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    In reply to: Marsupial on Saturday 23/08/08 06:04pm Be patient Be patient Be bloody patient. As a large holder in my terms I too am bitterly disappointed with the current sp of IGA but it has nothing to do with management. I often chat with the Directors and believe me they are also disappointed with the drop caused mostly by at least one insto wanting out at any cost. Hopefully that is now sorted out and when the gold sentiment returns there will be fast rise in price. The Directors are extremely confident that the price will return to value. Many options open for them such as trucking the ore very soon rather than constucting the already purchased plant thus saving on $80m of capital cost , waiting for a take over at a realistic value which is a possibility, or even joint venture with a cashed up company. What ever happens IGR will reward brave buyers with a 100% or 200% return on investment.
  2. In reply to: Zaitech on Friday 15/08/08 09:12pm At what price are you thinking of buying back. If Gold recovers and I think it will - its just the timing thats difficult. Could be a quick recovery when more financial nasties again appear later this year, or it could be a year or 2. In any case there is a great opportunity to but LGL or DOM and make 100% profit. Not a bad gain even if it is over 3 years - but I think less.
  3. Keith49


    In reply to: ericson on Saturday 02/08/08 08:30am We cannot expect too much from IGR for the time being. The junior market has been thrashed and even worse is the fact that gold juniors are certainly on the nose due to recent failures and talk out of the states of trying to increase the us dollar by oil price reduction etc etc. which could see gold price drop to low 800's The oz market right now is hugely quiet. Buyers are completely on holidays and only look for certainty in respect of dividends etc that such juniors never pay out. Junior goldies are about hype, future blue sky etc etc.. I hold a heap of IGR and have them in the bottom draw for at least a year and most likely until production is close in late 2009. If there is no further spectacular discoveries, then expect IGR to drift sideways and hopefully not down over the next year or so. Dont sell , hold hold and hold , and even buy if it drops sub 20 cents. This is a great stock , but in this market its not going anywhere for a while as much as I hate to say it.
  4. Keith49


    In reply to: MissAdventure on Wednesday 26/03/08 04:24pm Many thanks you guys for the update. I confirm your opinions on IGR and CC. Being on the other side of Oz it is great to receive your reports. Much appreciated. i go to meetings in Perth and have often chated on the phone to the Directors and always find them extremely approachable. this company is a beauty. I have been a shareholder for 2 years and am very impressed. This has a dollar all over it . Great projects ,great management ,lots of cash, lots of drilling in very interesting areas, a mill , accommodation and a high gold price. Just wish I had more & will add on any weakness but fear its too late. Much happening here on. Again thanks for the reports.
  5. In reply to: kakashi1 on Monday 18/02/08 10:06am you say Cant see this ANZ going above $30 until next year Well I am happy with a 30% gain for next 12 months Any more tips bought ANZ at $22.48 this morning
  6. In reply to: krk004 on Sunday 10/02/08 02:02pm Many thanks triage and krk004 - you have given me a starting point. Am just considering reducing my holding a bit in the gold stocks and looking for a new trend. With an overall weak market I am considering looking at ag type stocks. This being due to weather conditions such as global warming, droughts, unusual climate patterns, and of course the growing interest in western food by the asian markets , particularly China and India. I read somewhere that in about 20 years there will only be enough food in the world to feed China - due to the way they are changing their eating habbits. So I wonder which of the ag stocks will gain most. I would imagine it would be grain, meat. All interesting stuff. Again thanks for the response - hopefully in a month or so I can report back Seeya
  7. In reply to: triage on Sunday 10/02/08 07:25am Totally agree that Agriculture is the next trend. I have been a gold bull for a few years and luckily started accumulating 3 years ago . But now I want to put my time into researching ag type opportunities.. I know almost nothing about ASX shares in this area. Is it best to just invest in the futures of such products as wheat etc or the ASX shares. Seems to me that there are not too many Ag shares. Was also considering Great Southern which was once a solely timber investor , but has since become involved in ag . In fact I think it is the largest land owner in Australia and has been purchasing cattle stations - am I correct. Now china india , in fact most asian countries , are moving towards western type food it is going to be a problem feeding everyone. Anyway can anyone suggest some ASX listed agriculture sharews for me to research Have a great day
  8. In reply to: jojosydney on Friday 08/02/08 06:00pm Well what can be said about the Board of Directors How long would of they known about such information?
  9. Keith49


    In reply to: EMD on Wednesday 09/01/08 10:39pm Great work Kojasper. I also would appreciate your opinion on other gold stocks undervalued. I currently hold IGR ALD NGF KAL SLR. I am a true believer in the future of gold & have been buying IGR for more than 2 years & simply cannot find a better gold stock hence my interest in IGR and your summary.. Incidently I understand the much waited report from IGR will be out tomorrow Thursday lets hope it is what we want. So what other gold stock to match the great future for gold? Have a lot of IGR already. Buy more or diversify a bit. MCO was mentioned recently to me but I know nothing. Any suggestion of great gold investments would be appreciated. Now is the time to load up. Have a great Thursday.
  10. In reply to: Twobees on Monday 31/12/07 12:35am You didn't mention which 2 oil & gas stocks.
  11. Keith49


    And we have the AGM Friday where there is sure to be some further positive news - maybe even the upgrade of the gold resource. Surely its over 1.5 mil ounces by now. Hang on for the greatest ride!!!!
  12. Keith49


    In reply to: Marsupial on Saturday 03/11/07 02:43pm Marsupial, once you get set I would like to hear your comments re another gold stock. I have held IGR since 6 cents and during these 2 yearsI keep looking for similar opportunity but very hard now. Have been successful with ALD and NGF, and still holding them also and believe there is still some run on all 3 of these great gold stocks. But to find another is very hard, so would like to hear your comments on your second find. Monday should be a good day for goldies.
  13. Keith49


    In reply to: pheonix on Thursday 04/10/07 01:04pm A good purchase. They may drift a little this month , but there is a heap of drilling results starting soon and once they start they will keep coming. Two rigs drilling now soon to be increased to four. Lots of news coming our way and I believe it will be positive. The management believe it to be well undervalued and once more results are known this company will be re-rated seriously. They will be mining , just need more results to determine where to put the mill. I have a heap and will add further if the price drifts lower.In six months time we all will be wishing we bought more. I am not nervious about IGR - just think there could be a general market correction again before Xmas.
  14. In reply to: Livas1 on Thursday 27/09/07 02:52pm Who cares really - eagles are firm favourites for the 08 flag when they will have the other half of there side back. And when will we see a Melbourne side premier again - waiting waiting waiting - its fantastic. Go Port.
  15. Keith49


    In reply to: karmalocust on Monday 24/09/07 06:40pm Hi k, Did CC give any indication on when a capital raising could take place and am I right in thinking preferences would be to us shareholders , ie rights issue. Also anything mentioned on timings of future announcements ie Barrick
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