., Ltd. (LKAT") as to 5,000,000 Consideration Shares. Each of DST and LKAT are shareholders of KORID. To the best of my knowledge POW still has 50% ownership of KORID Energy so post transaction that gives them an indirect interest of 7.5% of Margaret Lake Diamonds.
  23. Okay, perhaps this will give you more information: Margaret Lake Diamonds Announces Joint Venture with KORID Energy Co. Inc. for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Factory VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / January 27, 2020 / Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc. ("Margaret Lake" or the "Company") (TSX.V:DIA)(FKT:M85) and KORID Energy Company Inc. ("KORID"), a subsidiary of DST Inc. ("DST") (KOSDAQ: 033430), are pleased to announce a joint venture to construct a factory (the "Factory") in the United States for the purpose of producing Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries and energy storage systems (the "Joint Venture"). Executives of Margaret Lake and KORID along with past and current officials of the State of New York met in New York City for the signing of the joint venture agreement. The planned Phase I capacity of the Factory is 50MW output and 200MWh of storage. Pictured standing from L to R: Yunki Kim, President, DST, Kyonglock Na, Head of R&D,KORID, Jason Kuh, Vice-chairman, DST Group, George Pataki, Former Governor of NY State, John Kerry, President, John Kerry Energy Solutions, Neil Foran, CFO, Margaret Lake. Seated L to R are Paul Kim, Chairman DST Group and President of KORID, Jared Lazerson, CEO and President of Margaret Lake. Opening remarks by John Kerry and former New York Governor George Pataki are available at JOINT VENTURE The Joint Venture grants exclusive global rights to KORID's proprietary vanadium redox battery technology, with the exception of Korea and Australia, to Margaret Lake. In addition, KORID will provide technical assistance for design, construction and operation of the Factory. In consideration Margaret Lake has agreed to the following terms: Margaret Lake will complete a consolidation of its outstanding shares on a 1 new share for every 5.468 old shares basis, resulting in shares outstanding of 10,001,205; Margaret Lake will raise $5,000,000 at a price of $0.25 resulting in an issuance of 20,000,000 post-consolidation shares of Margaret Lake; KORID, DST Inc. and Protean Energy Ltd. will receive an aggregate 20,000,000 post-consolidation shares of Margaret Lake in consideration for the exclusive technology license and technical assistance in design, construction, and operation of the Factory. The Joint Venture will be implemented pursuant to the terms of a Joint Venture Agreement between the Company and KORID dated January 13, 2020. Implementation of the Joint Venture is subject to a number of customary closing conditions, including the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange. The Joint Venture is an Arm's Length Transaction under the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange. Factory Design Preliminary factory footprint, process flow, equipment and personnel requirements have been completed by KORID for Phase I of the Factory with an annual output capacity of 50MW and 200MWh of storage. Battery Design KORID's proprietary Vanadium Redox Flow Battery has been developed and tested over the past 10 years and is patent protected. The flow battery design allows for limitation of storage only based on the capacity of the electrolyte tanks versus the fixed capacity of lithium-ion. The battery is non-flammable and non-explosive. There is no degradation as a result of cycling, partial charging, or time with a 100% depth of discharge and projected lifetime of 20 years. Battery efficiency is currently rated at up to 80%. The battery is scalable into the MW-range through simple parallel connection of multiple units. The systems are shipped in self-contained weatherproof and securely protected housing. The systems can be managed and maintained by remote or online maintenance through intelligent battery management. Temperature management and climate controlled containers eliminates weather impact on energy efficiency. The battery is composed of four primary components: electrolyte tanks, cell stacks, power conversion system (including control system, communications, inverter, electrical wiring, etc.), and pumps / balance of plant equipment (Figure 1). The systems are designed for containerized deployment in twenty or forty foot containers. The forty foot design has a capacity of 100kW output, 400kWh capacity. Figure 1 Cell Stack KORID has manufactured four cell stacks to date including 2.5kW, 5kW, 10kW, and 25kW (Figure 2). KORID has developed and is currently testing a 50kW cell stack for high usage industrial and grid scale utility and renewables applications. Figure 2 Grid Scale Mass Storage Designs have been completed for a 3.6MW output system (Figure 3) to meet the demand for grid scale applications. There are a variety of applications to support both renewables and existing infrastructure as well as energy security. Placing batteries at substations or near high demand areas reduces need for new infrastructure such as transmission lines, substation capacity, and traditional power plants or hydro dams. Generated power is often wasted in the night only for a lack of battery capacity. Grid scale energy storage systems allow for charging at night during very low demand times (off peak) and release that energy during the day during peak demand reducing the need for new transmission lines or power plants. This both increases overall efficiency and provides backup/standby power for energy security and a robust and efficient energy infrastructure. Figure 3 About KORID Energy and DST Inc. KORID is a subsidiary of DST Inc., a publicly traded company listed on the KOSDAQ Exchange in South Korea. It operates the following businesses: Automation Machinery, Mining and Metals Development and Processing, along with other diversified businesses. Its products and services include energy storage technologies, equipment for the automobile components industry, food processing equipment, mineral development and processing, rental services, and others. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Changwon-si, South Korea. For more information visit www.ds-t.co.kr. About Margaret Lake Diamonds Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc. (TSX.V: DIA) is a Canadian technology and strategic metals exploration company focused on construction of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Factory and Vanadium Exploration in the United States. The Company continues to maintain an interest in its mining properties. Contact Information Jared Lazerson President and CEO jared@margaretlakediamonds.com Web: www.margaretlakediamonds.com Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking information or forward-looking statements (collectively "forward-looking information") within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking information is typically identified by words such as: "believe", "expect", "anticipate", "intend", "estimate", "potentially" and similar expressions, or are those, which, by their nature, refer to future events. The Company cautions investors that any forward-looking information provided by the Company is not a guarantee of future results or performance, and that actual results may differ materially from those in forward-looking information as a result of various factors. The reader is referred to the Company's public filings for a more complete discussion of such risk factors and their potential effects which may be accessed through the Company's profile on SEDAR at www.sedar.com. SOURCE: Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc. View source version on accesswire.com: https://www.accesswire.com/573840/Margaret-...Battery-Factory ACCESSWIRE January 27, 2020 - 5:00 AM PST News by QuoteMedia www.quotemedia.com
  24. Could this be a big mover? POW has yet to announce anything of value for months but their JV partner, KOSDAQ listed DST Co Inc, in KORID Energy last month announced that they had formed an agreement with TSX Venture listed Margaret Lake Diamonds to build a vanadium redox flow battery factory in upstate New York using KORID's IP! http://margaretlakediamonds.com/wp-content...resentation.pdf
  25. Hard to say for sure what the cause of the big drop, could have been some selling to cover margin calls, stop losses triggered, could be a leak about the Behemoth results although the drill cores had yet to be sent for assaying at the time of the company reply to the ASX. Partial recovery today. I am still holding out hope that we will see some good to great results from Behemoth. In terms of the transparent memory ink whilst they have completed a demonstrator application to show case the possibilities of the tech they also made clear that was still plenty more work to do.
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