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  1. hayboys


    This should start to rebound in the next 3 weeks guessing will get to $2.40 once it can show the NAV on its books is real.
  2. hayboys


    In late January This should run hard once the quarterly financial results come in happy to hold in the interum
  3. Should run hard from now untill 2015 now they have a textile company Duro on their side.
  4. trading on a PE of less than 5 and with growth its now a buy IMHO. Also the LTV of its loans are under 70% providing valuations are correct the loans seem safe I feel. Also has plenty of money in treasury and now paying a maiden div. My only misgiving is admin costs seem vey high
  5. mme quite a bit off talk about this on another forum h*o*t c*o*p*p*e*r
  6. bit rough regarding the fire, but its my biggest holding now so hope they get back up and running and Voyager 2 proves good.
  7. only problem with Pausens is unless they get to prove up further resources they will have to shut the mill down in 5 months. Decent drill results are needed for stage 2 (below the 700 level ). Drill holes PLD13W1 and PDU911 did show promise though with high grade and reasonable intercepts. If it was me I would be having 2 or 3 drill rigs working subsurface not just 1.
  8. hayboys


    anybody know how the redback colaberation between MST and EOS is going?
  9. hayboys


    nice half yearly no problems with hedging now
  10. This is worth keeping a close eye on for the next 5 weeks shame when you call the company you get a recording of the old company name though. suspect there is alot of dead wood still at the company
  11. quarterly was fantastic may increase plant size 50% very low operation costs under $500.
  12. hayboys


    yep following mainly on that other web site with copper in the name. Hopefylly within a year this will be making me a dividend have been holding since they sold Kainantu. Recently they announced somewhere they can make the Nickel for less than $2.00 a pound if thats true this will be one of the lowest cost nickel producers in the world It would be good if mangagement showed a little more enthusiasm they seem to be just good at having commitee meetings they could be working up a side project independant of Ramu and Frieda as they have the cash.
  13. hayboys


    should be at a bottom now at 4.3 cents represents good buying on a NAV to sp of 85 cents if they can refinance in 16 months
  14. hayboys


    In reply to: brettp on Monday 10/11/08 10:29pm From what I hear they are running at a loss and the banks have all but taken cotroll of them http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif
  15. Danville, small world I was a mortgage loan officer in Citrus Heights I know exactly where you are coming from the adjusted rate mortgages are the ones that are the worst, specially now with stagflation. Problem was to little regulation of the mortgage companies anyone could become a broker and if you had good phone skills sell a lot of paper I am reducing all my shareholdings at the moment due to the Fanny may Freddie mac crisis
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