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  1. correct B/Sheep... at the AGM, Warwick Smith (AL's dude) repeated that AL have the full support of the BOARD and the strategy moving forward.... below were some notes from Papillions SHQ of Director Smith.At a point hereabouts a SH asked Director Smith about Aqualand’s investment intentions, specifically asking whether they’d consider increasing their position, given their access to capital, perhaps even in some direct project funding capacity. Things were getting towards the back end of a pretty chatty morning by now, and I can’t recall exactly the context. But the SHQ also made reference – or had secondary reference made to by someone else – the departure during the past year of Director Ulrich (and others). The query was along the lines of presenting their ‘lack of remaining faith’ in the company, wondering out loud why they’d reached that position, and probing Director Smith’s/AL’s current thinking in comparison to that. Director Smith’s considered and minimalist reply was a ripper (again I stress thatthis is only a paraphraseso please do not regard this as verbatim), to the effect that the nature and size of the capital requirements of projects like Townsville ‘may seem large’, but the changing nature of the marketplace in this space meant that ‘the capital is there. It may not be as easy or as fast to come by as some SH may like, but the capital is there’. As for the departure of other Directors mentioned, Smith noted that naturally it wouldn’t be proper for him comment specifically, particular since these events were before his time, but ‘clearly they’d each come to hold a view about the prospects of the company and its strategy that compelled them to depart.’ He added that ‘Such is not a view which I or AL share at this point.’ CommentAgain, a paraphrase only (apologies to Smith if I’ve misrepresented it). That’s as I recall his response, and it's why I clapped it, too. Plenty of other SH’s joined me, it having really struck a chord, not just in content but in its measured, understated but unambiguous style.In my view it was a very disciplined but powerful leadership response from a Director with a fair bit of experience and understanding of how great big chunks of investment money function, move around, land. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything in terms of imminent capital injections or funding deals, but it was absolutely - in my mind - an affirmation of what really counts in your Board in these moments: real skin in the game, and a prospect, at least, of more remaining open to being added. IMO Magnis Energy Technologies is anything but stalled in the doldrums, even if its share price might currently be.
  2. it pilots ur talking about...99.9999999999999% is dumb
  3. It will happen... seen all this before being involved in the building industry for years... a few locals wont get there way over 1000's of jobs.... sure they will make some noises (as expected) but in the end you cant stop growth!!
  4. its the bigger picture B/sheep with these trolls.... the 3 years of down ramping against MNS....they have only ever had 1 agenda..
  5. i am afraid with topstocks closing down, the TROLLS will be flooding this site. Mods, just be careful with any new members posting on MNS. they are already suggesting heading over here.. they have been banned from HC.. they offer nothing but to de-rail a thread and destroy the site. i suggest exiting members report any new posters if there agenda is to bait and down ramp
  6. here we go... Top stocks is closing down and pilots (stocks) is starting to troll on here... get a life old man... leave this site alone
  7. b/sheep.... things are looking up for MNS also, it seems "stocks" is Pilots
  8. Anyone here can help me figure out something relating to shorting? If a company has short sales on a daily basis, however the total number of shorts outstanding remains unchanged. How is this possible? can those that are shorting a stock, close out a short with a new short? can someone manipulate the price down closing a short with a new short? i just dont understand how its all works, when someone is shorting daily and the total shorts outstanding remains unchanged... any help on this matter please.... thanks
  9. sh#@t happens... im a little fish in a big pond.... we all are...
  10. yep... me and a few others were allowed to return.... funny thing was 2 posters did not post/like anything and were permanently suspended... "to many posts" .. yet boots did 10 while anf0 did 12 posts........ i hold , he dont..... matt 72 was permanently suspended like myself without any warning/reason .... something funny is going on there......
  11. we were trying to get management to organise it... will let you know, ill give them a call this morning and see how they went...
  12. Amorga, ive asked if we can get someone to take a video so we can post it online
  13. yeah... this site is not flood affected... i did confirm with the MNS office.... its the reason why it was selected.
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