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  1. Dazmo, from that article it looks like the race is on. The article is more focused on A.I. than current technologies. It mentioned CVM only to show that some research was conducted. The way I took this article was "Hey with have this & that, but over here we have Robotics and Automation.". Don't mention the FAA process to adoption. The article is where it should be, in the recycle bin.
  2. Congratulations Mr Lewis on a great career. I have personally followed your career since AEM & SMN united as one. It must be one big disappointment from your perspective in the Aviation Industry slowness towards implementing "Safety" Since December 2015, Boeing and Delta with the backing of FAA, recognised CVM sensor technology as an alternative measure in aircraft fuselage crack testing monitoring maintenance tool for safety. After nearly five long years of further testing by Sandia Labs, CVM technology is still sitting at the gate, with so much promise and with aircraft falling out of the sky, it must be seen by many in the aviation industry in whether "Safety" is FAA number one focus? Unfortunately for you and I, 99% of the worlds population are sheep, and cannot think for themselves. They rely on the 1% to implement the right decisions. Unfortunately for us, FAA are not implementing anything towards safety, as far as I can see. To not implement new technologies is the "Better Way" forward to more tragedies! GLTA
  3. Hello Mull, have you been following all the news over the last 5 years? Delta Airlines have already installed CVM kits on 19 x B737-NG aircraft on the AFT application in 2019. How about that for "Never" installing CVM kits on aircraft without FAA approval? How about the CVM sensor kits Delta Airlines fitted on at least 3 x B757 aircraft in 2019? It's all in the application as they say.
  4. 5 Years in getting everyone onboard dated from this report:- https://www.airlines.org/wp-content/uploads...830-David-P.pdf Slide three is priceless! While 98% of the World's population is asleep at the wheel, the other 2% are the last of the Big thinkers. We are now ready to take on the World!
  5. FAA process to approvals. https://www.faa.gov/aircraft/air_cert/desig...a/cpi_guide.pdf
  6. List of aircraft for Boeing B737-800 & B737-900 currrently in service. https://www.dvbbank.com/~/media/Files/D/dvb...t-2018-2019.pdf
  7. Hi All, this is an extract from the annual report End of June 2017. The Company, via this Agreement, will now move quickly to secure global adoption of CVMTM for "hot-spot" monitoring in civil fixed-wing aviation. This adoption cycle will primarily focus on the retrofit of existing aircraft and, over time, likely move progressively toward the installation of CVMTM at the point of manufacture. The Company's primary initial operational goal of the Agreement with Delta is to approve multiple applications on multiple aircraft types. Once approved, SMS will promote this "portfolio" of applications to all global airline operators. With ongoing adoption, licensing revenues - combined with sensor and equipment sales - will be expected to be substantial, and perpetual, in nature. As a Company, we believe that a naturally evolving industry adoption of CVMTM as a unique and fully-validated technology is now virtually assured. As SMS moves towards the establishment of a global portfolio of approved applications, operators will increasingly employ CVMTM technology in order to maximise aircraft utilization, and the associated "in-the-air" revenue to be earned from their respective fleets. www.asx.com.au Smn annual report 2017. What this tells me over the last two years is the progress SMS has taken to establish CVM technology as the preferred application in monitoring hard to get to areas on any aircraft in safety maintenance A,B,C & D checks. This is what we now know: 1. Sensors are being installed on B757 aircraft for application approval by FAA. We know that the FAA has release a new AD on all B757 aircraft as per link. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2...mpany-airplanes This AD comes into effect on 22 May 2019. 2. Sensors are now being installed on 20 x B737-NG aircraft on Aft Bulkhead. This is to be completed by years end. 3. In my opinion and my opinion only, I am expecting news in August from SMS in regards to the WiFi applications as per previous announcements. Everyone involved in the aviation industry knows that CVM is not the one stop solution in crack detection on all aircraft. Other technologies will have there Areas on aircraft to make all aircraft structurally safer in the future than they are today, and that is progress. I hope this drops the penny on all the people who keep asking "When are CVM sensors going to be installed on any aircraft?" Hopefully, everyone can move forward and talk about the future instead of looking at all the negatives. No amount of legislation can help the stupidity of people. Good luck
  8. Mate, your best form of attack is to give CVM the flick! CVM is definitely not for you. I gather your more of a money man, so how about investing in APT. The market is telling you this is a sure thing. A market cap above 6 Billion without ever making a profit. If your looking for structural cracks, that's your best place to start looking. Good luck.
  9. Dr Dazmo is correct. https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-77b3d...af4bc1c55493e-c Still WiFi related.
  10. Maybe you are looking for this article:- https://news.delta.com/delta-continues-wi-f...0th-2ku-install. Fitted to B757 now, waiting on further confirmation through testing. STC pending. DYOR
  11. Guys, it's great to read different views with reason why you do not believe in CVM technology. At this juncture, the share price agrees with your views. However, you would have to agree from all reports, such as this one # https://aip.scitation.org/doi/pdf/10.1063/1...74616?class=pdf from 2017, the leading experts in the field of Aviation testing by Dennis Roach and Paul Swindle in SHM & NDT. Many experts in the field of engineering testing from Sandia Labs to FAA to Delta Airlines & Boeing, have been testing CVM sensors for many years. This technology has its place in the aviation industry, and the long awaited SB and STC's we are all waiting on, expected in H2 2019. Groundbreaking CVMTM 2KU WiFi approval expected in Q3-2019, via Supplemental Type Certificate (“STCâ€ÂÂÂ) www.asx.com.au/Smn. Further proof by the experts : http://a4andtforum.com/wp-content/uploads/...A-Sept-2018.pdf So in summing up, who would you believe, some poster, a guy down the road, the taxi driver or annadotal evidence gathered over many years of testing carried out by the experts? DYOR
  12. Guys, attached link for installation of WiFi to the aircraft fuselage. Make up your own mind why Comparative Vacuum Monitoring for structural integrity is important. https://www.gogoair.com/commercial/inflight-systems/2ku/ [/size] Maybe your life is not worth saving, however other people’s lives are. Remember aircraft at 35,000 ft the greater pressure is inside the cabin, pushing out against the fuselage. Pressure is forcing itself on the weakest link to get out. https://www.newsweek.com/boeings-737-airpla...-problems-63629 How CVM works: https://www.smsystems.com.au/cvm-how-it-works/ DYOR
  13. Check out this article in regards to WiFi take up in the Aviation Industry. Absolutely massive. Check it out. https://www.airport-technology.com/features...ork-on-a-plane/ For every WiFi fitted, CVM sensors will be required for added safety. DYOR
  14. Hi Dr Dazmo, cheers for your reply. Can you not see the contradictions in your post? On one hand SMN in conjunction with Delta's maintenance schedule was expecting CVM sensors to begin fitment this quarter 2018, with Boeing SB signed off. Yes? If there was any probability that this was to occur, then sensors must be ready for shipment! Yes? Now that this has been delayed until early next year, as SMN waits on Boeing approval, you would think that the company is making sheet loads every month? Yes? Especially since a new machine is to be purchased for early next years production increase. Yes? Do you agree that at the AGM, the most important question to be answered by management is how many sensors has SMN manufactured so far? Yes? Let's not beat around the bush. Like s dog chasing his tail. Cheers Chrome.
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