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  1. Both Arty's cat and mine are much loved and deeply missed ex cats. Both loved "supervising" the online share trading business. "Leo's" replacement ("Tigga") is still learning how not to share trade, ie, not to walk on the keyboard
  2. All good news. I continue to trade the swings in BDG, slow but relatively safe way to earn an honest quid.
  3. jbeatty


    A lot of renewed interest this morning. Needs more volume though.
  4. jbeatty


    Maybe AOD9604 is a fat killer after all. From "The Age Insider": Drug's fat chance METABOLIC Pharmaceuticals' dreams crashed three years ago, when it terminated development of anti-obesity drug AOD9604 after spending around $60 million on development. At its peak, Metabolic (recently renamed Calzada) was capitalised at $500 million. The company abandoned its weight-loss tablet after failing to establish efficacy in a large clinical trial. However, former Metabolic investors still lamenting lost fortunes may be interested by anecdotal evidence that they were let down not by the drug's lack of potential but by a management decision to focus exclusively on oral delivery in the belief that this was the only blockbuster market. It seems increasing numbers of body builders are turning to blackmarket AOD9604, attracted by its fat-busting capabilities when injected directly into the abdomen. The Chinese-made knock-off almost certainly breaches Metabolic's patents but is doing brisk trade due to its reputation for moving stubborn belly fat. Biochemists are unsurprised that bodybuilders are achieving results where Metabolic's clinical studies failed. When taken as a tablet the AOD9604 peptide, like all peptides, is prone to being broken down in the stomach and intestine before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. News of results achieved by bodybuilders comes after a recent announcement from Calzada that, after three years of inaction, it would once again be dedicating resources to generating value from the AOD9604 patents. Calzada has around $11 million in the bank and trades at around cash backing. It may be a long-shot from here, but new management's challenge is to efficiently gather data on the efficacy of injectable AOD9604 before pursuing a licensing deal with a major pharmaceutical company. I don't hold, but made a lot trading it (as MBP) years ago.
  5. jbeatty


    This has turned out to be the best bottom drawer "dog" I have ever kept Now double entry level and I'll leave it in the drawer till it hits $1 next year. --Or maybe next month lol.
  6. jbeatty


    Looks like a repeat of yesterdays upspike is underway (at about the same time too) Shied off $1025, but may make another push.
  7. Although US gold failed to break through resistance so far, nor has it retreated, suggesting to me that there is still enormous pressure behind it and breakthrough is now inevitable, given the woeful state of US financials. If it does, then I would expect unhedged Australian producers like BDG will also fly, irrespective of currency differences. So, not many are selling, price is largely holding, and I'm still in. Mind you, I won't be if things go pear shaped ---!
  8. Make or break time tonight for gold, I reckon. Fully topped up on the dip after trading last weeks rise. Fingers crossed!
  9. jbeatty


    Alan Kohler: Ah! But Alan, you can most certainly go into any metal detector shop and buy yourself a new $5000 gold detector with a "lump of it"
  10. Nice move, but why? Could it be on the expectation that gold is about to break through resistence and make new highs, and BDG is nice speccy exposure? I see other junior goldies also had a good day. Or, is there something good about to be announced and the insiders are getting set? Interesting! PS: what is it with BDG and cat avatars lol? In my case, it's because the Beatty household is in deep mourning since my dear old Leo (pictured) aged 17 was put down last week following kidney failure.
  11. jbeatty


    I have a few of these in the bottom drawer. At long last they are in the money again. Now that PRR is finally living up to its potential, I think I'll hold.
  12. A fair flurry of after hours OS X trades on SBM as well.
  13. Commsec have it listed as an overseas cross trade. Barrick maybe?
  14. Got in last week, but missed the bottom as usual lol. BDG closed one gap but made another.
  15. Might even close the gap soon. I have another order there, just in case.
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