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  1. Skorpian - I knew that logic would prevail!
  2. Other way around, first you ask "So how are things going?" - then buy $4M stock Seems logical to me
  3. The facts of the matter is that someone wanted 1.3M shares and the directors were able to meet that need. Irrespective of the timing the directors did not dump them on the market. All the rest is just grumbling
  4. A few points EB, AFAIK the directors did not place the stock on the market, the market (so to speak) sought them out. There is a subtle difference to intent. I am still not convinced that they know the sales down to the last dollar however I would be surprised that sales would be less than forecasted at the AGM (which was for only 4 of the 6 month reporting period). In fact, knowing their innate conservatism I am confident in saying that they are not in possession of material information that had not been released to the market at the time of the trade However as far as strategy and timing are concerned, it was a very poor decision on both counts particularly when so close to HY results and during the 'blackout period'
  5. Actually it was an 'on market' transaction but negotiated 'off market'...is there a category for that? More likely it was a broker who used the ASX as a vehicle to transfer stock between willing parties.
  6. ASX definition Liquidity is the ease with which an asset can be bought or sold without shifting its price. In this case it was off market so none of the definitions apply.
  7. I am happy that someone has enough faith in the future of the company to invest ~$3.78M.
  8. and this is the sum of TST and QFT... ..but dont take my word for it..
  9. There should be an ASX notice for a director sale or purchase.
  10. Kelpie, the CDC have already published a "sneak peek"
  11. It's worth considering that we now seem to have passed the majority of exchange rate volatility and earnings, expressed in $AU, should continue to grow in the 2nd half of the financial year.
  12. Japan: – Distributor’s sales of 2G have increased from prior corresponding period Growth in first 4 months of FY2010 in US, EMEA and ROW – On an average monthly basis, 37% growth over same period last year
  13. Given that the rule was debated in 1997 and repealed in 2003 what exactly is it that you want me to remember?
  14. I'm all ears - are you using prunes?
  15. Probably bordering on defamatory, and reflects poorly on the poster.
  16. You have to ask yourself what you want out of a chairman; do want someone who will wrap knuckles to protect shareholders interests or do you want someone who looks good on celebrity Masterchef. I can buy a burger anywhere but I want my investment to have full protection
  17. Very upbeat - they had all the staff there, from US and EU - very much on the forefoot.
  18. More stuff; CDC provisional guidelinestravel medicine and IGRAtesting of foreign studentsUS immigration approves QFT get educated!
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