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  1. Clinuvel still commands a lot of support from the shorters. https://www.fool.com.au/2020/04/27/these-ar...-27-april-2020/
  2. Not only would humans benefit but some livestock as well.I remember the early days of Epitan, when farmers and veterinarians would talk about the need to give protection to certain animals, particularly ne Light-colored animals, newly shorn sheep and other animals that are clipped can suffer from sunburn and the parts of animals that normally lack hair cover can be sunburned. The problem can be worsened because animals may be exposed to certain substances from their feed, medications such as antibiotics, and spores of certain moulds, that can photo-sensitize them, making them more likely to burn; extreme sunburn and sometimes large open skin wounds can result.wly shorn sheep."
  3. My sincerest condolences....we will miss his wise and humorous analytical forecasts. R.I.P.
  4. X-Ray.....I trust you did this after consultations with your "Budgie". We don't hear much from him these days, is he still around..? Cheers and best of luck.
  5. That was some move......$4.50 on a volume @ 232202. Cheers.
  6. Not really sure on that one, I have an online trading a/c with my bank....NAB. It is fairly comprehensive with "live time" data, depth,volume, charts etc. Make some enquiries with your bank. Best of luck. Current price.....$5.10
  7. Definite "squeeze" on for shares.......$5.20.. up 45 cents [9.47%] ...volume 40829
  8. Currently trading @ $5.00......volume 38396.....buyers @ $5.....sellers @ $5.05 Cheers.
  9. For those who are interested, but missed reading the investor note at conclusion of J.V. announcement, this is worthwhile viewing: Investor note: please see for a 2009 video of Mr Jack Wood referencing the development vision of SCENESSE® into complementary products. The $500 million to $1 billion comment was of interest and that was made "way back then". Cheers
  10. Yes, I believe you are right. My understanding was, that the Company wanted to reduce the amount of "day traders" that were affecting the share price stability.
  11. There is a definate "squeeze" on for shares.Opened at $3.22, with buyers @ $3.30 and sellers @ $3.37.Only 12,820 on offer.Little surprised Clinuvel has not been hit with a please explain.Currently trading @ $3.30 Cheers.
  12. KRD......I think you will find that figure to be as per below $11,752.000 ** Payment for acquisition of, and proceeds from equity investments represents cash flows into financial instruments. These instruments do not meet the strict definition of a cash equivalent within AASB107 Cash Flow Statements, and are defined by the Standard to be financial assets held for trading, hence do not form part of Cash at end of quarter. As at 31st December 2011, the Cash at Bank and Investments in financial instruments total $11,752k
  13. A follow-up article to announcement: Clinuvel records $1m in SCENESSE sales 09:55, Thursday, 23 June 2011 Sydney - Thursday - June 23: (RWE Australian Business News) - Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:CUV) has made a successful start to distribution of its new drug SCENESSE (afamelanotide) to the erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) patient community in Italy. Since commencing a special access 648/96 scheme 11 months ago, SCENESSE has been distributed to around 40 patients in Italy to treat EPP, a severe genetic disorder designated as an 'orphan' disease. Throughout the treatment period all patients have been followed up by EPP specialists and, significantly, no serious drug-related adverse events have been recorded. During this period the company recorded $1m worth of sales. It is reimbursed for the drug by the Italian health system. ***** Clinuvel will continue to distribute SCENESSE under the 648/96 scheme with the intention of expanding use of the photoprotective drug among EPP patients. EPP is characterised by severe phototoxicity of the skin resulting in intolerable pain, swelling, and scarring, usually of the exposed areas such as the face, hands and feet. EPP patients are often forced to lead an indoor existence, severely affecting their quality of life. Some 10,000 people are globally known to be affected by EPP, an estimated 4,000 across Europe. ENDS
  14. Follow-up article to announcement: -------------------------------------------- Phylogica in partnership with University of Cambridge 10:07, Wednesday, 9 March 2011 Sydney - Wednesday - March 9: (RWE Australian Business News) - Phylogica Ltd (ASX:PYC) will partner with researchers from the University of Cambridge to pursue a novel application of its Phylomer peptides for discovery of disease-associated targets. The new partnership complements Phylogica's existing business model by opening up a new market opportunity for the company. It offers the potential to secure new revenue streams that would otherwise not be accessible to Phylogica without substantial investment in both capital and also in technical expertise. Phylogica has initiated discussions with prospective partners who are interested in the capabilities of the new Phylogica-Cambridge University venture. ***** The new venture, named Phenomica, will combine Phylogica's Phylomer libraries, which comprise billions of naturally derived peptides, with technology from Cambridge to identify vulnerable points in a disease that can be the focus for new drug development. Phylogica has signed a memorandum of understanding with Cambridge Enterprise, the university's commercialisation group, outlining plans to form Phenomica. The business will be based in Cambridge, UK, maximising access to state-of-the-art research facilities. ENDS .
  15. The good news keeps rolling in,still does not help the s.p......! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Phylogica finds new potential for treating brain injury 12:23, Monday, 21 February 2011 Sydney - Monday - February 21: (RWE Aust Business News) -Phylogica (ASX:PYC), has successfully demonstrated pre-clinical proof of concept with a Phylomer peptide drug candidate for the treatment of traumatic brain injury. Using an internationally established pre-clinical model, a three-year collaborative study with the Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute and the University of Tasmania has shown the compound, known as PYCAG5, is able to protect neural tissue at lesion sites and significantly reduce inflammation. The peptide was identified using Phylogica's proprietary Phylomer drug discovery platform and the study was funded by the Neurotrauma Research Program (NRP) of the Western Australia Institute of Medical Research. Chief executive Paul Watt said he was particularly encouraged by these results, which could eventually pave the way for better outcomes in head injury patients around the world. "While several Phylomer peptides showed neuroprotective activity in this brain trauma model this particular peptide, PYCAG5, showed outcomes most consistent with therapeutic potential," he said. "This Phylomer significantly protected neural issue in the vicinity of the lesion at four days after the induced head injury and decreased the extent of inflammation, increasing the potential for healing at seven days post injury." Dr Watt indicated the average loss of neurons from the injured region treated with Phylomer PYCAG5 was less than a third of the average loss observed for mock-treated control animals, or animals treated with a non-Phylomer peptide. Phylogica is now pursuing partnering opportunities with major pharmaceutical and biotech companies for further development of its lead candidate, PYCAG5, and the company's other neuroprotective Phylomers. ENDS Copyright © 2011 RWE Australian Business News. All rights reserved.
  16. Press Release Phylogica Ltd (ASX PYC) Phylogica Announces Successful Collaboration with Roche PERTH, AUSTRALIA, February 17, 2011 - Phylogica Ltd (ASX: PYC, XETRA: PH7), a leading Australian drug discovery company, announced today successful completion of the initial research objectives of its collaboration with Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY). The objective of the first stage of the research collaboration with Roche was to use Phylogica’s Phylomer drug discovery platform to identify novel cell-penetrating peptides for targeting intracellular disease pathways. Now that Roche has independently validated the cell penetration activities of the Phylomers discovered by Phylogica, the two companies are now discussing the expansion of their collaboration to include in vivo studies for identification of unique Phylomer peptides that cross the blood-brain barrier. The objective of such delivery is to develop novel treatments for neurological disorders using biologics. Phylogica will receive an undisclosed milestone payment to reflect the completion of the first stage of the collaboration with Roche. “The success of the first stage of our collaboration with Roche provides clear confirmation of the ability of Phylogica’s Phylomers to address key challenges in drug discovery,†said Phylogica’s CEO, Dr Paul Watt. “We are now directing our efforts to investigate peptides that cross the blood-brain barrier. Current biological drugs have limited application as treatments for neurological diseases due to this barrier. We look forward to reporting further progress in this new field over the next few months.†-ends-
  17. Press Release Phylogica Ltd (ASX PYC) Phylogica Named as One of Bioshares 'Top 10 Picks' for 2011 PERTH, AUSTRALIA, January 25, 2011 - Phylogica Ltd (ASX: PYC, XETRA: PH7), a leading Australian drug discovery company, announced today that it has been named as one of the annual Bioshares 'Tops 10 Picks' of investment opportunities. Bioshares is a leading Australian industry journal that provides independent investment analysis on the ASX biotechnology sector. The top ten stocks are chosen from more than 100 public companies on the basis that the shares are expected to outperform the market and post significant returns over a 12-month period. The full Bioshares article on Phylogica is available to download here: from the company's website: http://www.phylogica.com/display/index/analyst-coverage -ends-
  18. The Company Announcements Platform ASX Ltd Sydney NSW 2000 January 24, 2011 Press Release Phylogica Ltd (ASX PYC) Phylogica Receives Prestigious Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award PERTH, AUSTRALIA, January 24, 2011 - Phylogica Ltd (ASX: PYC, XETRA: PH7), a leading Australian drug discovery company, announced today that it has received the 2011 Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for Peptide Screening Technologies for its Phylomer® platform. This prestigious award underscores Phylogica’s leadership in realising the untapped potential of nature’s vast biodiversity to discover novel peptide-based drugs. Frost & Sullivan is a global growth consulting company and it presents these awards to companies demonstrating measured excellence and technological advancement within their field across a variety of regional and global markets. In bestowing this award to Phylogica, Frost & Sullivan highlighted the Company’s expertise in peptide screening and also the uniqueness of its Phylomer peptide libraries. These libraries compromise billions of natural peptides derived from an evolutionary diverse range of microbial genomes. Phylogica has integrated its Phylomer libraries with a suite of high-throughput screening technologies to create an efficient drug discovery platform based on the world’s most structurally diverse peptide libraries. Phylogica’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Paul Watt, said: "We are proud to have received this award from Frost & Sullivan, which is further acknowledgment that our Phylomer platform is at the forefront of peptide drug discovery. Phylogica is gaining increasing recognition within the pharmaceutical industry as a valued collaborative partner with world-class technology. There is growing interest in peptide therapeutics for the treatment of a wide range of diseases and we are well positioned to take advantage of these market dynamics to accelerate our growth.†-ends-
  19. " Is it in a trading halt? News pending?" -------------------------------------------------- News Phylogica alliance with XL-protein 13:48, Thursday, 13 January 2011 Sydney - Thursday - January 13: (RWE Aust Business News) -Phylogica (ASX:PYC) has an alliance with XL-protein GmbH, a German-based biotech company that specialises in extending the circulation half-life of biopharmaceuticals. Through this alliance, Phylogica gains access to a unique modification technology that strengthens the Phylomer drug discovery platform. Phylogica and XL-protein will initially collaborate on a pilot study to validate the technology in combination with one of Phylogica's Phylomer peptides targeting CD40 ligand from its in-house anti-inflammatory program. Under the terms of the agreement, Phylogica has an option to obtain an exclusive license to the PASylation technology for peptide-based products in relation to CD40 ligand and has rights of negotiation for a licence to the technology for Phylomers that bind other targets. It is anticipated that the plasma half-life of PASylated Phylomers will be significantly extended, making them more suitable for less frequent administration and at lower dose. Long acting Phylomers would be ideal for treating chronicindications, such as rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease and inflammatory bowel disease, in which CD40 ligand has been implicated as a potential target. ENDS Copyright © 2011 RWE Australian Business News. All rights reserved.
  20. A good way to start the week...... News Phylogica in collaboration with Pfizer 09:09, Monday, 20 December 2010 Sydney - Monday - December 20: (RWE Aust Business News) -Phylogica (ASX:PYC) has entered into a collaboration and licensing agreement with Pfizer to discover novel peptide-based vaccines. Phylogica will employ its proprietary Phylomer drug discovery platform to identify Phylomer peptides suitable for further evaluation. Under the agreement, Phylogica grants Pfizer certain rights,including an option to license any resulting Phylomers for further research, development and commercialisation of novel peptide-based vaccines derived from such Phylomers. Under the terms of the agreement, Phylogica will receive an upfront payment of USD500,000. In addition, Phylogica is eligible to receive a commerciallicence payment and is also eligible to receive preclinical, clinical and other milestone payments of up to USD134 million, as well as royalties on world wide sales. Phylogica has now entered into three alliances with global pharmaceutical companies within the last 12 months. ENDS Copyright © 2010 RWE Australian Business News. All rights reserved.
  21. <H2 class="thumb clearfix">http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/918378357/Twitter-avater2_bigger.jpg ClinuvelNews</H2><H1 id=heading></H1>The CUV AGM has now concluded. Documents posted shortly and we'll tweet links for you #CUVAGM 5 minutes ago via HootSuiteDr Wolgen's presentation will be announced to the ASX shortly after the AGM has concluded and posted to http://www.clinuvel.com #CUVAGM 30 minutes ago via HootSuite Pricing is something we have taken into account and a price point has been reached for EPP #CUVAGM 35 minutes ago via HootSuite Dr Wolgen discusses the Italian precendent for SCENESSE® reimbursement #CUVAGM 38 minutes ago via HootSuite Low trial drop-out rate and high compassionate use take up is testament to the drugs demand #CUVAGM about 1 hour ago via HootSuite
  22. Follow-up article to news release: -------------------------------------------- Clinuvel gets positive outcome from meeting with FDA 10:47, Tuesday, 9 November 2010 Sydney - Tuesday - November 9: (RWE Aust Business News) -Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (ASX:CUV) has had a positive meeting with the USFood and Drug Administration (FDA). The discussion, with the Division of Dermatology and DentalProducts (DDDP), provided clear guidance on the data package required tofile a New Drug Application (NDA) for Clinuvel's SCENESSE(afamelanotide). An approved NDA allows sponsoring companies to market drugs inthe United States. Clinuvel's objective was to seek clarification on the US clinicaland preclinical requirements to file afamelanotide for marketingauthorisation. The DPPP panel recognised EPP, a rare lifelong metabolic disordercausing absolute intolerance to light, as a severe disease in childrenand adults with no current effective treatments. Based on the preclinical and clinical results to date, the FDAdid not raise any safety concerns for afamelanotide. The toxicology studies presented on afamelanotide were consideredsufficient for registration of the product. The company was invited to further the dialogue with the FDA toensure successful approval of afamelanotide. ENDS Copyright © 2010 RWE Australian Business News. All rights reserved.
  23. This will ,hopefully, give you a better understanding.[click on link] http://clinuvel.com/investors/financial-overview
  24. OOoooppps.....that did not come out right.Will try again.
  25. You are right,it does make for an interesting comparison. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Calender QuarterQuarterly Operating Cash OutflowsCash & Financial Assets at HandQ1 072.4938.519Q2 072.6762.353Q3 072.7159.99Q4 072.9752.997Q1 082.8152.997Q2 082.6750.801Q3 083.5346.268Q4 083.1843.298Q1 093.3539.387Q2 093.8537.728Q3 093.7635.542Q4 093.4332.478Q1 103.0529.359Q2 102.9827.003
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