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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY drarthur, Fri 06/02/04 12:34pm [READ POST] All I can find is an ann on 3rd Feb. I'm in @ 28, waiting for 31c. Will re-enter if it looks like closing above 31c. Big volumn someones interested. Well done
  2. Tex if I knew, or more to the point if I could be bothered, I'd give you another -1. But nah, I was always the guy in primary that got the gold stars. ROFLMHO.
  3. IN REPLY TO A POST BY texas4qld, Thu 05/02/04 07:50am [READ POST] Hi Sagit To me SKG is a trader (and a very nice one at that). Unfortunetly I missed the total one day run and my sell was snapped up at 7.9c but I prefer a bird in the hand when it comes to smaller stocks. I think SKG could go to 12c without too much trouble, but you can bet there will be dips in between, and I see that as a safer option. I was only holding $15k and made a nice 14%, so thats a welcome bonus. You say that you held through the last peak of 12c and rode it back to 6c, to me thats a 50% opportunity missed. I think it's important to lock in profits, and to re-enter when it cools off again. I also hold stocks long term such as AVV 97c and SNN 16c, but the difference is they pay a Div and have much larger cashflows. Do you trade any other stocks, or do you buy and hold long term ? Tex. Too bad tex. You should be a non day trader like me who has absolutely no idea. ROFLMHO http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif
  4. crackaton


    G'day crassus. Probably dt's, which is what I've got atm from lack of booze
  5. crackaton


    IN REPLY TO A POST BY cable-guy, Thu 05/02/04 02:00pm [READ POST] Mateeeeeeee, if I was 100% sure I wouldnt be sittng here typing to you I would be on my 70mtr launch with a bunch of eastern european ladies . its all about getting your b@lls out of your handbag and having a go son Sounds painful. Thing I leave em where they are for the time being and devote all my energies to making big bucks
  6. crackaton


    Looks good, but hope it doesn't do a SKG
  7. crackaton


    Laughing out loud. That's all
  8. Yeah true, but like I said it was a fun dt. Now got some to keep long term for free so happy. As for SNN, think your not far off the mark on that predication. Seems to be hovering of late....................
  9. crackaton


    IN REPLY TO A POST BY itm54, Tue 03/02/04 07:37pm [READ POST] What STN is trying to keep quiet. That they've been taken to the Warden's Court by some unhappy farmers, and they can't get finance until they've sorted it out. Hence all the delays that they wouldn't come clean about. Just another instance of Directors only telling their dumb shareholders (ie us) what they want us to hear. Let's hope there's high value minerals mixed up in all the b....t Those in the know knew all about it, just look at the sp since mid November. Matt, how many times have we heard the same thing ? And the toothless tiger ASX just looks to increase their own profits, those of their Directors and their owners (ie brokers). The only saving grace is that the Warden's Court hearings are happening now, on site, so a resolution shouldn't be too far away. Thanks itm54. I guess its a case of wait and see. Will keep it on the watch list pending any outcomes.
  10. Go baby go. Yeeehaaaaaaaaaaa. 10cents here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gifhttp://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gifhttp://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif
  11. IN REPLY TO A POST BY texas4qld, Wed 04/02/04 02:36pm [READ POST] Any profit is a good profit, why do you say "to bad"? Too bad you weren't holding any http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif Absolutely not holding any now. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif Just trying to consol you tex that's all. I was greived to hear that you sold out too early, that's all. Because there's plenty more big bucks to made from this one.
  12. Yeah I think there's still time. Tommororw might even see it breach .09..
  13. too bad tex. You missed a nice little day trade. Still good long term value now, and when the dt leave and it drops, good time to top up
  14. IN REPLY TO A POST BY sandybeachs, Wed 04/02/04 02:13pm [READ POST] hey mm... just a suggestion can you take those posts out of (leg)...?????? That's a good point cause oze used to be able to pull posts left right and centre
  15. IN REPLY TO A POST BY crassus, Wed 04/02/04 01:53pm [READ POST] when u post 300+ posts do u become a moderator? Keep it up crass, only another 175 to go
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