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    Any comments on the latest data?
  2. Tks Flower. I lost a small fortune selling out at 45c having bought at 18c a few years back....so it is with some trepidation i go back in at this price, but having done some homework i feel i am better armed (information wise) than the speculative play i made and missed out on a few years back. Still suffering from NWE's disappointments tho' and need to replace lost monies there!
  3. Yes...but with Apache on board, has to be a positive. Just think it is being shorted. Went in for more today...
  4. Just bought back in after a while at 1.62 only to watch it retreat
  5. I see a lot of the usual suspects on this thread! Finally wised up this year and started buying banks....the big 4, left cba out as felt fully priced but got nab last year and anz and decided on charlie Aitken's tip to buy wbc a few weeks back.
  6. ridgey


    Wish i was trading this stock...its all over the place like a mad woman's s...t! brokers have buys, Commsec have it still in a bear trend yet a mod buy...what to make of it. i am thinking i shld start trading my stock but as soon as i do it will rocket!!
  7. Cant believe how i keep getting sucked in to lose thousands more on this stock. Star City would be a better bet!
  8. share price response was a little 'ho hum'!
  9. ditto....have to be in it even if it continues to dilute. The question is who will take them out or will they be left to flounder and be easy pickings? no chance of financing the huge cost of the development
  10. getting big dilution now with all these raisings...billions of shares out there.....next will be a consolidation which is always a disaster
  11. i think we are are all shell shocked!
  12. big time...am down a fortune!
  13. mmmmm did not enrich me after years of lost opportunity!
  14. look at MFF and MFG for US share exposure. I hold both and they have been rip snorters this year and will continue with AUD dropping
  15. for once, it seems timing was right!
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