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    Buying bcsa could bankrupt you. Because you are personally liable to pay another $2 for each BCSA, and you can buy yourself a world of grief when BCSA are trading at 0.3c. From the BCS website FAQ: "What if I don’t pay the instalments?" If you are liable for an instalment on stapled securities and do not pay the instalment, BrisConnections can take action to recover the amounts owing. If you still fail to comply with your payment obligations, voting and distribution rights relating to those stapled securities will be suspended. BrisConnections can also sell your stapled securities and apply the sale proceeds to pay the amounts outstanding in respect of those stapled securities, which will include the unpaid instalment amount plus any applicable interest (calculated from the instalment payment date) and the costs and expenses of enforcement and sale. The balance (if any) will be paid to you. If the sale proceeds are not sufficient to cover the amount outstanding, BrisConnections can pursue you personally for the balance. This may include the commencement of legal action against defaulting unitholders. The payment of the instalments has been fully underwritten by Macquarie Capital Advisers and Deutsche Bank (except for the second and final instalments in relation to partly paid stapled securities issued under the Distribution Reinvestment Plan). To the extent unitholders default on payment of the instalments, Macquarie Capital Advisers and Deutsche Bank can either acquire the stapled securities which are to be sold by BrisConnections, or subscribe for such number of those stapled securities which BrisConnections cancels. You should be aware, however, that the fact that instalments have been underwritten will not affect your liability to pay instalments, nor will it guarantee a residual amount to those who have defaulted on their payment obligations."
  2. Hi all, Novogen have had two prominent write-ups in The West Australian: http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?Men...ContentID=65329 http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?Men...ContentID=64675 Pure coincidence that NRT has had a happy coincidence of publicity from "independent" parties at both medico conferences and in the media? Or is there some behind the scenes pump-priming? R/happy
  3. Fishing for broken rods just a bees-dick away from the target zone according to the rumour mill. Sooooo close but soooo far. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif R/happy
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    Hi, 3 months have now elapsed since the last drilling update from Kalman (see ASX announcements 7/6/07), at which time the MD stated that "A regular flow of assay results is expected to follow from the well organised onsite procedures". I know for an absolute fact that it does not take 3 months to get drill samples assayed in Mount Isa, so I can only conclude that the MD is flouting ASX continuous disclosure obligations. Good projects, but clouded by a management team prepared to sail close to the wind. R/happy
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    Hi all, My guess is that the road show was meant to be the prelude to a capital raising, so Mr Market was already pricing in a SP drop before the sub-prime effect. Momentum can be a self-reinforcing phenomenum on the downside as much as it can be on the up. Points to note are the discomforting 2 month gap from the last ASX release for Kalman drilling, and a bank balance that is probably closer to $3 million than $4 million. Kalman sounded very exciting earlier this year, but it all depends on more drilling to show that the deposit really does have the monumental width and depth that was implied by the early holes. R/happy
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    SPP shares were credited to accounts today, so I guess some were tempted by an immediate 20% profit. R/happy
  7. happychappy


    In reply to: bullwinkle on Tuesday 14/08/07 04:23pm Seriously, check out IMF and what they do (and who they have been successful against). Don't get mad - get even. R/happy
  8. happychappy


    In reply to: Krapov on Tuesday 14/08/07 03:02pm Don't get mad - get even. There may be an avenue for forcing MBP to disclose the info in court. http://www.imf.com.au/funding.asp?content=fundinginfo I don't hold out any hope for ASX or ASIC to assist, but IMF or similar litigation funder might take the case on if they can see some prospects of recovering shareholder losses. R/happy
  9. happychappy


    In reply to: traveler on Tuesday 14/08/07 08:17am Yup, The "Jarelbee Effect" now becomes one of those cautionary tales we tell our grandkids about. I suspect MBP will trade down to its cash backing or perhaps even a touch lower (an opportunity for Ousia perhaps?). R/happy
  10. I'm mostly unconcerned by the subprime effect, but I do worry for the next round of scorched retirees who have been placed into inappropriate "high-yield", mortgage-backed investment funds. R/happy
  11. In reply to: happychappy on Tuesday 07/08/07 03:11pm One could ask why NRT haven't tried to raise funds domestically and then used those to subscribe for more equity in Marshall Edwards - that would demonstrate faith in the drug candidates and the inherent value of Marshall Edwards. R/happy
  12. QUOTE (theadder @ Tuesday 07/08/07 02:22pm) Hi, was the Standby Equity Agreement with Cornell part of the original funding package that ME had to put in place for OVATURE to proceed? It may be the case that ME have had to stump up more $ to keep OVATURE running, and that the private placement may have been under better terms than available from Cornell. It could also be argued that the placement has been under worse terms than could reasonably have been achieved if the company had the commercial skill to pick optimum timing in the equity markets. Much has been said of CHARACTER in the Aussie press lately, and NRT are going to have to face up to the fact that the CHARACTER of the current management team is now tainted in the same way that Dr Haneef's has been, and for the same reason, ie association with persons of "dark intent". The immediate market reaction of http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif to the announcement is a symptom of how much trust the investment community places in NRT. The issue of executive CHARACTER will have to be addressed at some stage for the company to move forward. R/happy
  13. In reply to: Gidget on Thursday 02/08/07 02:25pm I've talked to the company since, and their response is that it was not the seed investors but one broker in particular who dumped his (and his clients) allocations just after listing. Perhaps that broker thought he had a hotter stock somewhere else and needed some fast cash? R/happy
  14. Forthcoming article: NV-52: a novel thromboxane synthase inhibitor for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, Howes L, Griffith University School of Medicine & Bond University School of Medicine, Australia. http://www.expertopin.com/page/forthcomingarticles R/happy
  15. happychappy


    In reply to: KOKO on Wednesday 01/08/07 09:18am Good find, The link to that article is: http://www.expertopin.com/doi/abs/10.1517/14728222.11.7.891 The full text of the article will cost $US80. (or some kind soul might like to email it around if they have it http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif ) R/happy
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