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  1. Loop... at what point does it get to / stop ? It's most likely a driver issue and hence making it load into Safe Mode will prove the point. Matt
  2. I saw an interesting comment (elsewhere) the other day, Anyone that's followed this topic for the last couple of years knows I'm big in the idea compare apples with apples, not apples with oranges. I also came across the following comments, the RP data blog (in response to Jeremy Grantham rolling into Australia last month pushing the line that prices had to fall 42 per cent to revert to trend) This just yet again shows that one has to "look beneath the surface the fundamentals" if you wish to predict how Australian housing prices will act. Back 7 months ago I predicted 4% growth for 2010, the above comments are predicting 5%... the media swings from boom to bust monthly (it sells papers) as they say time will tell. Anyhow all something to think about Cheers Matt
  3. I'd call your broker's IT suppport and have a chat. There have been a number of recent PDF security issues and maybe they have coded WebIress to "act" like this (that said if that was the case I'm surprised there aren't more people complaining). It could be they have coded it to act that way IF a earlier version was installed i.e 9.1 or 9.2 (and hence a greater security risk) Before downgrading, I'd make sure your using the lastest version of Reader (9.3.3) Cheers Matt
  4. Hi Brierley, Couple of Q's first... "Go offline" please explain this in a little more detail, does the connection drop (have a look at the debug screen) or does it simply look like it freezes ? Does the PDF open up in Adobe Reader or the browser (i.e. FireFox) window ? (e.g. do you see Adobe Reader in the bar across the bottom of the screen). Open Adobe Reader, Click "edit" (in the menu at the top), Preferences, Internet... is "Display PDF in browser" ticked ? (unlick it, click OK at the bottom, and try to recreate the issue and see what happens) Cheers Matt
  5. Arty, Looking at long term support lines is little simplistic, especially if you also look at volume (which is well below normal). There's no doubt it's in a down trend, but then again so is most of the market. As for the financials I can see.. Increasing revenue & decreasing Costs. It's no poster child but financially it's at least moving in the right direction, slowly. Trim some costs, promote a little better and you may even start to break even. Cheers Matt
  6. mminion

    ETRADE Australia

    The whole etrade site is generally slow... given what happened yesterday, I'd suggest today will be another shocking (and hence busy) day on the ASX. Cheers Matt
  7. Hi Duster, I have the 500D (the earlier version of the 550D). The major difference between the 450-1000 and the 500-550 is the ability to record 1080 HD video and some better ISO levels. If she is doing graphic design I'd suggest HD video is really useful (I'd suggest she would do alot of multi media in projects). The big thing with SLR's is the len/s are just as important as the camera body, so if you get a 500-550 get the dual lense kit (or the body only and buy a 18-200mm lens) As for duty free, Australian duty free is simply 10% off... you'll get big price savings (i.e. 1/3+) if you buy it duty free in a OS airport (like Singapore or Hong Kong). Further to that I can point you to a number of good HKG camera shops that sell online via ebay and paypal (long term gold ebay sellers, they don't rip people off as they live and die based on a 99%+ feedback score) and if you go that way it's closer to almost half the price (the price difference is simply Canon trying to make more $ from the Australian market, it all is the exact same product). If you want a hand give me a IM Cheers Matt
  8. Duster, man you really piss me off... the wife loves that site
  9. Guys this is what gets me.. is it really that hard to give a source ? "Ok. Median wage in Adelaide $38,000 P.A. Average house price? $405,000: All the figures (including ABS) show income for Adelaide above $50K http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Pr...;num=&view= The Demographia International housing affordability survey shows this for Adelaide: Median house price was $363,000 and the median income was $50,900 (this survey is now 12 months old, and it's based on even older information so I am more then happy to accept the house price has moved upwards 10-15% in around 2 years, but whats the chances the income dropped by 20%+ ??) "First home buyer does need 15% deposit (I believe CBA is 20% for first home buyer), unless mummy and daddy are going guarantor. Then they can still borrow 110%." Lots mummy's and daddy's are happy to go guarantor... it gets the kids OUT of the nest our days and/or give them a helping hand (some I know give the deposit they are so sick of the young adults.. err kids) so lets be real for a second, I'd say most rock upto the bank with WELL less then 20% (infact I hear about it all the time). As for flower, I'll look tonight.. I really love the idea that a couple require a nice HOUSE 3br and not a semi nice FLAT 2br. Anyhow as I said everyone keeps focusing on FHO... they are less then 1/4 of all buyers yearly, and if you look at those that either bought in the last 12 months OR want to buy in the next 12 months as a % they are a drop in the bucket if you compare with all home owners, it's like trying to suggest that someone buying $100,000 of a $1 share effects the SP, sure they do for a short period of time... but moving a stock up or down 0.05 means little to all the holder that bought at 0.90 or below (with most having an average price of half that amount) Cheers Matt
  10. Flower, Your sums don't add up... lets not make up numbers to try to make a point. "Min deposit $80K (that rules 90% out as non starters)" 20% deposit. What world are you living in? 5-10% is the norm "Max Loan 3X both salaries = $240K" Dual Income of $80K, Just checked and it would seem they can borrow $386,087 and $514,783 Lets go back to basics, LIST the suburb you keep refering to. I'd personally like to double check the that $400K is the starting price for a house and that $40K is the average income (I hate round numbers, normally means someone made them up) I'm sure that after you LIST the suburb I'll find cheaper housing and discover the average income isn't 40K. Cheers Matt
  11. "Matt--surely affordability is THE key to house prices?" Affordability effects price, but it's not the key to price (employment is). Affordability has a greater effect on the MAX price, then the on MIN price (hence it effects the upwards swing of the curve). It's also worth pointing out "affordability" wise, the media mainly focuses on FHB, affordability isn't a big issue for the other 6/8+ of the market unless they are trying to trade upwards. The 6/8's of the market would be effected IF unemployment rises (as some would default) but that said most Australian lenders go out of their way to make sure "default" doesn't happen (as they have a keen reason to keep the market from falling more then 5-10%). "$400,000 for a starter house in an area where full time wages dont exceed $40,000?" So that's $80K of income (people need accept dual income is the norm for FHB) all that said, people need to also accept that NOT everyone can/should/will be the owner of their own home. Cheers Matt
  12. Worth also posting the retort.. House price implosion claims ridiculous, says local economist http://www.heraldsun.com.au/money/house-pr...f-1225861515696 ""The story about house prices falling tends to be pushed pretty strongly from overseas groups in particular because they don't understand the growth outlook here and the under-supply of dwellings," he said. "They tend to transpose what's been going on in the US and the UK to the Australian housing market and they are not applicable. "The stories make a good headline but they just don't apply." Mr Workman said Australia's unique situation of strong population growth, a housing shortage, low unemployment and historically low interest rates would keep house prices high" But Mr Workman said it would take high unemployment and people defaulting on loans to puncture house prices - both of which were "unlikely". Our jobless rate will inch toward 5 per cent – not the 10 per cent in the US and UK – and Australia has "an extremely low" rate of late debt payments, even when mortgage rates hit 9 per cent recently, he said. "We just went through a period where interest rates were quite high here and that did slow the housing market down, it stablised it," Mr Workman said. "But these large price falls people talk about really need a rise in unemployment to occur and at this stage the markets are heading in the other direction. ____________________________________ The "local economist" is Michael Workman, he works for Commbank so one has to factor that into the comments. That said, Edward Chancellor (or the media, we all know how they do blow stories up and out of context) makes a number of contradictory points. i.e. He attributed Australia's "luck" to a comparative lack of competition among local banks, enabling them to avoid much of the reckless lending that occurred in the US. He also points out that the unemployment rate in AUS is half that of the US/UK So on one hand he compares US/UK with AUS.. and on the other lists all the differences between the two (no crazy lending, low unemployment, growing economy). It's a little like claiming apples and oranges are the same because they are both "round" and then noting that they are different colours and taste completely different. Unemployment is the key to all housing prices... until the needle turns the other way I don't see AUS housing prices changing direction. Cheers Matt
  13. Woman: Oh look John the Chinese are bidding on this house, we have no chance Man: Yeah A couple of minutes later… Auctioneer: Sold to the gentleman in the red top, congratulations A couple of minutes later… I walk over to the man, in the red top, who is also the man referred to by the first woman as "Chinese" Me: Congratulations, nice house, welcome to the neighborhood Man in the red top: Thank you, we love the house and we really like the neighborhood, see you around (ALL SAID IN A PERFECT ENGLISH WITH AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT) Because someone "looks" Chinese doesn't mean they are a Chinese national, foreign buyer and so on
  14. "It's outrageous that our uni graduates move overseas for experience and the better wages, only to find that they CAN NOT afford to move back to Australia due to it's ridiculously large rises in living costs, but mostly the house prices." Better wages OS, would you like to back that up with some proof ? When the AUD was trading @ 0.60 to the USD maybe but our days with the AUD doing a lot better the shoe is on the other foot. I have more then one friend that earns more now in AUS then they did in England 2 years ago (when you convert Pounds to AUD). As for house prices, everyone I know has a house (and I'm in my 30's). The issue is about down sizing Gen-Y's dreams, they all want their first house to be the same as their parents (or in most cases better then their parents). Houses ARE affordable, prefect houses aren't. Cheers Matt
  15. It's REALLY unlikely it's AVG causing the issue, otherwise you'd be hearing complaints left, right and center. It's also REALLY unlikely it's a virus or spyware (spyware can't spy if you can't enter information into the PC). The issue is most likely newly installed software (so whats changed on the PC in the last week) or failing hardware. So lets all go back a set and ask the most important question, what are you doing just before the crash ? Cheers Matt
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