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  1. Well. Paul Jackson has been exposed as a fop. It appears the guy who posts regular financial analyses has called it right on the sp so far. Looking for $80 by the end of the year, farfetched? No, not if the last four weeks are anything to go by. Those newcomers new to Clinuvel would do well to head over to Sharetease. You will not get any valuable information, opinions here, or anything of worth for that matter. Just grizzled knobs bitter they lost a whole bunch of posters
  2. What a load of rubbish from the bird. Thankfully 99% of punters will see through that conspiracy theory.
  3. This site sucks, not least of all because Zodiac1, oystercatcher and now Paul Jackson (?) are here. There's no way in hell oystercatcher would've been asked to come over to Sharetease. Can't even contribute one skerrick of research or insight here let alone bring anything of worth over to Sharetease. Hilarious.
  4. They want me here... Not enough traffic!
  5. If you’re getting paid, whoever is paying you is getting ripped off. Good to see you’re frequenting Sharetease.
  6. Doesn’t make sense bird brain. Clinuvel is the only one with information, you go to other sites to stay informed. Copy that. Ask Sharecafe for a raise, you’re doing well.
  7. I been reading your’s and Zodiac1’s comments from afar and I’m of the opinion you’re not genuine posters. What’s clear is that there is no better site with deep dive research and nor a more loyal following of Clinuvel than ST. I don’t see any deep research going on here, but you’re sure as hell going to other forums to look at their research. No question. I have to assume you’re working for this site or are stooges for someone else. There’s next to no comments you guys make that doesn’t involve bagging people elsewhere. Stay focussed on the company.
  8. This is already posted to ST, I thought it prudent to post here for fellow shareholders and hopefully we will get a confirmation from Clinuvel shortly. This trial ticks all the boxes regarding eligible patients, type of drug, duration of the trial, location of the insult (M2 and above) and Professor Rosenfeld’s association with Monash University Dept of Neuroscience. The following is from the Monash University Projects page: A Proof of Concept, Phase IIa, Open Label Study to Evaluate the Safety of Afamelanotide in Patients with acute Arterial Ischaemic Stroke (AIS) due to Distal [M2 segment and beyond] Arterial Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) or Perforator Occlusion and who are ineligible for Intravenous Thrombolysis (IVT) or Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT). Start date: 10/12/20 Finish date: 31/12/22 Monash University Projects
  9. Check it tomorrow pal. You’ll find that interesting as well.
  10. Hey mate, haven't seen you for a while. I thought you must've gone to Sharetease. I didn't think you were the type to get personal. Is this what your contributions consist of these days? Didn't you used to be a good guy? I see LJS has gone over to Hot Copper. He wished us good luck when we left. He left as well lol. Anyway, good to see someone still holding the fort here. Good luck.
  11. He’s right to question his credibility. The chairman is in bed with Wolgen. So much for having an independent board.
  12. Its not resisted and shunned by the authorities anymore, at least the ones of relevance (FDA). So what's the issue?
  13. That is what gripes me the most, is the obvious deferral or bending of the truth. Looking through recent AGM slides shows the OTC1 being down the bottom of the list, after vitiligo, CUV9900, and Vallaurix related molecules. So I'm to assume that OTC1 is taking a backseat for now. Talk of releasing OTC products from 2018 was, IMHO, throwing the dog a bone in lieu of any other significant news. Now, Clinuvel have all the good news they need in the US rollout to satiate investors' hunger for info and a rising share price. To fob it off as a supplier issue seemed unprofessional. It clearly wasn't that, we still don't have it in stores or on cruise ships. No, I think it was deliberate in that it was always going to be released after vitiligo approval at the least, until after all prior objectives have been achieved at the most. The performance rights attached to the OTCs is somewhat negligible when you compare it with the other (recession) performance rights, so its not a priority. So why mention it at all? With that said, the U.S rollout is progressing better than I imagined it would. It appears they have the right people in place to facilitate expedited rollout, though insurance paperwork is still an issue. This is something that can be worked out between the involved parties relatively easy, its not a systemic issue or a regulatory one inhibiting Clinuvel itself from distributing. Perhaps the supplier issue for the OTCs is the new laboratories in Singapore. They actually have to build a research facility to then begin the process of creating OTC products. Clinuvel has never had a dedicated laboratory, and BiotechLab had a thrown together website with zilch information. I question whether BioTechLab actually exists at all. I looked them up again out of interest, they still have their address as 1 North Bridge Rd, Singapore. This is an accountant's office with BiotechLab a shell company. No other information exists. If I sum everything up regarding this facade, it is OTCs were never going to come out when they said it would, and probably not for a while longer. They fabricated a joint venture for PW to gain residency rights in Singapore, with BiotechLab "relinquishing their stake" in Vallurix to Clinuvel. They spun a narrative about OTCs to hold interest in the company while the FDA application worked its way through the system until it was approved. If PW is so frugal with cash and R&D is inching forward slowly if not at all, how was he ever going to pay for OTCs and its distribution? He wasn't, plain and simple. I kind of admire and resent his slipperiness (NO TAN RACISM INTENDED)at the same time. It was a bold plan that ultimately serves PW, with a laboratory thrown in for shareholders.
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