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    In reply to: Sluggo on Wednesday 26/07/06 09:53pm yes, I suppose a little far fetched, but it was an extraordinary move. I wonder if they monitor these sites as a from of unsolicited feedback. Can't see anyone beating the crows Sluggo, they are just awesome atm, whilst all the others self destruct around them.
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    Surely its not the first hints of a takeover, they wouldn't consider dealing their U lands away would they? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif
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    Something completely off-topic. I wonder what the stronger influence will be. Islam or caffeine? lol July 22, 2006, 7:56PM Bottling plant in Somalia has rough times Islamic militias bring security but imams rail against Coke, calling it an un-Islamic drink By MARC LACEY New York Times MOGADISHU, SOMALIA - When a Coca-Cola bottling plant opened here two years ago, the 400-plus investors invited to finance the project were carefully chosen by clan. There were Abgal investors and Habar Gedir investors and representatives of other clans around Somalia as well. All kicked in a minimum of $300 to help start the United Bottling Co., Somalia's only Coca-Cola maker. It was a deliberate effort to create a feeling of communal ownership for the factory in a place where clan-based conflict has long been the rule. It was a bold business venture, building a sparkling, $8.3 million facility in such a tumultuous capital. The thinking was that Somalia had huge business potential and that the anarchy that erupted after Somalia's last government collapsed in 1991 would eventually give way to economic recovery. But Somalia is a difficult place to read, and now, two years after the plant went up, the Coke brand faces a much-changed business environment, one with opportunity and peril. Islamic militias took over the capital in June and brought stability to the city, so much so that the Coke bottler here predicts its sky-high security costs will soon plummet. Benefits of peace "Before we had gunmen accompanying our distributors," Mohammed Hassan Awale, the sales manager and acting general manager of the plant, said in an interview. "Now, no guns are needed." There is another benefit to peace, he said. "If there is peace, there is opportunity for work, for business, and people will have money to buy Coke," he said. But the new political reality in Mogadishu has also taken a bite out of business, as some imams have begun railing against Coke, calling it an un-Islamic beverage that should not go down a proper Muslim's throat. Cost of warlord support The anti-Coke campaign was picked up by members of the Islamic courts who took over Mogadishu. They defeated the secular warlords who long controlled the country, and who received American financial support in recent years for their efforts to root out terrorists. Using Washington's support for the warlords as a rallying cry, the Islamic militias also have railed against Coke, spreading a message in mosques that has already prompted many to abstain. "I was selling Coca-Cola before the U.S. government formed the devil's alliance with the warlords," said Hilowle Yarow Hassan, a restaurant owner. He has since stopped selling Coke.
  4. In reply to: TerryA on Friday 21/07/06 03:10pm Yes, this thread has been a bit quiet. would not have a clue as to the reason for the volume Terry as I mainly trade on TA and chase volumes (with a little FA thrown in). I don't know of any drilling going on, but believe they are starting at Manbarrum (Lead and Zinc). They are pretty short on announcements regarding Manbarrum unless they have already drilled, but I doubt it. Might be something else entirely. Acquisition? Pure speculation on my part.
  5. QUOTE (forevertold @ Thursday 20/07/06 01:43pm) and more volume today, large bidders onscreen and decent buys from offscreen. This should take a run next week. It is setting up nicely.
  6. nearly twelve months sonce a post on this thread. I think today's volume is worthy enough for it to be dusted off. A few big buyers on open this morning and more coming from offscreen throughout the day. Would love to see it push 30c and sustained volume may see this happen.
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    QUOTE my take on the action . anticipation of results is one of the major factors here and this combined with an anticipation of an macd crossover (why I bought today)(see chart) has created an engulfing candle which is bullish (some may want confirmation). I see a test of 11c on this run as traders look for results to sell into. 11c has acted as solid support in the past and now should provide solid resistance. After failing to break 11c due to trader impatience (no results) the sp should come back to just below 10c. This will form an inverted head and shoulders with a bullish inclination through the shoulders. Results will then see it back to all time highs and beyond. Well the first part has come together, hope the second part pans out that way.
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    just took some profits I would guess. He still holds an enviable number. Just watching FNT today makes me smile. I am sure this is going to happen to URA when management release the location and other details about the projects. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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    this is a copy of my post on another site. Please remember, it's all just speculation based on the very vague announcements (read guesswork lol). GWE obviously took Kiernan and Hobbs on board because not only are they notable figures in the mining and uranium industry, but because of the contacts they (especially Kiernan) have made during their careers plus the credibility they may present when dealing with foreign governments. One media article states, “His (Kiernan) ties with government people there produced leads to potential operating or idle uranium operations. And those same contacts are out there "shaking the trees" for others†(1). From the same article, the writer mentions, “The latest of these opportunities came from his work at ConsMin finding new markets for manganese in Ukraine, Georgia and other parts of the old Soviet Unionâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ. There has been talk on other share sites about Kazakhstan being ‘the’ country as it has many deposits and mines, but Kazakhstan is located in Asia and media releases make it known that at least “one deposit as being in "an eastern European country", the other in "a former Soviet republic". (1) Furthermore, in the initial announcement CEO of GWE Tom Bannerman stated, “Great Western is currently reviewing two potential advanced uranium production projects in Eastern Europe and we expect to secure exciting growth assets that will fundamentally change the direction of the Company.†(3) These releases also assert that the potential acquisitions are in countries where Kiernan has conducted business with CSM (I am yet to find a link between CSM and Kazakhstan in my research). I believe this presents further evidence that Kazakhstan is not a likely target. Out of Georgia and Ukraine, the former has no known U deposit (2) which, in my opinion, leaves Ukraine as the “former Soviet republic"(1). The announcement by GWE (3) states, “The core of the Company’s new growth strategy will be to acquire existing uranium production and mining operations or exploration projects with near-term production potentialâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ. Ukraine does have a number of projects that fit these categories. Mining and milling of uranium in Ukraine is the jurisdiction of the state–owned Vostochny Integrated Mining and Concentrating Plant (VOSTGOK ). They have ownership of the Ingul’skii mine (27,000t), the Valutinskii mine (25,500t), the Severinskoye deposit (50,000t) and the new Novokonstantinovsk (Nov) project. The Nov project in particular is one of the most exciting in the country. One site states “The most important reserve to cover needs of local atomic power stations is the Novokonstantinovskoye deposit. Its reserves are twice as high as those of the operating mines. Besides the ore quality here is much better.†(6) These are exciting times for uranium production in Ukraine. In March 2006 Vostgok announced plans “to boost uranium production by 120% between 2006 and 2010, raising the amount of uranium it provides to the country’s nuclear power plants from 32% to 71%â€ÂÂÂÂÂ(4). Added to this, “The Company believes that improving the Novokonstantinovsk field project could lead to a 520% increase in production, which would enable Ukraine to meet its domestic nuclear fuel requirements as well as export uranium.†(4) These deposits seem to be attracting interest outside Ukraine. Russian companies (5), in particular have expressed a desire to participate in a JV development of the Nov deposit. The Vice President of TVEL when questioned about possible cooperation in the Nov deposit stated; “The ball currently is in the Ukrainian side. The deposits themselves as regards their climate, location, uranium contents look more attractive than many Russian or Kazakh (deposits).†(5) In addition, during March 2006 VostGOK asserted they would be “searching for ways to increase VostGOK funding†(4) . The question is does URAN fit into any of these plans? If the state owned VostGOK is willing to deal with the publicly listed Russian company TVEL, is it possible they would deal with an Australian company headed by some big names? Now what about the “eastern European country†? (1) In Slovakia, the Tournigan Gold Company (Canadian) is assessing the Jahodna deposit (7) which has an inferred resource of 7000 tonnes at 0.56% U. Estimated development cost is in the order of US$30m. As Tournigan is primarily a gold company is it possible they are looking for a partner for the project? Tournigan also have ownership of Novoveska Huta Deposit of 6527t U (inferred) at 0.064% U; the Svabovce deposit 2396t (indicated – inferred) at 0.19% U; and the Spissky Stiavnik deposit, 433t (indicated - inferred) at 0.17% U 8. Romania may be a possible candidate with three mines operating. The first two; Avram Iancu mine (Bihor, Apuseni Mountains) and Dobrei South mine (Banat Mountains) are on the verge of being shut down (depletion) and are therefore unlikely to be acquired (8). The third; the Crucea mine (East Carpathians) (9) is in operation and is run by the state. Romania does not import or export uranium (9). On the basis of this evidence it is unlikely URAN is looking at Romanian deposits or projects. The final country which falls into the “eastern European†category that has uranium deposits or mines is the Czech Republic. However many of these sites are in the process of being decommissioned as are other sites within these eastern bloc countries and again I feel it is unlikely these will be acquired by URAN. (8) On the basis of research and the evidence I believe that the deposits and mines within Ukraine and Slovakia are the most likely candidates for attention by URAN. I certainly won’t discount the possibility of Kazakhstan being a candidate as they certainly are very liberal toward foreign entities (10) controlling mining and they have a significant number of U deposits. I just can’t find a link between Kiernan and Kazakhstan and the discourse in media releases particularly the statement by Tom Bannerman makes me think Kazakhstan is not the target. Of course I could be completely wrong. I guess we will find out in the near future. Any opinions? References (1)http://www.theaustralian.news.com.a...551-643,00.html (2) http://www.wise-uranium.org/indexu.html (3) http://www.gwel.com.au/040506a.pdf (4) http://www.world-nuclear.org/nb/nb06/nb0613.htm (5) http://www.tvel.ru/en/press/interview_topmanagers/ (6) http://www.madeinua.info/view.aspx?...lang=2&jaid=208 (7) http://www.tournigan.com/i/pdf/Jaho...sessment-hi.pdf (8) http://www.wise-uranium.org/uoeur.html#UA (9) http://www.unece.org/env/epr/studie...a/chapter10.pdf (10) http://www.resourceinvestor.com/pebble.asp?relid=13271
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    In reply to: cotik on Tuesday 11/07/06 03:01pm must be on the same wavelength cotik. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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    whilst certainly not earth shattering, the volume yesterday and today (in relation to historical volume) indicate that something might be in the wind. cheers
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    In reply to: ShareScene.com on Tuesday 11/07/06 07:55am cheers SS. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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    In reply to: macrae on Thursday 06/07/06 09:07am geez Mac, you'd think with all the money you make you would pay for the incrediblecharts hourly update. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  14. you don't see island reversals very often (well I don't anyway), but MEL looks like a good candidate for such. A strong downtrend apparently indicates a strong reversal. Need to see confirmation in the coming days.
  15. In reply to: focus on Tuesday 04/07/06 12:04pm Hey Focus, I have been in Busselton for a few days so missed today's action http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/mad.gif "significantly better". Well i do like the sound of that, trouble is there is just no support for JMS (having the attention-seeking AUM behaving like this doesn't help matters. lol) Every announcement gets sold into (see chart, always opens high and fnishes low). Hopefully we'll see it drop back to cover that 13.5 gap and perhaps lower and then I'll grab some more (a bit selfish I know). cheers
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