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  1. 7 Mill will keep the salary's rolling in for a year AGAIN.
  2. Looks like they are out of money again.
  3. Strange how many has got the don't come Monday with this mob, not looking good for the long term burnt holders now.
  4. That 50 day finance deal was ONLY 420 days ago, Hmmmmm, not hard to see why this puppy's days are over.
  5. stocks


    Its ALL over for this puppy now.
  6. I note all the rampers of this dog are long gone, LOL, bet all them punters who got out at 70cents are over the moon when they look back in to see how this mutt is preforming. Interesting that in ONLY about 20 days or so it will be one year since they made the giga announcement that in ONLY 50 days time we WILL have finance in the bag.
  7. The DREAM has now been moved back to Tanzania.
  8. ###Really, how's some billion dollar pipe dream ever going to get up in Townsville### You sure have got that right, the Qld Gov has not got two Dollars to rub together, as you say its a penny dreadfulls pipe dream to keep them salary's rolling in.
  9. Stock rampers rules. 1, Must have no knowledge of the game you are ramping. 2, Say at least once a day it will be $4.00. 3, Have your mates agree with you. 4, Use multiple nicks to ramp with(that could not happen here?!!) 5, Claim that a well with nothing proven, is chockers. 6, Say every day the signs are there. 6, Don't talk to ADVANCED BASHERS they are the worst kind. 7, Say, I have a gut feeling this will be a good one. 8, Pull all kinds of figures out of thin air. 9, Google anything about it and post it. 10, Keep repeating all of the above. 11, Abuse anyone who won't agree. 12, Don't reply to ADVANCED BASHERS, you never know when they will make you look a fool. 13 Keep saying the SP will run on closing. 14,When you have run out of money, just say the Company still has squillions in the bank. 15, Keep repeating all of the above. To all the rampers have a good day. Rule number 9 springs to minded with that last post.
  10. Its a good thing you have this on your watch list only, how would you feel if you have been holding all the way down from 70cents.
  11. ### We know MNS isn't fully funded ### I all so have been saying that, if it was as crash hot as some believe they would have been a lot closer to finance to day than the pay day loans that are keeping to lights on now. ###You posts lack SUBSTANCE### you must admit that my calls on what this puppy's SP was going to be is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.
  12. ###AL Capital to invest $11.1m at $0.37 per share for a 4.98% equity holding in Magnis### $11.1Mill, how much do the need to get Townville up and running??? $11.1 Mill wont by smokeo for the builders.
  13. Blacksheep, you are correct, its ALL hanging on Finance, but so far no one wants to get in to bed with MNS. IF!!!!! MNS was half as good as the rampers believe it to be you WOULD have finance company's kicking in the door for a chunk of MNS, just look at the last lot of finance they got, man that's pay day lenders rates, now if the GIGA company was any good they would not need to go to pay day lenders to keep the lights on.
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