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  1. WTF I don't believe it New Investment and Intention to Lodge Account
  2. Biotech Nanosonics is seeking to raise $25 million in a placement through Canaccord Genuity. Nanosonics shares went into a trading halt on Tuesday morning as its broker contacted potential investors. The company was looking to place 15.2 million shares at $1.65 each. The offer was priced at a 7.3 per cent discount to the last close and a 5.9 per cent discount to the 10-day volume weighted average price. Nanosonics was seeking the funds to support and accelerate direct sales operations in North America, support its marketing efforts through distribution partners in Europe and Asia and ongoing research and development, according to a termsheet sent to potential investors on Tuesday. Canaccord was seeking bids by 10am on Wednesday. Nanosonics would resume trading on Thursday. The company’s biggest institutional shareholders include Allan Gray and New Zealand’s Fisher Funds.
  3. the intelligent investor covered it yesterday, just hope it stabilize above 90c and not fall back ti the mid 70s again http://shares.intelligentinvestor.com.au/a...ap-10338259.cfm
  4. doc-gt, long time my friend.... the good old cst days. brought into nan this morning, like what ive been reading and have been waiting for a pull back to get in. if it drops further will buy more but hopefully have timed this right? as always, time will tell
  5. floyd


    I emailed the company yesterday and a reply in 5 min followed by a phone call from Stephen Allen within an hour of that. theres no problem with the deal, no red flags, just working through the pharmas processes. could be hours days just do not know race to see if which deal is released first and still reaffirms that the forecast announcements for this year at this time 8.30pm and still at work with plenty left to do. did say they have had a lot of holder asking the same questions understandable. Cheers
  6. floyd


    Hi guys Whats your thoughts in the delay, Just the pharma dragging its toes or more too it? I personally think the announcement will come and hope its before they have to tap into the ATM again? The next CC is getting awfully close.
  7. floyd


    Unilife Signs Long Term Supply Agreement for EZMix Finally a bit of good news, 15 years with some immediate revenues.
  8. floyd


    coming from you plastic really does take the cake, you paint yourself as some biotech guru but when it really comes down to it you are ... refer to your own post above lol. your sprucing of PAB really defines your character, especially when it went no where with another cap raising. you are serial thread ruiner and you can never back up your accusations, except with 'i heard it through a bloke' see pxs. sharescene wonders why theres not so many posters these days... myself and a few others i have been in contact with say its because you cannot have a decent discussion without you coming with some far out american buyout......... and with that im gone
  9. floyd


    only one looking inept bozo here plastic Possibility is the condition or fact of being possible. The Latin origins of the word hint at ability. Possibility also refers to something that "could happen", that is not precluded by the facts, but usually not probable. Impossible denotes that something cannot happen or be done.
  10. so plastic your trying to pump a penny dreadful namely pab in every other thread except its own... try and get the price pumped up, going on about takeovers and random american biotechs in vaguely the same field ...then suddenly see the light and then start bagging management, going on about the size of their pay packets and selling out shareholders blah blah plastic fantastic... it may be time to reinvent your strategy lol
  11. lets have a look at the share prices of pab and spl over the last 5 years pab has gone from 60c down to 3c spl has gone from 30c up to $1.80 so why is pab such a steal plastic... its a penny dreadful for a reason
  12. ok plastic fantastic ill bite... what insider trading case has been brought against the ceo? i hope this is real and not some illusion you've dreamt up again
  13. you know a stock hit dog status when the 'plastic fantastic' starts posting on it with his conspiracy theories....
  14. floyd


    jeez plastic your slipping... thought you were the all knowing guru of the biotech world maybe this has something do do with it... Roche buys gene firm Illumina for $5.7B.
  15. floyd


    anyone go to the agm... thoughts?
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